Chen the Wandering Brewmaster [In Depth Guide] by Skalander97

Chen the Wandering Brewmaster [In Depth Guide]

By: Skalander97
Last Updated: Mar 10, 2015
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Introduction Top

Chen is one of the tankier heroes that also deals a good amount of damage if you can master him. With his Wandering Keg he is also one of the heroes that has a huge escape possibility. Before reading this guide make sure you are familiar with his abilities.

Abilities Top

Fortifying Brew
The first thing you need to understand if you have not got it yet. Chen does not have mana, he has something called "brew". His abilities cost brew and he can generate brew with his fifth ability, fortifying brew. But that's not all! You also gain a temporary shield while you are channeling your fortifying brew, sadly it disappears after 2 seconds.

Keep In Mind: You do channel this ability. You're not invinsible, one single stun is all what it takes to stop you.

Flying Kick
Flying Kick is Chen's first ability. It's very simple, you just leap to an enemy and deal damage.

Keep In Mind: When you use Flying Kick and starts leaping to an enemy you are actually leaping "through" the enemy. If you're infront of your enemy while leaping you will always end up behind the enemy. If you're leaping from behind the enemy you will always end up infront of the enemy. OBS: If you're trying to Flying Kick a turret you will end up BEHIND the turret, so if the gate has not been destroyed you are probably screwed if there are enemies around you.

Keg Smash
Keg Smash deals damage and slows the enemy. It is an area of effect ability which means that you are able to drench more than one hero in brew.

Keep In Mind: Nothing really to keep in mind, there isn't any special mechanics for this ability.

Breath of Fire
Breath of Fire deals damage in a cone infront of you. Enemies that are already soaked in brew takes extra damage.

Keep In Mind: You are supposed to always use Keg Smash before using this ability to get the extra damage except in one scenario: If your enemy is running away with low health and your Flying Kick is on cooldown and you are out of range for Keg Smash. Otherwise, always use Keg Smash before breathing.

Wandering Keg
This ability should mostly be used for escaping. But if you're able to master it it's also viable in teamfights if you have a comp with no heavy aoe cc. Becasue then you probably want every enemy stacked. But let's say your team is out of AoE cc and needs to split the enemy team. Then here's the right choice to use Wandering Keg, but only if you know what you are doing. It takes time to master this ability.

Keep In Mind: Wandering Keg is mainly used for escaping, only use it offensively if you know what you are doing.

Rotations and Combos Top

Laning Rotation: While laning this rotation is the only thing you will probably do. Use your Keg Smash if your enemy is in range, follow-up with Breath of Fire and then start channeling your Fortifying Brew. Your shield will protect the most harass from your enemy and when you are done channeling you have enough brew to repeat the rotation.

Alternative Teamfight Combo: As I mentioned before you should use your Wandering Keg for escaping. But if you think you can manage this combo then go for it. Flying Kick will make you leap through the enemy, so only do this combo if you're infront of the enemy. When you have leaped to the enemy instantly use your Wandering Keg as you will behind the enemy. You will push the enemy forward and you can now control the enemy hero and push him where you want to.

+ + +
Early Game Combo: If you are getting chased and they are about to dive you under your turrets early on in the game, fortifying brew can save your life and even get you a kill. Just simply run under your turrets and when they dive start channeling. The shield will grow stronger and the enemies might not be able to kill you. Make a quick comeback with your Flying Kick and follow-up with a Keg Smash + Breath of Fire.

Teamfighting Top

Sooner or later you will have a teamfight in your game. You actually have a couple of alternatives for your role in the teamfight. This depends on your playstyle and your team composition. Situations will occur when you will have to master both alternatives. There is of course more than only these two alternatives, but these are usually what your team wants from you.

Alternative 1: You can peel your ranged assassin so they can easily make heavy damage without dying. With this you can use your Keg Smash + Breath of Fire for the slow and extra damage. If it gets heavy you can always protect your ranged assassin with your Wandering Keg, pushing away everyone trying to get near.

Alternative 2: You can always go ham with the Flying Kick + Wandering Keg combo and hope for an easy kill and get a 5v4 teamfight. This combo is very risky, if you don't screw up it will probably end up with you going in and pushing the enemy away.

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