Chen Wu Pin! by Icebergg

Chen Wu Pin!

By: Icebergg
Last Updated: Mar 1, 2015
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Threats to Chen with this build

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Threat Hero Notes
Arthas Arthas unless built a full damage cannot 1v1 with chen. Take dodge talent if against an arthas, as this will deter most of his damage if he uses his D.
Chen Lol you can beat the other pandaman ez.
Anub'arak Anub doesnt have the sustain to contest with Chen
Thrall Easy lane matchup. Play a little safe and gather health orbs. Shield up before engaging to ensure your damage trades in your favor
Azmodan No mobility paired with the W slow = one dead hell spider
Gazlowe easy kill. Gaz has no mobility and unless you jump on him where he's prepared turrets you should get an easy kill
  No Threat
Brightwing moderately squishy. If he wants to disengage he will have to ult or Z
Falstad Falstad is iffy, but make sure to fight. He will most likely back off before you do, and you can out sustain him in fights. Your health will regen faster than his mana if you spam shield.
Diablo A little rough if he disrupts your shield. But solo diablo won't be able to kill you.
E.T.C. A lot of disrupts if played properly, you wont be able to shield.
  No Threat
  No Threat
Valla Valla can kite you for ages. If this is the case, take the talent at 17 that slows with your Q.
  No Threat

Intro Top

Hi! My name is Icebergg and I main a couple of champs. Those being Tyrande, Reghar, and more recently Chen. Chen is a little difficult to pick up, but he's an incredible solo queue hero if you get a little practice with him. He's a drunken kung fu panda, why wouldn't he be dope?

Play style Top

This is not an assassin build guide by any sort. This play style is for a tanky, sustain chen. Taking the first 3 talents to make your health regen incredible. When you shield past 50 brew, your health regen sky rockets with this set of talents. Your shield also starts it's cooldown when you drink from it, making it spammable in tough situations. Don't think your damage will slack with this build either. You can be in the fight for a long time, and with spammable abilities and the combo damage from your W+E does a lot more than people think.

Laning Top

Unless you have a healer with you, be wary of engaging early on. Unless you're confident that you can win and take little damage. Try to pick up health orbs as much as you can. You want your health regen to be through the roof. If you shield before you engage for harass or the possible kill, you'll likely out trade.

Team fighting Top

In the team fight you have a couple options. You can peel for your damage dealers if they are in your back line, or you can jump on their assassins and burn several down with your W+E combo. Save the barrel for when you see things such as Lili ult or Valla ult being used. You can also use the barrel to spread them out if they have no channels. You can easily jump out front in their team and separate them, since your kick goes through the target. Just be sure to shield constantly. Otherwise you won't live very long. Give em the wombo and then drink up fool

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