Creepy Abathur by Infie

Creepy Abathur

By: Infie
Last Updated: Jun 1, 2015
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Abathur on the line Top

Due to the low HP increasing rate and low ATK of the Abathur, you may leave ur "HERO" behind the wall, or hiding in a bush.

But not this day, we great Abathur want to smash the line and kick some footman's ***.

Here I want to provide a new idea for Abathur. The talent build was slightly modified from the ordinary locus build. The spirit talent of this Abathur building is Prolific Dispersal, and Deep Tunnel.

The Toxic Nest should be landed at the middle of each entrance way while you are on the line. It can help you to survive from some assaults. If you find your enemies are approaching, just use ur deep tunnel to find another line. Thanks to the auto-immunte of control ability by the Deep tunnel, you can escape from most of the attacker and survive. We can see cutie NOVA wiping her nose when you leave her a hole but not a kill.
Also poor Muradin and the other hero can only grab some ashes when you escape from their attack. So the important idea here is you have to Creep by your own to reduce the usage of Deep tunnel and save it for ur life.

In the other hand, you can also take advantage from the two additional toxic nest from prolific dispersal, when you attack the melee footman by Abathur, you can put two toxic nest on the backward archer that can help you to finish them earlier. Sometimes, you can also smash the external tower when there is no other hero:P

In this build, I choice more shield talents than the ordinary locus build. Because I want to pay more attention to my own lane and absorb more experience in the very beginning of game. So I would like to use Symbiote to rescue my teammate rather than killing some others by symbiote. You can get into ur teammates, give them a shield, and two or three stabs, then leave.

The most importantly, this strategy is not asking you to fight with other heroes directly, but you have to notice which line was empty and move onto it. This strategy suit for a map that need both team to recruit all of their hands to leave the line(ex, Haunted Mines, Cursed Hollow). Then you can show up on the line and beat the footman down. If ur opponent split one or two their blades to hunt you and you can simply buried yourself and find the other line. If they didn't come to you and you can try to absorb exp from the other line by symbiote.

The major advantage of Abathur on the line is that locus can't absorb experience, but Abathur can. Therefore, an Abathur can obtain two lanes of experience while the hero on the lane and he symbotie the other lane. This will benefit your team to get through the difficulty in lower level period of ur locus build, and come to 16 sooner than an ordinary Abathur behind your fence.

BTW. I'm just a lower end ladder player, so it's hardly to find teammates (and also opponent) that doesn't drop line of experence. So this kind of strategy is working perfectly. Hope some of the great player can try this kind of idea and shape it into a completely strategy.

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