Don't Worry, Uther Is Here by Spirit

Don't Worry, Uther Is Here

By: Spirit
Last Updated: Jan 6, 2015
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Uther Guard Top

For this Uther guide, you will become an unstoppable force that can just run into their whole team and survive. This guide will make Uther still do some damage and be able to withstand even more damage. Also this guide will make Uther able to lock down your opponents really well.

-So much fun
-Very tanky
-Lots of CC
-Good Sustain
-Great Passive

-Uses a lot of mana

Uther doesn't really have much problems. Uther has everything you can ever want. Uther can do decent amount of damage, he also has heals, and great CC. If you follow this guide, you can make Uther an unstoppable force. In laning phases you really want to take Blessed Champion and Hammer of the Lightbringer so you can regenerate mana and health per hit. Cleanse is a great pick up to give your carry alive by removing any CC that was put upon them. When playing Uther, you want to try and keep your carry alive by stunning the enemy and locking them down. You always want to keep healing your teammates so they won't die. It is really simple playing Uther, just run into their whole team, lock them down and heal your teammates.

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