[E. T. C. ] Turn Up to ELEVEN! by xarvik

[E. T. C. ] Turn Up to ELEVEN!

By: xarvik
Last Updated: Apr 8, 2015
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Build: Heavy Metal!

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Threats to E.T.C. with this build

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Threat Hero Notes
Murky In a scenario where Murky actually fights instead of back doors he's a joke. E. T. C. is ready for a fish dinner. Seek out his egg and piss him off.
Abathur If he's not supporting like he should and comes out, he's easy pickin's.
Gazlowe He's a joke. Face Melt his turrets away and focus him down.
Tyrande Her owls can hurt and she can ministun you. Buy you can outplay her easilt with your stuns and knockbacks. her heal is nothing compared you your and your damage output.
Chen Generally not too difficult to 1v1. He'll stick to you, but Face Melt can help keep him off if you need to get away.
Diablo If for whatever reason he's alone and you notice all his team has left him to the wolves (you see all 4 other teammates far away). Feel free to engage him. I have no doubt in E. T. C. finishing Diablo in a 1v1. But in a team fight watch that he doesn't dunk -> Charge you into his team. If he does just Mosh Pit until your team catches up or just make a break for it.
Malfurion He's not too hard to take down if you know how to avoid Entangling Roots. Your attacks should be strong enough to burn through his heal.
Tassadar Generally easy if you catch him straggling. watch out for his invisibility. It's his only form of escape. Try to follow his pathing and stun him right when he pops out.
Tychus Face Melt and Power Slide to keep his Overkill down. Power Slide to stun and avoid his grenades. Generally easy to 1v1. His "second life' is a joke as well. You can easily outheal his damage. The lazer might hurt you a bit though.
Anub'arak He's got a good escape and can harass E.T.C. Froma distance. Don't engage solo.
Illidan Not a threat to E. T. C. but use caution, regardless.
Kerrigan Not a huge threat either. Your attacks should burn through her shields easily and she has no escape. Maelstrom won't hurt you too bad, but an Ultralisk might set you back a little.
Sgt. Hammer Not too difficult if you can mess up her Z. If she's sieged and trying to harass you, the closer you get, the less damage she does. Power Slide right through her if you can time her Z right and she'll waste it, making it easier to stick to her.
Zeratul STAHP! THAT TICKLES! Zeratul is a joke unless he uses guerilla tactics and hits you a few times, runs, cloaks, and comes back for another combo. Generally he's more annoying than difficult to deal with.
Arthas If you can pick him off when he's low on health you stand a chance. But chances are he'll outheal you in a prolonged 1v1 battle. Bring help.
Azmodan His minions can slow down your ability to sustain yourself in a 1v1 fight. If you've got the lead in levels you'll hit slightly harder. You might stand a 1v1, but at the same time you shouldn't take a chance unless you have obvious positioning advantages or help.
Nazeebo He's got damage but his zombie wall is next to useless on E. T. C. since Face Melt just blows them back. Watch out for toads. Your heal should outperform his DoT AA.
Raynor Raynor, Raynor, Raynor... He's got a peel. decent damage from AA and a second wind every 45 seconds. If you can't outdamage him, just run or call for backup.
Sonya She's on even ground with E. T. C. I won a couple 1v1's and lost a couple. Normally, she's not a big threat.
Valla Valla has damage but she can't dish it if you know how to avoid her Hungering Arrow and Rain of Vengeance.
E.T.C. This fight is anyone's guess. Hope the other E. T. C. Hasn't read my guide!
Falstad Generally not a good idea to take Falstad alone. Especially a Magestad. You don't have the ability to sustain yourself through his ridiculous burst. and if you catch him off guard he can disengage with a barrel roll and run or just fly when he notices danger.
Li Li Generally just annoying. She'll blind you and heal so if you're 1v1 for whatever reason you'll never hurt her. Focus her in team fights and keep her stunned.
Muradin A nuisance if played by someone who knows Muradin's key to winning. I wouldn't engage him alone. He'll just run and heal and come back for more.
Nova She can harass E. T. C. way too easily. Until you can teleport and chase effectively, stay away from her.
Thrall He just does too much damage and self healing to take on alone. Wait for a team fight or call for a gank.
Tyrael Rough fight. Just better to have someone with you. I would never risk it and never have I found myself in a 1v1 against Tyrael.
Zagara Rough fight in general. I wouldn't risk taking her on 1v1.
Jaina She has too much control to be able to solo. Avoid her until you have help.
Rehgar Don't bother. 1v1 he's impossible to kill. Wait for a team fight. Abuse your battlefield control and focus him.
Uther Can outheal, outstun, and outdamage you. Don't engage alone.
Stitches Run.
Brightwing Code red. He is the biggest threat in the game. Never engage alone. Focus in team fights. Use Power Slide -> Mosh Pit to initiate a team fight. Otherwise you're just wasting time.

Introduction Top

Hello, all. My name is Xarvik. I've been playing MOBA games for a while, but not as long as other "pros". Heroes of the Storm is by far my favorite, because it's straight forward. Here's your hero. This is his kit. No items or anything to change how the hero plays. It's got the unique factor of merc camps to help siege enemy forts and gates. Generally I love everything about HotS. I hope you find this guide useful as I plan on writing more. Please give feedback and constructive suggestions if you disagree with anything I have to say.

Heavy Metal!!! Top

Here's why I went with the talents I chose. They're a good mix of damage and support for your team. It helps you stay in combat with Imposing Presence and taking Relentless as always helps keep you locked down less often. Bolt of the Storm is a great tool for positioning yourself for an epic Mosh Pit! E. T. C. Is a bad *** mean mofo with disgusting field control. This build can effectively be used on any map.

Damage Slide Top

Why Damage Slide? Generally it helps your key ability Powerslide do 50% more damage. Block is alright but only if they have a lot of assassins. Dance Your Pants Off! is just worthless. Scouting Drone is not a bad choice either. But this is only if you have no support to take it instead.

Echo Pedal Top

I know what you're thinking. " Echo Pedal is such a waste. You can heal yourself for more or even your allies!" True. But E. T. C. is NOT A SUPPORT!!! Superiority becomes a wasted talent late game because E. T. C. can solo merc camps as early as level 4. Pwn Shop Guitar is nice but only if you don't plan on soloing merc camps and plan to lane and team fight more. Personally as E. T. C. I like to get all the merc camps I can before I join up with a lane and push. Team fights are an exception. E. T. C. does well enough with mana where you should be able to hit up healing wells between camps for mana. Groupies heals your allies. Not a good talent. The heal is so miniscule it's unnoticeable. Once again E. T. C. IS NOT A SUPPORT!

Guitar Hero Top

Guitar Hero Helps balance out the damage you deal to mercs and enemy heroes. I personally pick this talent every time and in every situation. Battle Momentum isn't too bad since Guitar Solo raises your attack speed. But landing that one hard AA in with Guitar Hero and being able to break away is nice and in merc camps it helps take the mobs down faster. Monster Slide is basically for people that can't skill shot. It's a wasted talent and I don't think I've ever said to myself, "Wish my Powerslide was wider because I don't know how to point my mouse or read enemy movements." Loud Speakers is decent but below Battle Momentum on priority for me. Face Melt does a good job with its basic knockback and range. You shouldn't need to increase it.

Mosh Pit Top

I choose Mosh Pit over Stage Dive any day. 4 seconds of your enemies not being able to do anything while the rest of your team eats them alive? Yes please! Stage Dive does moderate damage and if you're going to use it to jump to objectives that aren't revealed then you risk dying. You're better off running into a team fight with your team (duh) and stunning the enemies for 4 solid seconds, than jumping into what could inevitably be your death and dealing little damage. Granted Stage Dive can be useful if you need to get into a team fight your team is already involved in. Mosh Pit is just a better choice in my opinion.

Relentless Top

Why Relentless? I think Relentless is the best choice in most situations due to the fact that if you're stunned... you can't really do anything and become a liability. I used to love Uber Rockstar until I realized I was much more effective when I could participate in team fights. Rockin' Out is okay if you plan to spend a lot of time lane pushing. I don't think its worth getting. Face Smelt is also a decent choice. the slow is good if you're not going into 5v5 team fights the whole match and you can afford to eat a full stun in 5v4's.

Head Crack Top

Imposing presence Imposing Presence has gotten nerfed. Imposing presence now lowers the attack speed of enemies that attack you only instead of all nearby enemies, making this a 1v1 exclusive talent and not a good team fight talent. Most good groups will not focus you and it becomes a wasted talent.

Now we're going to use Head Crack Head Crack. Head Crack Head Crack increases the duration of your stun by 50% which can help your team in team fights dramatically if you can land it on 2 or more enemies.

Bolt of the Storm / Death Metal Top

I find myself always stuck between Bolt of the Storm and Death Metal. The damage bonus from Death Metal is not a joke. It helps your team kill theirs 25% faster. Bolt of the Storm allows you to position yourself right into the middle of the enemy group and drop your Mosh Pit. I would say both are on par in this tier. It's a matter of preference. You're not an assassin. You're meant to do damage but not a ton of it and Fury of the Storm pales in comparison to Bolt of the Storm and Death Metal.

Closing Top

This is my first guide and it worked somewhat hard on it. I hope it helps people understand how E. T. C. Works a little bit better. I love playing E. T. C. and now you can too! Thanks for reading and please, please, please, if you find any contradictions to what I've said and done leave a constructive comment. I might just chance the guide accordingly. Enjoy. Now go start a Mosh Pit!

Updates Top

UPDATED: Imposing Presence has changed. No longer viable for the build/tactic I'm going for.
Tier 6 talent Imposing Presence Imposing Presence changed to Head Crack Head Crack.

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