Elemental Damage Chen by Revolution

Elemental Damage Chen

By: Revolution
Last Updated: Aug 14, 2015
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Chen's Patch Top

Chen's abilities have switched around, thus making him more tank-like and more of a slow, annoying character. New build for annoying Chen will be coming soon!

Damage Chen Talents Explained Top

Normal Attack Combo: (Q) (W) (E) Then (R) if you are in a tricky situation or want to finish off some enemies or get away.

Consuming Flame:

Better damage and good finisher.

Deadly Strike:

Pretty good buff for Chen's kick ability, and a good chase finisher.

Ring of Fire:

Good buff and great for AOE damage.


Good CC and damage and also good for chasing or running.

A Touch of Honey;

Great slow for team-fights and get aways.

Combination Attack:

This skill is just amazing in general, if you root the target with flying kick (Pressure Point) you can do +200% damage to them on your next basic attack, which does more damage than the Flying Kick.

Elemental support:

More damage.

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21 Votes

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