Firebender Chen by solidusmage

Firebender Chen

By: solidusmage
Last Updated: Dec 18, 2014
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Fight with Fire and Kung-fu Top

Using The Build Top

First of all Sorry for my bad english.

This Build is simple and easy to use, just stay Close to your enemies with "Flying Kick" and keep them Slow and burning with your combo "Keg Smah" + "Breath of Fire" (+ Fire Ring Talent). This is how it Works.

Talents Top

1 - Consuming Fire - Natural Choice , it increase our dmg/sec when enemy is burning.

2 - Bottomless Mug - This talent is good for keep chen Fighting , and less time driking and avoiding let enemy escape

3 - Ring of Fire - This one is very important , we need it to increase our damage , the enemy will take a lot of it when you use Breath of fire Combo , and create a fire aura with this talent. Keep them slow and close with your Flying Kick.

4 - Storm , Earth , Fire - this the best Option for ultimate in major part of matches , cause you can Chase or escape while give Damage with spirits.

5 - A Touch of Honey - + 40% slow with Keg Smash , - Chance to run , and if they do, you always have FLying Kick =p

6 - Combination Attack - more Instant Damage , always welcome

7 - Bolt of The Storm - This is very usefull when you need Recharge your beer or chase/escape an enemy .

Use Red it looks like FIRE xD Top

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