For the Glory of the Alliance by Ponyboy

For the Glory of the Alliance

By: Ponyboy
Last Updated: Dec 8, 2018
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Build: Arms

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Info Top

Hello, i'm Ponyboy here and in hots and this is my second guide, my first one being on Tychus and my second one being on the hero Varian, our first multi class hero working as either a warrior or an assasin. You could make the argument that Kharazim is a multiclass hero, but he can blend rolls a bit more and can still do his other roll decent or at least better that other people of the roll he is maining, where as Varian goes one direction and does it quite well but blending will just not do well for you. Choose the right weapon for the match, either sword and shield, 2 handed sword, or dual wield and you will prove why you are king of the alliance.

Ablities Top

Quick flying narrow skill shot, nice poking ability and helps when chasing with the slow. Also does quite a bit of healing if you hit a hero in a minion wave, so its a nice source of sustain in early game for a 1 on 1 lane fight before the objective starts.
Going to take some practice getting used to this one, try to do it when as many people as possible are attacking you, and a nice time is if your rooted, since most people focus you then.
Your simplest ability, click charge and slow. End of story
This will give your attacks a nice boost but you will need to keep attacking in a fight if you want to take advantage of it.

Level 1 talents Top

Should be pretty easy to get to max relatively quickly, and the slow increase will make it easier to use this to secure kills. Better choice when tanking since this would be your only source of damage if you go that route.
Eh its not bad in any way and is bout equal with the other 2, but im not a personal fan of it, High King's Quest is better for the 2 assassin builds since AA is the main source of damage for those and Lion's Maw is better to me since you get more damage and your slow is improved. If you plan on going tank though this is still quite well since you can make yourself receive damage to activate this and keep in range to get your hit in.
A quest talent where the quest is completing quests. Makes sense for the King of the Alliance. The only one that should take a while to complete is the regen globe one the rest should be relatively easy and you'll get a nice attack boost from it once it's done. Great for the fury build since you can get huge amounts of attacks in.

Level 4 talents Top

Choose your weapon and destroy the foes of the Alliance. And the King gets his heroics sooner than everyone else, even the time dragon girl. Ruling has its privileges.
Raise your shield, protect your allies, let the foe come to you. The tank choice after you take this you won't have the damage you would of had if you went with the other options. And that shouldn't matter to you since if you pick this your gonna be the one taking hits. Your gonna wanna threaten the most hard hitting and squishy hero you can or a vulnerable target so your team can kill them.
Bring the might of Stormwind down, crush the enemy under your blade. Damage choice one, this one leans more towards burst damage and gives hard hitting allies with burst a big boost with the armor lowering ability and can help against heroes who can get or give armor since you have a fast way of lowering it.
Cut them down, no defense will stand to the fury of the king. Damage choice two, this one is about sustained damage and sticking to people with the speed boost. This one is the choice if your team doesn't have much of a follow up to make use of the smash or you need someone to take camps, since this plus Second Wind make almost anything easy to take, heck it might be possible to take a boss solo, but try it in practice mode first, people doing that and not knowing how have killed a match for me before.

Level 7 talents Top

I'd take this if you picked Taunt, as you won't have the damage or attack speed boost to really take advantage of Second Wind, but since as the tank you'll have people close to you this can give a bigger boost than you might think.
If your planning on going dual swords, take this certainly and still a good choice if your going 2 handed. Gives nice sustain and gives more when your low health automatically which is when you will need it.
Rather map dependent, in fact too map dependent. The other 2 are far more reliable and can give more steady healing then this. I wouldn't pick unless your in Tomb of the Spider Queen, and even then its a stretch.

Level 10 talents Top

This depends on what your fighting against.
If your fighting against a wizard team, I'd pick this. Otherwise Parry doesn't really do it's job and a useless ability is something you don't want.
If your not fighting wizards pick this, boosts everything about it and give it a bit of escape utility, something you don't have normally.

Level 13 talents Top

This is honestly a somewhat situational talent tier, but there is always one of those situations in a game, so just make sure you pick the right one.
Probably should pick it if the other two won't be useful or if the enemy has some rather high health people. If you went for Warbringer this gets a good deal better.
I did say this is situational, but really only in QM where there's a rather decent chance of not having a support on either team. In Hero League there's always a support so this will make dealing with a support aided hero rather easy since you will have less healing to out damage. And if your fury this is always on someone so that person is almost guaranteed dead.
The most situational of the whole set, but a bit less than you think. There are several heroes with shields and this would help with knocking those down, I'll make a list down below of shielded heroes.

Level 16 talents Top

Not a real fan, team move speed is nice, but your either running or chasing if you need it so you've already won or lost and since your moving, you'll move out of benefit of it most certainly, and if the team has chasing abilities it might not even benefit.
The best pick, team wide resistance is really nice. Can never go wrong with it.
Nice but need a team of mages to really benefit but it really helps if you do, and its not that uncommon. I just like Banner of Ironforge better, team wide armor is just to useful to pass up.

Level 20 talents Top

Not a fan, Taunt already has a rather nice cool down for what it does and if your attack enough for the cool down reduction to be useful your already doing your job.
The AoE add on is ok if the enemy team tends to clump up, but the real bonus here is lowing the cool down. Damage, jumping into combat and vulnerable is never bad and this will get you more of all of it.
Boosts everything that was good about Twin Blades of Fury so a good pick.
Nice boost for your healer and you can use your banner more, it works a bit better for a sustained healer like Brightwing that a burst one like Auriel but not the best choice if you don't have a healer in a QM. Although if your team has a bunch of self healing like Thrall and Diablo this is still a nice pick.
If your tanking lowering anyone in ranges damage is a good idea. And you almost always have heroes around you as the tank, so this hits them hard.

Shielded heroes Top

This is a list of heroes who will always have shields to deal with so we all will have an easier time figuring out when to pick Shattering Throw at 13

Artanis Duh, he's the most obvious one, killing him will be easy.

Johanna Kill her trait shield she loses unstoppable and almost every one I have ever went up against has picked Indestructible so this will make killing her when that triggers rather easy.

Kerrigan Her damage generates her shield and without them she is kind of squishy, so this should help kill her faster that without.

Tassadar Another duh, shields are his only healing so no more healing for him

Zarya the last duh, but killing her shields will give her a damage boost so be prepared to fight hard to kill her once they are down.

Fenix There are more duhs on this list than I thought would be, feels weird.

Choosing weapons to use Top

A key part to playing Varian is choosing what heroic to build. The big thing is don't be selfish and just pick whatever you want without thinking of the team. You may of gone in wanting to go Arms but should go Protection. But playing the less fun build for you is more fun than losing, which not being what your team needs could easily make happen. Your the king, your job is to serve your people. So here is some guidelines on what to play

When to play Protection
If your team has no warrior, or the one you have is more of a bruiser that a true tank.
There's really no other time to play this one, otherwise you'll be losing out on a good deal of damage. If your team already has a tank, go damage.

When to play Arms
If your team is burst heavy.
If there is one hero that needs to be dead now.

When to play Fury
When you need the sustain for yourself, as in QM without a support.
You need someone who can take merc camps for themselves. Also is great at dealing with monsters on objectives.
Your fighting a team that mostly lacks escapes and you can stick to them.

Builds Top

Fun thing all 3 builds are the same 3 roles a WoW warrior can be. Blizzard nice job with this, make this more fun when you play the same one you did.

This is the tanking build, your job will be to keep the enemy focused on you so your team will stay alive so they can kill the foe. Your damage will only be from Lions Fang from here on out so focus on keeping the foe off the team and use Taunt to keep the enemy you need to stay so they die by your teams hands.

Damage build one, you will burst down heroes with your heroic and flat out damage. Best way to play this is to whack the most important target with Colossus Smash and make sure everyone hits them so they die, then go for who you can till you can smash again and rinse and repeat.

Damage build two, this one is centered around constant damage and has nice sustain when paired with Second Wind. This is a great way to chase targets and you'll throw out tons of heroic strikes. Just make sure you don't get too zealous and chase into a large group with no backup.

Thank you again! Top

This is my second guide that has been made a guide of the week, thank you thank you thank you!

Have Fun Top

Varian is quite an entertaining hero to play, and lives up to his title. Give him a try and if you need a hand in figuring him out, give this a try. Also an nice guy to look at for a hand is MFPallytime on youtube, nice plays and he's fun to watch.

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