General Azmodan Build/Guide by Midgetmasher

General Azmodan Build/Guide

By: Midgetmasher
Last Updated: May 29, 2015
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Threats to Azmodan with this build

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Jaina Jaina is not so bursty like Valla, but it's her slow trait that will cripple you, and let her team members get to you. try and block her frostbolt with your demon warriors.
Tassadar Tassadar has the ability to deal AoE damage to minions, which is incredibly bad for azmodan, and to shield structures, which is also bad for azmodan, because then your damage output and effectiveness will be severely reduced. This man needs to go, asap.
Diablo If Diablo catches you, he will push you back, and then his team members will most likely kill you. stay away from him.
Stitches Same as Diablo. His hook and heroic ability will drag you into his team members, where again, you will die.
Valla Valla can burst you down while you're trying to run away. don't stray too far from a fort or team members.
Tychus Same as Valla.

What is this build? Top

To sum it up: This build is all about efficiency.

Azmodan is one of the strongest, if not the strongest pusher in the pusher game. By having two siege giants or four knights in lane with your minions, and by using your trait, you can plow through forts like a knife through butter. This build is all about doing this while still effectively contributing to team fights and being able to hold your own 1v1 against other players.

In the first chapter I talk about when to use Azmodan's abilities and what to use them for.
In the second chapter I talk about his talents, explaining how each talent compares to the others.

Abilities Top

Globe of Annihilation: This ability should not be used to deplete an enemy heroes' health bar, unless they are almost dead in which case you should throw your globe at them. This is because your globe will hardly deplete any health unless it's late game and you're going for the globe build.

Your e ability, All Shall Burn, and other friendly heroes can take down enemy heroes, and are also a lot more efficient at it.

Your globe should primarily be used to kill waves of enemy minions, and also to stall enemies capturing tributes, taking control of the dragon knight, and handing in gems or doubloons. Using the globe at the start of the match to destroy their wells will take a long time and cost a lot of mana. It would be more efficient to kill the enemy minions, destroy the towers and gate, and then the well. If the towers are destroyed, the well will get destroyed too soon enough.

Update: Now that the globe has a 10 second cooldown, it only seems efficient to use the globe to stall if there is something else, such as a friendly hero or summon, that can carry on stalling them. If you take the talents Blazing Demons and Battleborn, you can still stall enemy heroes by yourself with your globe.

Summon Demon Warrior: Demon warriors are hardly efficient at dealing damage to enemies other than minions. Therefore Demon Warriors should be used to soak up tower ammo, prevent damage to your actual minions, reinforce your minion waves, to dismount heroes chasing you (silly right? it can work), and much more importantly - to scout.
Demon warriors can deal notable damage, however they have to stay alive for their entire duration, which is unlikely.

All Shall Burn: This ability is extremely useful, and will kill pretty much anything except a Diablo that's standing right next to you. All Shall Burn will force an enemy hero to move out of range or to use their cc against you. Most heroes won't have cc to interrupt your beam, and so they will incredibly likely decide to flee.

This ability is also amazing at destroying structures. Nothing, except a Black Heart's Bay Bombardment, will destroy a structure more quickly. While your minion wave is soaking damage from the enemy's turrets you should be using this on the towers.

General of Hell: General of Hell will make lanes push a lot lot harder! Try to always have your general out however also be careful where and when you use him because it can make all the difference. If you are about to die, pop your general in a different lane. Your general should be ready to use again by the time you respawn.

Black Pool: Black Pool only seems to be superior to Demonic Invasion when your minion waves are often at the enemy gates and when you want to use the globe build. If you decide to take this talent be careful of how you spend your mana, because if you use Black Pool recklessly you will wind up with no mana and have to go back to the fountain or a well to keep playing. In turn, you'll end up dealing less damage to anything and everything because you're at your fountain regenerating mana, which is hardly efficient.

Demonic Invasion: This ability seems to be superior to Black Pool almost every time. Demonic Invasion can be used to destroy a large horde of enemy minions, as well as to lay siege to an enemy base. This ability is best used just before your wave of minions reaches the enemy base, because the towers will have less ammo and already have taken damage, meaning your minion wave can destroy the towers and gate more quickly. Additionally, they also benefit from your General of Hell, resulting in A LOT of damage, so i would use the general in conjunction with this ability to get the most out of it.

Demonic Invasion does not have to be used just before a minion wave. It won't be as effective but if you feel like you can take down the enemy base without the help of any mercs or minions, go for it.

Talents Top

Level 1 Talents:
Taste for Blood: Taste for blood will be great for the globe build, however that means you have to farm minions most of the time, and you could be more effective elsewhere, such as taking a merc camp which will result in you train wrecking the lane. Additionally, taking this talent means that you don't get the other talents, which is bad. Azmodan is not meant to poke forts and heroes, he is meant to punch them with his laser fist.

Sieging Wrath: This talent is superior to Taste for Blood in the early game, however Taste for Blood becomes superior afterwards.

Spare Nothing: This talent should just be made redundant because your demon warriors and minions will absorb the damage and you will likely destroy the tower and fort in a big push before it uses all or even half of its ammo. This is just a waste.

Healing Ward: If you want to make minions last longer by healing them, go for this talent, however they will likely die soon due to being killed by an enemy hero, tower, mercenary, or minion wave, all of which you will encounter frequently.

Bribe: Bribe is the best option here. As you kill minions in lane you can quickly run off to the side and capture a merc camp, and due to capturing it instantly, you won't miss pushing the lane and having your minions killed. Capturing the merc will then let you push lanes a lot harder due to the reinforcements. This effect will also multiply when you use your General of Hell. The fact that you can instantly kill the mercs means that you can return to your lane quicker, that there is less chance of enemy heroes coming to kill you and steal your camp, and that you save mana and health which you would have lost taking down that mercenary, which can now be used elsewhere, which means you can stay out in the field for longer and be a lot more efficient.

Bribe has a much larger impact on the match than all the other talents in this tier, therefore i would highly recommend you choose this one.

Because Bribe can hold two charges I would recommend only using one charge on Siege Giants, and both charges on Knights. Then you can kill the other giant or two knights with your e ability. This will let you capture more camps and push the lane harder. If you need or want to capture the mercenary camp immediately though, such as just before entering the mines in haunted mines, use both charges.

why choose Bribe over Taste for Blood: The Globe build specializes in instantly wiping a wave of minions and being able to deal decent damage to enemy heroes and structures. What makes bribe the better pick is that you can already deal great damage to enemy heroes and structures and can already clear a wave of minions pretty easily and quickly. Having the support of mercenaries results in a lot more damage once you get to the fort, and that is why bribe is the better pick over taste for blood imo.

Level 4 Talents:
Burn the Weak: Burn the weak will greatly enhance your ability to capture mercenary camps, in addition to helping you destroy structures a bit quicker. This talent is superior to the others and i'll explain why in the other talent descriptions below. Gluttony is the only real contender, and with the next talent choice, gluttony would be redundant.

Gluttony: This talent will only really help you in 1v1 battles with other heroes, since you're regaining health, making you much more difficult to kill. Azmodan is mostly destroying minions, mercenaries, or towers, and when he's doing this his minions will be taking the damage, not azmodan, and in this case Burn the weak would be better because you will destroy structures and mercenaries faster, therefore causing the minions to take less damage. You wouldn't have lost any health and so taking gluttony would have no effect.

Army of Hell: 2 charges is enough, a third demon warrior won't make much of an impact. You would be spending more mana for nothing essentially. two demon warriors can aggro a minion wave/merc long enough for you to kill them, and you don't need a 3rd scout, you just don't. Burn the Weak and Gluttony are superior options.

Bound Minion: Bound minion doubles a minion's attack, essentially spawning another minion. A single minion wouldn't make much on an impact, dealing not that much more damage Destroying the tower faster with Burn the Weak would help the minions all take less damage, in addition you'll be killing the tower faster, therefore Burn the Weak is the superior and more efficient talent.

This talent is better for split pushing, but Azmodan is generally a lot LOT more stronger putting everything into one lane. Additionally, dealing 33% less damage to mercenaries would really harm you ability to capture knights and a second siege giant camp.

Superiority: You won't be taking a lot of damage from non-heroic enemies other than knights if you choose to solo them, and you will be capturing siege giants a lot more often than knights. Either minions will be absorbing the damage from towers or you will be killing the other siege giant too quickly for it to deal much damage to you. Therefore this talent is redundant. You shouldn't be taking damage from towers and minions anyway, if you are, you're doing it wrong.

Level 7 Talents:
Enduring Warriors: Enduring Warriors makes your demon warrior last 5 seconds longer. This really has no benefit at all since your warriors can only make a small impact within 5 second anyways, adding another 5 seconds won't really make a difference. Your demon warriors will most likely die, and they won't even live to see those extra 5 seconds. Don't bother taking this talent unless you're going for a demon warrior build.

Master of Destruction: reduces the mana cost of your e ability from 16 mana per second to 10 mana per second. While more mana is nice, again, it won't really make a big difference. If you have been using your e ability while assaulting a base for the last 30 seconds it is incredibly likely that enemy heroes will come to kill you. Taking this talent would mean you have mana to keep using your beam against enemy heroes, however the better option is to flee, because you will likely be outnumbered, and then you wouldn't be using the mana you saved, therefore this talent would not be doing anything, which would be a waste and inefficient.

This talent can help you to save mana while capturing a merc camp for when you assault the enemy base/fort, however, you just don't really need it. Your mana pool is large enough already. Besides, if you're assaulting a base/fort with a minion wave and mercenary you won't be using your laser for long anyway.

It can help to save mana when taking out a grave golem, however you usually do this as a team, and the golem will be dead soon enough so that you're not spending too much mana anyway, meaning that you save a little amount of mana that will regenerate back within the next few seconds anyway. Additionally, if you and one or two other team members are taking a long time to kill the golem, that is more time in which the enemy team can kill you and steal the golem and more time in which they can pick off your other teammates and push lanes. You should always be capturing a golem as a team. Having more mana available after you capture the golem will help you push a lane, however if you're team is there to help you, you will be spending less time attacking the golem, and more time pushing the lane, and still have lots of mana by the end of it.

Only take this talent if attacking a fort or tower with your laser beam seems to take a while.

Infernal Globe: Excellent for the globe build and for picking off fleeing enemies. This isn't a bad talent. i don't think there's anything bad to say about it. if you're choosing this talent it's likely that you're not getting hurt by heroes often, in which case you won't need first aid.

Mercenary Lord: the latest version is not as good, and does not do enough anyway. the event of lots of friendly mercenaries together is not that frequent, and so it won't be active that much, and so making use of this talent will not have a big impact on the match.

First Aid: Heal 35% of your maximum health over 6 seconds. This is by far the best pick in this tier. It helps Azmodan in team fights and for escaping enemies when you stayed behind a bit too long. First Aid will greatly enhance your Survivability. Always take this talent.

Level 13 Talents
Hellforged Armor: Having your Demon Warriors take 50% less damage from non-heroic stuff is great for when the demons are being attacked, but pointless, since they're not being attacked most of the time (mostly scouting), and when they are (in minion wave battles) they are already doing a good job at absorbing damage. Improving them further will have little impact.

Blazing Demons: not a terrible talent. This talent would help you to push lanes and clean up minions in the mines faster. Additionally, combined with Battleborn it will help you to stall enemy players for longer.

March of Sin: This talent is amazing! it will greatly help your team fighting and player chasing abilities. This talent will make it a lot easier to kill enemy heroes and to stay clear of golems AoE attacks, as well to to run away from players while you're destroying their fort.

Relentless: If you're taking this talent you should really learn to position yourself better.

Level 16 Talents:
You can really pick any talent in this tier if you want. i prefer Battleborn and Imposing Presence though.
Battleborn: This talent will generally help you to push lanes harder and faster (not by a lot). It will also help you to stall enemies which is really good.

Demonic Smite: It's a cool talent. take it if you want it. It will help you to push lanes you are not in faster. The best talent for split pushing.

Imposing Presence: This talent is extremely useful if you are up against enemies like illidan, zeratul, or valla. It helps you to survive longer.

Blood for Blood: This talent will help you to fight people 1v1, and will help you counter Illidan's metamorphosis if he uses it against you. If there are a lot of heroes with large health pools on the enemy team if must take this talent. Not only will it help for 1v1s but also for teamfights.

Level 20 Talents:
Perishing Flames: Pick whatever you like. I prefer Perishing Flames for the Demonic Invasion Ultimate because it will help you to push lanes faster, as well as the core.

Bolt of the Storm: This talent will really help you to get away from filthy nerds like Diablo and Stitches cause nobody likes those guys. ugh. /throws globe

If you are getting caught by these guys alot, take this talent. additionally, taking this talent will let you stay in a lane for longer because you have a quick escape.

Storm Shield: This talent is alright, although Perishing Flames will help to push lanes and core better, due to the damage.

Black Heart's Bay Top

Bribe: This talent is extremely useful on BHB because you will also get doubloons.

Burn the Weak: same as bribe.

First Aid: I have no idea how this could be useful on this map...

Imposing Presence: I always take this talent in Black Heart's Bay since it will help you to survive longer, unless you don't seem to be taking much damage from enemy heroes, in which case you're probably safe to choose another talent.

Additionally, your e ability will destroy chests REALLY REALLY quickly so i suggest you go to the chests asap when they spawn. (first chests spawn at 50 seconds, and respawn roughly every 5 minutes).

Azmodan is a lot stronger on Black Heart's Bay than the other maps because of his e ability and his ability to capture merc camps quickly.

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