Going for Gold by Gr1m D3ception

Going for Gold

By: Gr1m D3ception
Last Updated: Jun 17, 2015
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Threats to Raynor with this build

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Sgt. Hammer Sgt. Hammer is a nuisance, but her "siege" mode leaves her immobile. Even though her attacks appear to hurt in this mode, her attack speed is considerably lower, and you can actually trade favorably. Use Q knockback to force her to waste time repositioning herself for siege mode.
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Illidan Illidan is capable of dodging most of your physical damage by auto attack thanks to his "Evasion" skill. When he jumps you, shoot him away with Q. Be careful doing this, as his inital lunge makes him immune to the knock back thanks to "Unstoppable". To avoid this wait until after he jumps to shoot him away. Most of his damage lies in auto attacking his victims, and when you deny him that and also damage him doing so, you will trade favorably all game.
Zeratul This guy has permanant stealth, can blink jump, and deals massive premediated damage. His one weakness? Stun him late game with a Q and gun him down, if he escapes too often, consider getting the Raiders to chase him down and prevent his re-stealthing. Note: His stealth isn't perfect, with a keen eye you can see his shimmering outline onscreen. Punish him with a Q if you see him getting an idea.
Nova Nova is similar to Zeratul, but she is the ranged counterpart with annoyances such as decoy holograms. Her damage is just as strong as Zeratul's and her "Triple Tap" can kill you while fleeing from her if your E has already gone to use surviving her initial attack. However, you can use your Q to disrupt her "Triple Tap" and set it on immediate cooldown. She also has the same imperfect cloak as Zeratul and can be noticed on-screen by a faint shimmering outline.
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Abilities, Explanation, and Why Jim Raynor is the Hero of this Storm Top

Raynor's Passive "Advanced Optics" is a powerful tool to punish your opponents mistakes, and the range stacked with "Nexus Frenzy" give Jim the longest base attack range in the game as an assassin.

Seasoned Marksman lets you stack damage for late game, and Vampiric Assault allows you to heal between trading blows or large fights.

Early Game, using your Q, knock back and zone out your lane opponent. This will force them to play defensively, and deny them experience contribution as they consistently have to go behind their base gate to avoid your attacks. The level 16 talent "Bullseye" is the best execution talent you can get because Q already hits like a truck, and the talent makes it deal absurd damage. On top of that, it stuns the target for some good old Gauss Rifle fire which, with Giant Killer, Nexus Frenzy, and an attack speed boost from your W, is actually enough time to finish them off.

Use your W to boost your attack speed, and your minions. Not only does this keep up pressure on their base gates and turrets, it also causes the minions attacks that kill to give you stacks for "Seasoned Marksman". The talent option at level 7, "Revolution Overdrive" give you a movement speed boost that scales with the number of allies nearby. This buff with at least 3 allies, makes you move at roughly "mounted" movement speed.

Your E is standard, and procs upon reaching roughly under 30% health. This ability is misleading to others, and when used properly, allows you to have a hidden advantage to duel other assassins. Your E also acts as a "fail-safe" if someone tries to execute you, bringing you back from the brink to either retaliate or escape.

Raynor's Heroics are situational. The Raiders are excellent at chasing down and executing "escapists" such as Zeratul, Nova, Falstad, Illidan, and any other attempts to stealth, jump walls, or dash to safety. The Hyperion is the method to pushing upon keeps, turrets, and eventually the core. Its Yamato cannon will devestate structures for thousands of siege damage.

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