Greymane: BEST Dps Build by AchillezxLBT

Greymane: BEST Dps Build

By: AchillezxLBT
Last Updated: Jan 23, 2016
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2 things need to be stressed above all else when it comes to Greymane.

1) In order to play Greymane at peak effectiveness, both forms(Human/Worgen)must be utilized all around.
2) Greymane is only viable if you are able to keep him alive. His damage is fully dependant on stacks.

With those 2 things put out there, everything else just needs to fall into place. Greymane is an auto attack hero that has viable damage from the onset that has potential to become x factor damage over time. But if you struggle with his survivability, his true damage never comes to fruition. At peak form though Greymane is a terror on the single target damage front. Time yourself well behind good position and the enemy team will never know what hit them.

Tips: Use your inner beast as much as possible! Most of your damage will stem from this ability and how well you use it!

Tips: Greymane from 13 on is a TANK BUSTER. Do not hesitate to single out the tank when in worgen form!

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