Hammer Throwing Muradin by Spirit

Hammer Throwing Muradin

By: Spirit
Last Updated: Nov 12, 2014
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Build: Throw The Hammers

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The Hammer Throwing Muradin Top

This guide will be focusing on poking enemy down with your Storm Bolt and poking enemy heroes down.

-Lots of fun
-Can split push very well
-Initiation is really good with Dwarf Launch into Haymaker
- Haymaker enemy heroes into own team. Making them die.
-Really good poke

-Uses a lot of mana
-Can be taken down pretty fast in team fight without Avatar

This guide for Muradin can be very effective if you are able to stack up your Storm Bolt. Late game Muradin, can easily 1 vs 1 another hero, because your Storm Bolt would be really stacked up. This guide for Muradin, You can take down towers really fast with Storm Bolt after you stack it up and get the upgrade Sledgehammer The whole main point of this Guide, is to make Muradin a sort of range hero. This guide would be great if you have no range heroes on your team.

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