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Healer DPS Hybrid

By: S7evin424
Last Updated: Aug 28, 2015
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Li Li Less threats, more commentary. Li Li heals aren't bad but when you compare them to Malf, Uther or Rehger her heals don't seem to be on par with them. Plus her damage is a bit lacking. Her heals aren't bad, she puts up good overall healing. But without single target heals she has to work harder, instead of smarter.
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Brightwing Brightwing got nerfed sadly and her heals aren't really up to par anymore. Although her mobility and support is still good in the right hands.
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Uther This is easily one of the best healers in the game and is also considered top tier. It really comes down to preference but I think Malfurion has better damage, which allows him to be more versatile in fights.
Rehgar When ever you bring up the topic of good healers Rehgar always shows up. Ancestral Healing will put back a massive amount of HP and Chain Heal helps keep the entire team alive. Malf has his area heals too, with the talent Life Seed you get a passive heal and the Heroic is an AoE heal. To be honest it's hard to pick between these 3 but I use Malf because I prefer ranged.
Kharazim Good group heals, high mobility and decent damage put this new hero in high tier. What makes him incredibly dangerous to a Malf is simply his ability to make your roots completely useless. Which luckily this build doesn't really focus on. But still be cautious of this Monk.

Details Top

This build was something I ended up using while playing solo quickmatches. You never know if you'll get a team with 4 assassins and 1 support or 2 support and 3 tanks. It doesn't help that online players aren't very talkative. So you may not always know what builds your team will need. This is a build to try and compensate for lacking heals or DPS on the fly.

I'm not a pro and this build may not be 100% optimal but after trying a lot of different builds I found this to be better for online pug matches.

Talents / Explained Top

The bread and butter will be Regrowth and Moonfire. If you feel that you're good at settings roots you'll have to swap out some healing for Root damage. Although when it comes to damage the reason I prefer Moonfire is simply because it's an instant cast, it's faster with cooldown and requires less mana. You'll also have talents that will not only make it more powerful but they'll also help with healing. I've based this around the numbers I gathered.
At level 20:
DPS build all enhanced roots: 510 damage OT + possible damage output of Treant 140
DPS build all enhanced Moonfire: 245 damage with 3 stacks of Moonfire buff hits for 334 damage
Healer build all enhanced Regrowth: 352 instant heal and 1176 heals over 16 seconds

This build:
Moonfire 230 or 334 damage
Reqrowth 352 healed HP + 1176 healed HP over 16 seconds
Roots 225 damage OT


I can't stress this enough, level 4 is completely up to you because I know how incredibly important that extra range is on Elune's Grace. That extra range benefits Roots more, while the Moonfire range is increased much further it would require you to skip out on the extra initial heal from Rampant Growth. The added initial heal can help save your teammates. With a big team fight burst damage will kill your teammates faster than your healing over time. That extra initial heal while it might seem minimal, it could end up being that tiny sliver of health they needed to escape in order to let the OT heals restore them. Moonfire has a small area of effect and Regrowth is target selected. Roots has a larger area so with Elune's Grace you can cast Roots right at the edge of your range to have it reach much further. With the small AoE of Moonfire and select casting of Regrowth that extra range will only benefit you slightly. But again, if you prefer the extra range go for it.

If you're building Roots and don't require much healing you can choose Strangling Vines over Enduring Growth at level 7 but that extra 6 seconds adds a lot of extra health. I prefer to use Roots mainly as a stun and focus damage on Moonfire simply because of the talent Harmony. With this build spamming Moonfire adds extra damage to it, reduces the cooldown and reduces the mana cost of Regrowth.

As for Level 13 and 16 slowing an enemy is always useful. Even though you're mainly spamming Moonfire, the slowdown talent Hindering Moonfire only provides 25% for 2 seconds, reducing the cost of mana and increasing the area of damage is great but the Lunar Shower is your ability that makes it more powerful and reduces the cooldown which allows you to spam the hell out of it to really make the most of your Harmony talent. Lunar Shower is much more important. You can get Shrink Ray earlier at level 13 which not only slows your enemy by 50% for 4 seconds it also reduces their damage output by 50%. If you need as much healing as possible get Life Seed and then on level 16 get Hindering Moonfire. Life Seed may only add on the healing over time without the initial heal, but it does so automatically without costing mana. And if you picked Enduring Growth those extra 6 seconds will count towards Life Seed which adds a lot of extra healing for your teammates. Like I said, this is a build you make on the fly. So you can adjust talents from the one I selected based on what your team needs. Uhm I'm only putting in Harden Focus because a lot of people like it... although I don't normally stay above 80% health cause enemy teams usually single out healers but meh it's up to you. If I didn't put it in here people would get mad lol.

The Heroic Ability and level 20 talent is up to you based on what you need. I always go with the Heroic talents because Serenity heals for more and adds mana which can make a huge difference in team fights. With Nightmare it slows enemies and increases the silence to a total of 7 seconds... which is an extremely long time. Although a good alternative, if you really don't want the Heroic talents, is Rewind Cooldown. Double casting Regrowth with that extra initial heal is really helpful, Moonfire will cooldown rather quick with this build though so I still recommend Heroic talents.

If you're going for more Root damage make sure you get some form of slowdown with either Shrink Ray or Hindering Moonfire. Slow your enemy than put Roots behind them to either force them to run towards you in order to run around it... if they can dodge it in time.[/URL]

Well that's about it... like I said, not really selling this as pro MLG strats lol. I like this build just for those "uh oh" games. If you see any errors or recent changes please put it in the comments so I can fix it.

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