Holy Hand Grenade by Brandingus

Holy Hand Grenade

By: Brandingus
Last Updated: Oct 8, 2015
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Lt. Morales

Build: Termi-nade-or

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Have you ever been caught in a teamfught with another medic or healer who just wont quit?
Well this build is designed for a simple process.

1. Larger dusplacement disrupts the enemy teams movement
2. Double hand grenades on those pesky enemy healers ensure that you will time to heal your team and not theirs.
3. Is your heal buddy getting chased down by valla, nova or some obnoxious character? Nade them back to the stone age
4. I have maintained a higher healing amount then the enemy teams healer who go full heals due to the disruptions.
5. This build genuinely is annoying to the enemy team and disrupts their attempted combos.
6. You will wow your team when you master the most annoying nade in game
7. You have double nades and can pull 30k damage in game and still maintain 75k+ healing

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