☯ "Need a triage?" - Lt. Morales Guide [In-depth] (Artanis Patch) by Keshipel

☯ "Need a triage?" - Lt. Morales Guide [In-depth] (Artanis Patch)

By: Keshipel
Last Updated: Nov 8, 2015
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Lt. Morales

Build: ☯ Survivability 101™

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Threats to Lt. Morales with this build

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Threat Hero Notes
Abathur Terran - 1 / Zerg - 0
Brightwing Now this fairy is far from a threat, but you'll most likely not win a 1v1. But that's fine, because you're not supposed to! Watch out in TF's tho, as she can cast Polymorph on you, which will disable you completely for 1.5 seconds!
Li Li As Lili doesn't have a proper damage output without her serpent build, you shouldn't worry. At lvl 10 she can pick Water Dragon, which will slow you for 4 seconds. Check her talents often, and don't try and go 1v1.
Malfurion His low damage output puts him as a low threat. In general, he can be a big threat to your whole team with Entangling Roots and Twilight Dream, so be sure to check his talent pick at lvl 10!
Murky Believe it or not, this guy can actually be a huge threat at later lvl's. He'll easily pick you off if your low on HP and you miss your Displacement Grenade!
Azmodan Not exactly the biggest of threats, as he's got no CC. His laser will chew through you like butter tho, so don't try and take him on. Be aware that some Azmodan's also build globe, where they can get an incredible damage output on longer matches.
Gazlowe Gazlowe is a bit like Azmodan, he's not dangerous unless you try to 1v1 him. He's got no ability to chase anymore (used to have sprint) and unless you stand in his TNT bomb you won't get stunned. At lvl 20 he can get a talent which increases his damage by 150% against heroes, so watch out for that!
Tassadar Tassadar doesn't deal a lot of damage, and is more like a passive support. He'll stay far in the back and use his long range abilites. On the other hand, his heroics can be quite deadly at lvl 10. He can also turn invisible and unstoppable at any moment, so he's not the best target for Displacement Grenade. If you lane against him, use your Healing Beam to heal minions and poke at him with your basic attacks.
Tyrande Tyrande has decent damage output, and with her owlbuild, she can be very deadly on bigger maps. Check her talents at lvl 16 and be on the lookout for an owl after that. Her stun can be dodged, and without that she can easily be knocked back with Grenade.
Uther He's got stuns, high HP and decent damage. He can also run a damage build that can be quite annoying in lane and TF's, so be aware of that! Even though his stun has a short range, do not get too close, as a stun can result in instant death if the enemy team dives you.
Diablo Like Chen, diablo also received some buffs! He's now a bit more dangerous, and you should try to stay away from his stun and throw as much as you can.
Kharazim Kharazim can at lvl 10 be very deadly if you get caught alone with him. His Seven-sided Strike can do devestating damage, and he'll nuke you down pretty quickly unless you get away. Since he has no CC, he won't be able to chase you after his Radiant Dash charges are used up.
Lt. Morales Well HAI THERE! No but srsly, this all comes down to skill. Do you have what it takes to be the best Lietaunant on the field? Will YOU be the one to claim the throne, as the one and only, Lt. Morales?
Rehgar With his totem and shield, he can deal some proper damage. His wolf form allows him to chase very well, and unless you manage to knock him back with Grenade, you'd do good to call on your teammates for help. In lane, try to poke at him with your ranged attack, and heal minions to keep him from pushing the lane.
Sylvanas Her damage output is pretty strong for a specialist, and she can initiate with a vengance, with her Wailing Arrow which silences for 2.5 seconds! At lvl 16 she can also gain movement speed and be really good at chasing, so watch out for that!
The Lost Vikings Habedi herva hoobedi hayvie! These 3 vikings can slice you up pretty hard! It all comes down to what talent they're running, and you should be on the lookout for Olaf's (the big one) lvl 16 talent, where he'll charge and stun anyone that gets too close.
Johanna Johanna falls into the category of "annoying". She won't be able to take you down easily, but given enough time, she definitely will! Try and stay at a good distance from her, and watch out for the big circle around her. With the slow and blind, she can be a really good disruptor in TF's.
Kerrigan As she relies heavly on her combo to succeed, you can feel pretty safe aslong as you don't get caught. An easy way to counter Kerrigan, is to move around her in a cone form, and not back and forth infront. If she doesn't get her combo down right, she won't be able to chase, and you can safely run away.
Leoric Leoric used to have good damage, but now he's been nerfed time and time over again. Your only concern against him, should be if he picks Paralyzing Rage and he smacks you over with Skeletal Swing. If not, you only have to dodge his Drain Hope. Be VERY careful tho, and check what heroic he got at lvl 10. If he got entomb, you should never ever get close to him, as he can lock you down in his prison and his whole team can destroy you.
Muradin He's known as the master of CC, as he comes packing with a stun, slow and MORE stuns! At lvl 10, he'll most likely pick Avatar, which will make his basic attacks stun. He can also jump around to position himself, and if he dives you, throw down a Grenade and run away. If you get caught, try and run in serpentine movement so it's harder for him to hit with his hammer/stun.
Nazeebo If you're up against this guy, there's 1 important thing you need to do: dodge! All his abilities are "skill-shots" and this limits his ability to deal damage to you. Don't get too close, and do NOT chase (obvs) because he can wall you in, and then you're a sitting duck with no escape. Try and stay a bit away from your minion wave, as he'll want to use his abilites on the minions and not you.
Stitches The biggest threat Stitches has, is his Hook and Gorge. Check at lvl 10, and be aware you might get eaten past that point! He's also got a very strong slow, so be careful to not get too close!
Anub'arak His beetles will make it hard for you to knock him back with Displacement Grenade, and he's got very good CC. If you see him coming towards you, back off!
Arthas The mighty Lich King was destroyed by Lt. Morales in trymode, and he's now back with a vengance! Be careful of his stun, as this will most likely end you if he follows up with his abilites. Knock him back with your Grenade if you can.
E.T.C. ETC comes rockin with a hefty stun and knockback. His combo can put you in a really bad position, and you'll most likely be his target in TF's. Try to knock him back with Grenade as soon as he dives you!
Falstad Falstad has an incredible good burst, and whenever he starts to focus you, Safeguard should be used right away. With Trauma Trigger, you'll get one when you drop below 50%, but use one before that aswell! He's easy to knock back with Grenade, so use it early on and avoid his hammer which slows you.
Sgt. Hammer As her range and knockback can be quite devestating, you should never be alone against her. One thing to note, is that most Hammers tend to Siege down so their just in range of your tower/gate. If you throw a Grenade at her, she'll be nudged just far enough away, so she will have to reposition.
Zagara Zagara has an incredible amount of sustained damage and AOE. In TF's she'll dish out tons of damage to your whole team, and you should try to poistion yourself a bit in the back so you don't aggro to many of her minions or get caught by Devouring Maw.
Chen With the release of the Medic, Chen recieved an ample amount of buffs. He's got incredibly good damage mitigation, and he'll easily be able to chase you down with his Flying Kick and Keg Smash. If he starts to focus you, use your Grenade and call for assistance from your team. He's not very easy to kite, so running far away from the whole TF might sometimes be your only option if you're not getting help.
Nova So Nova is still deadly. Deadly as always. But she relies heavly on her Snipe, and if you're moving around a lot, she'll miss, and you'll save yourself for that damage. Picking Spell Shield against her is also an idea, especially if she picked Triple Tap. You can also interrupt her TT with your Grenade! As she has no CC, you can easily escape when she suddenly appears out of nowehere.
Raynor Raynor scales very well, and even better into late-game. If he got his Banshees at lvl 10, you should be on the lookout for them, and try to shoot them down as soon as you get the opportunity. He's got the longest range in the game, so depending on where you're positioned, he can easily chew away at your health.
Rexxar Rexxar will dominate you in lane, and he can send his Misha off to maul you apart. In cases where he's close, stick close to your teammates, and don't get left behind or in an open position.
Sonya Sonya has very good sustain, and her Ancient Spear will stun you and close the gap. If you get caught out of position, wait for her to catch up with Spear, then use your Displacement Grenade to widen the gap again. Check if she picked Leap at lvl 10, as this can ruin your day.
Tychus Some people might underestimate Tychus, but if he picks the right talents, his Overkill can be pretty devestating. If he targets you, throw down a Safeguard and knock him back with Displacement Grenade. At lvl 16 his Overkill can slow for 20%, so watch out for that!
Jaina Jaina can, if you're caught outta position, be deadly. If she's going for the Ice lance build, you will have a really hard time escaping, as she can slow you down every 2 seconds. Her burst is also one of the highest, if not (the) highest in the game.
Kael'thas Not as good at chasing as Jaina, but still incredibly deadly. Watch out for his Gravity Lapse, which will throw you in the air, as this will make you very susceptible to dives! Check at lvl 10 if he picked Pyroblast or not, and prepare accordingly.
Thrall He's got very good sustain, a stun and a long ranged lightning strike! He can catch up with Windfury and his ultimates can decimate you in mere seconds. Check at lvl 10, and plan ahead accordingly! Also, dodging his wolf can be quite easy aslong as you move infront of him in a cone formation.
Tyrael This pesky angel will be one of your main concerns in any match. His heroic ability, Judgement, will give you a really bad time in TF's. He's got good sustain and movement speed. There's not really much you can expect knocking him back with your Grenade and kiting him. Stick close to your team, and let them assist you.
Valla Valla comes with no CC (except one heroic and talents) but she has increased movement speed with Hatred. This stacks as she uses her basic attacks and is pretty much up in any TF. Widen the gap with Displacement Grenade and call for assistance.
Zeratul Zeratul's damage, slow and blink, will make it very hard for you to escape. His blink is on a 10 sec CD, so you should first let him use that before you use your Grenade. Since you're susceptible to ganks, you should stick close to your gate/tower and teammates at all times.
Illidan Definitely one of the most dangerous heroes you'll face! He'll stick to you like tape and his damage output can be frightingly high. At lvl 10 you should immediately check if he took The Hunt. If he did, you should stick VERY close to your team at all times. The 1 second stun can lock you down so hard, you won't have time to escape. "YOU ARE NOT PREPARED" in other words.
The Butcher The mighty Butcher will basically destroy you. He is definitely your biggest threat in any match, as he can dive you, explode his furnace and nuke you down in a matter of seconds. Now is the time to get !>Cleanse<! because that'll be your only way of surviving a relentless assault from the Meatlover!

Lt. Morales

Build: Stim Drone 360 ☢

Level 1
Level 4
Level 7
Level 10
Level 13
Level 16
Level 20


Lt. Morales is one of the most versatile support heroes in the game. Her extremely sustainable talent Caduceus Reactor allows her to stay on the battlefield for long periods of time.

"Bein' a medic isn't too different from being a soldier. I just kill in reverse."
- Petty Officer Lisa Cassidy


- Extremely high sustain
- Powerful map control (heroic)
- Strong single-target healing
- Good damage mitigation


- Lacks AOE-healing
- Limited mobility
- Can't directly heal herself

In this build, I'll focus a lot on survavability, as Lt. Morales's healing kit already is very strong.

Like my other guides, this one will be updated regularly, so be sure to check in for each patch!
My other guides can be found here:




Hey there! My name is Keshipel, and I’ve been playing Hots since the beta, and before that I had tons of hours played on League of Legends. In-game I’m known as MuchConfuse (which I might switch to Retsky in the future) and I like to play assassins, supports and specialists. I enjoy making guides, youtube videos and playing Hots (obviously).

In this guide I'll go over EVERYTHING that Lt. Morales has to offer, and if you have any questions, leave them in the comment section below! I will answer ALL the comments, and there's no such thing as a stupid question, just stupid answers :)
You can also check out my Youtube videos at the bottom, for a more visual guide!

So, "Buckle up" and let's get started!


LEGEND: Words that you might not understand.

Here I'll quickly go over some of the words I use, and I recommend reading over these if you're having trouble understanding something.

Excels - Being very good at
Single target - Healing/damaging one hero or minion
AOE - Area of effect (dealing damage or healing, in an area)
CC - Crowd-control / stun, slow, silence, snare (enemy team has a lot of CC's)
Map awareness - Being aware of what's going on. Noticing pings, calling out MIA/SS
MIA - Missing in action / when an enemy hero is missing from it's lane
SS - Shorter way of saying "miss" / "SS top" , enemy hero from top-lane is missing
Vision - Vision over an area that's normally covered by the "fog of war"
Sporting - Another way of saying "when the enemy team has"
Mitigate - Damage mitigation / taking less damage
Mobility - Defines how good a hero is at moving around / escaping or chasing enemies
Viable - Useful or not useful / it's a viable talent (it's a useful talent)
Buff - Increasing / buffing healing or damage
Overextending - Going to far into enemy territory / easier to get ganked
Nerf - Decreasing / decreasing healing or damage
Sustain - How long you can stay in lane and survive in general (not needing to go back for mana)

Map awareness is key to winning any match. If you have no clue on what it is, you should read the first post here: http://forums.na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=1580687
And yes, I know it's based of League of Legends, but the practice applies to any MOBA.

Tips and how-to

  • Her Medivac Dropship can be destroyed, while on the ground and in the air.
  • To cancel out your Healing Beam just activate it on yourself.
  • You have no way of healing yourself except with Couples Therapy and trait.
  • Displacement Grenade explodes even though it doesn't hit anything.
  • Be VERY careful to position yourself right in teamfights!
  • She's a sitting duck solo, so be sure to keep close to your team!
  • If you get low on HP, retreat to safety, and wait about 8-10 seconds for your HP to recharge.
  • In HL or TL, be aware that they can counterpick you hard with certain heroes (see counters).


Lt. Morales healing abilites are some of the (if not THE) strongest in the game. She excels at single-target healing and damage mitigation like a BAWS! Her Q Healing Beam also has no cooldown!
She has no direct AOE healing, so she can at times be quite forgiving. She also lacks any proper mobility abilities, so if you're caught in the thick of it, and you've missed your Displacement Grenade, you will be harshly punished. Some of her abilites also requires a certain knowledge of the heroes, map, and proper awareness, so if you're new to the game, Lt. Morales might become hard to excel with.

Read more about the use of these abilities in the "Playstyles" section!

Her one and only healing ability is Healing Beam. The thing that makes this ability so powerful is that it has no CD, and can be switched over to any other hero at any moment. It can even be used/switched on the move! It does use mana per second, so you don't want to spam this. You also want to know when to use it, and on who. In a teamfight, there will be more than one target taking damage, and it's up to you to know who to target. Also, the range is not unlimited, so you have to be sure to stay close to your teammates in a fight! Another thing that's worth noting, is that she can not heal herself with this ability. They've balanced it out so she heals for tons of HP outside of combat, so be careful in teamfights when you're being focused!

Your second support ability is Safeguard. It's got a fair duration and a decent CD. With that said, it's not an ability you just wanna throw down at any moment. Use it at the right time, forexample when Pyroblast is about to blow your poor Nova to bits. It can also be used at an engage, when your tank is about to tower/fort dive onto the enemy team. Be aware that the cooldown is 11-12 seconds long (depending on talent pick) and you wanna be able to use it in the worst case scenario!
Remember, 25% is no joke! Say an ability is about to deal 1000 damage, and you mitigate 250 of that! And at the same time you're probably healing the target, so they'll most likely not even notice they just took damage. With the talents we're picking, this talent also becomes very powerful at lvl 16!

Are you being chased by 3 bloodthirsty enemy heroes? About to die? Fear not, the Displacement Grenade is here for you! Featuring the latest in Terran technology and equisite craftsmanship, this grenade will get you out of harms in no-time! So what are you waiting for? Get out there and get the best grenade there is, the Displacement Grenade!
No but seriously, this ability is exactly what Lt. Morales needs. If you need to escape, it can be used to widen the gap between you and the enemy team, ensuring you have time to mount up and get away. Another very useful feature is closing the gap. You can come in behind an enemy, throw the grenade and throw the enemy hero into your own team. Great success!

Stim Drone works wonders on auto-attack heroes like Valla, Raynor or Illidan. The 75% increased attack speed will ensure that their damage skyrockets and the movement speed will help them stay on target. It's not very effective on AP heroes like Jaina or Kael'thas, but most of the time, you will always have an auto-attack hero your team.
This ability will mostly be your main go-to heroic. The other heroic can at times be dreadful if not used properly.
Btw, did someone say, Symbiote + Illidan + Stime Drone!? Oh lord...

Oh the dropship, the incredible dropship!! If you ever wanted to steal that boss kill, while your whole team is in the base, now's your chance! Call it in, wait for your team to jump in, then fly away!
This ability can be a huge game-changer. The uses are almost endless. What it basically does, is call in a dropship for 10.5 seconds, allowing your whole team to jump in and take off to any location on the map. This gives you incredible map control, and can be used to both escape and chase.
Even though it has it's advantages, it can be used to your disdvantage aswell. If you want to be a proper troll, you can get your whole team in, then drop in to the enemy's base where they can ace you with ease. In general, it requires good coordination and a well rounded team. Do NOT use this ability if you have no clue on where to land or when!


This is where Lt. Morales sustain comes in. Her trait gives her an incredible advantage as she can stay on the battlefield for a very long time. The trait is very similar to Muradin's Second Wind, only that this restores health based off percentage! If you had next to zero HP (10-100) left, and you got to a safe spot, you would only have to wait 32 seconds for your HP to fully recharge! 36 with the 4 second wait.
The only thing that restricts her staying on the battlefield at this point, is her mana.
Use this to your advantage, and do NOT go back just because you lost 20-30% health. Get behind the gates, and just wait a couple of seconds, and your HP will be back in no time!


In this section I'll go over the talents for Lt. Morales, and the reason behind them. I'll say this over and over again, but it's very important to pick talents accordingly for every match. You'll always meet different teams, and being able to counter them should always be a high priority.
I will color code the talents, so it's easier to see what to pick and what not to pick.

GREEN color means this talent is what's recommended for this build.
BLUE color means this talent is viable, and can be used depending on the situation.
RED color means this talent is NOT recommended for this build, and should be picked at your own risk.

Prolonged Safeguard probably seems like one of the obvious talents to pick. The extra second will give more sustain, and can be great in teamfights where there is a lot of damage being dashed out. On the other hand, this talent gets outweigh very hard against most team compositions.
Trauma Trigger is a great talent, and exactly what Lt. Morales needs. It gives you a 50% decreased damage for 3 seconds, or simply put, a free Safeguard. Since people will see you as a major threat in a teamfight (because of healing), they'll try and put you down as soon as possible. She's incredibly weak without some certain talents, but with the right talents, she can be very hard to kill. This talent is one of'em, so it's very much recommended!
Feedback Loop can be used if you are playing aggresivly and using a lot of mana. You should not be spamming abilites and overhealing, so this talent is only recommended for those that are struggeling with their mana usage.
Scouting Drone is always a good talent. The map awarness it gives, can sometimes be game changing, and you should pick this talent if you know how to use it. It requires you to constantly put it on spots where you want good vision, and the enemy team can be coming in for a gank. Do not pick this talent if you're only going to place one drone at the start of the game and then forget it. Just don't be that guy :D

In those cases where Advanced Block is not needed, you should always go for Bioshield. The fact that it stacks 5 times, makes this an incredibly strong talent. Couple it with Safeguard and your teammate will be pretty much unstoppable. The only downside, is that players tend to shift focus from a hero that is topped of on HP and has a shield.
Advanced Block will in most matchups be essential. When the enemy team is sporting a Nova and Valla, this talent will mitigate their damage like there was no tommorrow. It has 3 charges, which makes it very viable, and depending on what you're up against, you should definitly pick this talent. A dead healer is never a good healer! "Prepped and ready!" is what you should be!
Upgraded Ballistics is not viable as it's outweighed by the other talents. We're not here to buff our damage, so this talent essentialy becomes useless.
Infused Grenade is like Upgraded Ballistics. Not viable, and not recommended.

Clear! is another damage/mobility talent, which is not viable at this level, as the other talents outweigh it.
Irradiate is my solid talent choice for this level. It's basically a very very strong Burning Rage. Throw this down on your tank when he jumps into the enemy team, and they'll take tons of damage, which will definitly help out a lot, as your damage is rather low otherwise. Another thing that makes this talent great, when looking at the others, is that it requires zero micro.
Calldown: MULE requires, atleast to some extent, a certain knowledge of what map to use it on, and when to use it. If you use this when Blackheart is raining down cannonballs on your fort, you're not doing it right. This talent is great on maps like Sky Temple, Garden of Terror, Cursed Hollow and Dragon Shire. It's great for when you're structures has taken a lot of damage but isn't quite destroyed.
Cleanse is a bit like the MULE. You have to know when to use it. With it's recent "nerf" it's not as easy and viable as it used to be. With that said, it's still a pretty powerful talent. When the enemy team has a ton of CC, you should consider this talent.

Now for the two big ones! Which should you pick? Well, for this build I'm going to say Stim Drone... OR, Medivac Dropship? Like I've said before, it all depends! If it's a big map, and you only have a Tychus or Nova on your team, the increased attack speed is not going to make that much of a difference. You would rather have mobility and map control instead. And come'on, look at it, it's a ******* dropship!! Yeah, I think dropship wins.
BUT, before you decide to go ahead and just pick Medivac Dropship every single time, you're doing it wrong! If you have a Illidan, Valla, Kerrigan, Raynor, Falstad or The Butcher on your team, you could be lynched for not picking Stim Drone! The extreme benefit that it brings to an auto-attack hero are insane. You are a support, so you want to support your team and help them utilize the full potential of their hero.
Taking this into account, I'm going to say Medivac Dropship if you know how to use it, and you don't have any potential Stim Drone targets. With the incredibly short CD on Medivac Dropship, you should be using this very often, to do objectives, split-pushing and escaping the battlefield!

And this is where it really gets tricky. The 4 talents at lvl 13 are ALL great... and I have to pick one for this build! Gah, why u do dis heroesfire. Alright, let's dive into'em.
Intensive Care can be very useful when the enemy team has a great amount of burst or a high sustained amount of damage. In both long and short teamfights, this talent will come in handy. As it does add to the mana cost, this talent will require you to hearth back more often. (like the 3 others aswell)
Couples Therapy will finally give you AOE healing! Well, not really.. but kinda! With this talent, you boost your chances of survival in a teamfight, as any healing you do, will also heal you for 25%. Since you most likely will be focused on in every teamfight, this will be the go-to talent for this build.
Preventative Care is basically a Imposing Presence with healing. Even though it's not 40%, 25% can still be quite devestating to an Illidan or Valla. If you're Jaina keeps getting destroyed by an auto-attack hero, you should consider this talent as an option.
Spell Shield is a very powerful talent that often gets overlooked, when it can in some cases be game changing. The amount of damage you can mitigate with it can safe you in loads of cases. If the enemy team has a huge wombo-combo with a Pyroblast and Triple Tap, you can feel pretty safe when you have a Spell Shield ready. Pick this talent depending on what you're up against.

Inoculation is a strong contender against Shield Sequencer as it brings a powerful trait to the table. The 50% reduced damage can stop a wombo-combo dead straight in it's tracks. In competetive plays where the enemy team is well coordinated and focused hard on one hero, this talent can be incredibly viable.
Like I've said many times before, pick accordingly to the enemy team and counter them.
Shield Sequencer does, unlike the talent above, bring all the marbles! It'll basically give you an extra safeguard, allowing you to shield up to two teammates at the same time! This will overall give your team more survivability and make your life a lot easier. It also doesn't cost anything, so it's almost a no-brainer to pick this talent.
System Shock is yet another talent that builds on your already great Displacement Grenade. BUT, unlike all the other talents, this one actually comes with a hefty trait. It'll slow anyone hit for 50% for 4 seconds! The only downside to it, is that the slow decays over time, so the enemy team will catch up to speed before the 4 seconds has passed. As tempting as this talent is, it's unfortunatly not recommended.
Second Opinion speaks for itself. "Second", meaning "Not first". You should not be getting caught that often, that you would actually need a second grenade. The benefit of Shield Sequencer far outweighs this talent, and I do not recommend it.

Storm Shield is talent that's very underestimated, and often overlooked. The benefits it brings, on the other hand, are really powerful. 20% of MAX health can be a huge amount! Take a Muradin with Avatar popped. A shield amounting up to a couple of 1000HP's can be pretty devestating to deal with. If the enemy team has a good deal of AOE damage coupled with CC, you should consider this talent, as it can be a huge game-changer towards the late-game. But wait, there's more!
In Heroes of the Storm, there are some players that are not always on top of their game, and sometimes they can loose focus. Storm Shield does require you to time it right, and you should be able to foresee when the enemy team is about to engage. I think Storm Shield is a talent that should only be picked if you are really comfortable with it, and you are completely aware of the responsibilty that lays with using it. BUT, by all means, if you want to use Storm Shield, use it! It's a lot better that you use it and fail, rather than never trying or learning how to use it. If you are struggeling to keep your team topped off, and the enemy team has a lot of AOE, AND the map is big and you are using Medivac Dropship a lot, you should go with Medbay. If that's not the case, keep reading.

Caduceus Reactor 2.0 is the talent you should pick if your going for more sustained healing or you're being focused hard in teamfights. But another thing about this talent, is the shield that it brings. It'll give you a good amount of survivability when jumping in to a teamfight, as you've already got a huge 5 stacked shield up. The reason why this talent is picked for this build, is because of how solid it is. People would argue that Medbay is better, but what if you're not using your Medivac Dropship? Or you picked Stim Drone as your heroic? These are just a few reasons to why Caduceus Reactor 2.0 is better.
Transfusion has a decent benefit to it, with the 2 more seconds and duo-effect with it being cast on you aswell. But the benefit of the other talents really does outweigh this talent aswell, so I would not even recommend it if you were going with Stim Drone as your heroic.
I could see this being beneficial if your roaming the map early-game with The Butcher or Illidan, but as it's a lvl 20 talent, I don't really see the appeal with this talent.

Full build should look something like this

Trauma Trigger Advanced Block Irradiate Medivac Dropship Couples Therapy Shield Sequencer Caduceus Reactor


Youtube vids / guides and gameplay

In this video I recommended some talents that I've decided to not use, so just ignore some of those :)

In the video below, I play Lt. Morales for the first time! More "pro-plays" video will be up soon!

I've tried her in ranked, and oh boy, does she hold up!


So I decided to make a section where I go more into detail regarding her playstyle. Some of the things I've said her, has been said before, so you might see some repetetive comments. Do note, that this is just the way I like to play her, and their only meant as guidelines, not "the one and only" way to play.

Healing Beam

I want to start of explaining the use of Healing Beam. At early levels, this ability tanks your mana faster than you'd expect. There will be a lot of people who haven't played the mighty Lt. and they won't know about her mana usage before you're oom and they're dead. If you're up against someone who's harrasing your teammate hard, tell him to back off and play more defensively. Mid to late-game, you'll have a lot easier time keeping up your Healing Beam so don't worry at earlier lvl's. NOTE: When healing someone that's topped off, you don't spend mana.
Another thing I wanted to say, and will probably show in one of my upcoming videos, is the use of Healing Beam on minions! YES, minions! You didn't read wrong.
There will always be some cases, where you are alone in a lane. It could be your teammates are back at fountain, or most of'em are dead. Since you're damage output is incredibly low, you can heal the minions and get a really good push going! If the enemy hero is just auto-attacking the minion, he/she won't be able to take it down without using abilites, and to them, that's wasting mana.
You should also frequently swap targets, to keep your whole team topped up. If your tank is at 3/4 HP, but your Jaina is at 1/4 HP, you should swap over to her right away! Before every teamfight, your whole team should be as full HP as they can be, and if that means you'll run out of mana right before, then that's fine.
You can go back, or wait for it to regen. Aslong as your teammates don't go into a TF with half HP, it should be fine. If not, then you've done your job!


So, this ability should NOT be spammed, under any circumstance. It should be primarily be used to counter dives, initiates, or spent on your tank at the start of a teamfight.
The CD is decent, but it also costs mana, and you don't wanna end up having to run around like a headless chicken because you can't heal or do anything. Save it for those moments where you see a teammate is about to be in a *****torm, and combo it with Healing Beam.
Remember, it's your main damage mitigator! You want it off CD for those clutch moments. There's been cases where I've just thrown one down in panicmode, only to realize he didn't take any damage and I just wasted 60 mana. You'll probably do the same, but this all comes with practice!
A great example is at lvl 16, when Kael'thas gets his Chain Bomb. If you are at equal lvl's, you should've just gotten Shield Sequencer, which will let you throw down two Safeguard's. This will help you mitiage a LOT of damage, when your whole team suddenly is "on fire" and about to take a huge hit. Try and clutch it, and throw it down on those with lowest HP. Right after, follow up with Healing Beam to make sure they stay alive!

Displacement Grenade

This ability is also something you should save, and use for those clutch moments where you're about to be dived. It works wonders on say The Butcher when he charges you. Don't panic! Just wait until he's finished his charge, pop your grenade on him, and run away. It can also be used very effectivly on a cluster of enemies to spread them out. NOTE: This can work in your favor, and against it!
If E.T.C. dives in and ults the whole enemy team, and you pop a Displacement Grenade in, you're most likely going to get lynched :D Remember, it doesn't stun or slow the enemy, but it does move'em, and if they don't pay attention this will put them off their guard. It also deals a decent amount of damage towards mid to late-game, so sometimes it can be used to finish an enemy off.
It's also worth noting, that it does explode when it reaches it's final range, so if you don't directly hit someone, it can still displace them.

Medivac Dropship

Now for the one I've been looking most forward to explaining. The Medivac Dropship.
This ability is without a doubt one of the coolest abilities in the whole game! The uses are many, and I'm pretty sure I won't be able to detail all of them here.

Here's one thing worth knowing - KNOW WHERE TO LAND!

The most powerful use of it, is definitly to move from objective to objective. This ability works wonders on say, Garden of Terror. When your team is down in the bottom portion of the map, and taking out the terror, you can pop your Medivac Dropship just as it's about to die, get your whole team in, and fly right up to the top of the map, ambushing the enemy if you're not spotted. This tactic can also work great on maps like Infernal Shrines, Sky Temple and Cursed Hollow. It also works wonders on stealing boss kills!
Another great use, is for escaping!

Be aware though, the dropship can and will be destroyed unless you get away in time! Towers, forts, minions and enemy heroes can all damage it. After it's touched down, it takes about 4 seconds before you can take-off. At that moment, you can't do anything but sit and wait for your teammates to hop in, so ping like a madman and write this in chat "GET TO DA CHOPPAH!!"

Stim Drone

Now I've actually been using this ability a lot. The reason for that being, is that most maps are very small, matches are short, and you won't get much use out of your Medivac Dropship. The only issue is... some people do not realize WTH it is! You'll throw this down on a Valla just as the TF starts, and she'll use her heroic or vault backwards getting further back. A lot of time is wasted there, and it really does not help in any way. You have to tell the person you're throwing it on, that they'll be getting Stime Drone in teamfights, and they should be ready for it! That way, the 10 seconds gets utilized to it's full potential, and you'll be way more likely to win that TF.
Another thing to note, is that this ability is useless on a Tychus that's got his Overkill going. Well, not completely useless, but the only benefits he gets at that point is the movement speed. If you're going to be throwing it on him, wait until he's used Overkill, then throw it on him.
And another very important thing, is that you shouldn't be throwing this down on any hero that's about to die! It won't help them in any way if you can't save them, and if they're CC'd and taking tons of damage, it's better to throw it on anyone else.
It can be used as an escape tool aswell, but I'd try and knock the enemy away first with Displacement Grenade


I really like the golden look the last "normal" skin has, and the Samus skin is just amazing!

What's your favorite skin?


Start of by finding a laning partner. Any hero will do, but try to join the weakest one. If you have an Illidan as a partner, you can pretty much dominate the lane. Do not overextend, and stay close to your teammates. Preserve your mana, and ping/write in chat when you're oom. They won't pay attention to your mana and if they engage just as your on your way back to base, it's no good.
In the early game, it's mostly about soaking XP and getting ready for objectives. Try to memorize the timers on each map, so you can be more prepared for when they come. You don't wanna be that guy going back to base because your oom at 0:45 on Blackheart's Bay.
Also, you should NEVER solo lane with Lt. Morales and if you're forced to doing so, ( Abathur + roaming Nova and Zeratul) you should sit close to your turret, and utilize your ranged attacks to try and harass the enemy heroes.

Now that it's mid-game, you should have your heroic. Depending on which one you picked, you should be planning what to do in teamfights. Ask yourself these questions: Who's focusing me? Who in my team is being focused? Who should we take down first?
If you've got all the answers, you should be making a plan B incase things go sour. If the enemy team is about to wipe you all out, maybe calling in the Medivac Dropship to escape would be a good idea. Is the enemy team doing the boss, but your team is on the other side of the map? Yep, you know what to do!
As before, stay close to your teammates, help out with merc camps, and do the objectives! I can't stress this enough, as it's one of the most important aspects of the whole game.

Late-game will be way more crucial, and this is when you can utilize the full potential of Lt. Morales. But so will the enemy players with their heroes! Death-timers are incredibly long, and even though it says "get ready to win" above, this won't always be the case. The enemy team could've taken down 4 forts, and their in the lead with 20 more kills than you. This does NOT mean that you should just give up! Like I said, death-timers are very long, and Hots is a real sucker for comebacks. The enemy team will never be "fed" or have an OP buff that makes them unstoppable.
"Never be game over"
This is the time to shine, and really focus hard, because it'll be way less forgiving at this point.
You should keep doing camps, keep the pressure on the enemy lanes, and try to pick off people that are by themselves. Coordination and map awareness are key at this point!
If you are loosing a teamfight, and the enemy team clearly have the upper hand, GTF out of there! Use your Medivac Dropship to either assist a lonely teammate, or fly your team to safety. Use Stim Drone to kick your Valla or Illidan into high-gear, or help an escaping ally.
Don't get cocky or greedy, play aggressively when their team is down one or more hero, play defensively when your team is down a few.

If all the above seems lacking, I'll try and add more in the future.

Feats & accomplishments! Top

Thanks to Heroesfire/Veiled for voting this the guide of the week! It means a lot <3

08/10 - All counters "accounted" for!


And that's it ladies and gentlemen! I hope you enjoyed the guide :) If you did, it would be awesome if you could toss me an upvote and also comment on what you thought about it!

Also, did you notice any of the references I threw in? I bet you didn't find more than two!
If you can find all of them, I'll give you a cookie, a free win in QM, and a shoutout below 8-)

Like I said previously, if you have ANY questions, leave them in the comment section and I'll try to answer them Right Away!

Cya in the Nexus! ;)


Changes to build / Patch notes:

Oct 20 - 2015 Artanis Patch

Health increased from 700 (+110 per level) to 840 (+130 per level)

Base Health Regeneration increased from 1.46 per second to 1.75

Nov xx - 2015 Cho'gall patch


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