Mitchbttk's In Depth Support Guide to Lt. Morales, "Everyone loves a good medic!" (Chromie Patch) by Mitchbttk

Mitchbttk's In Depth Support Guide to Lt. Morales, "Everyone loves a good medic!" (Chromie Patch)

By: Mitchbttk
Last Updated: May 20, 2016
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Lt. Morales

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Threats to Lt. Morales with this build

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Threat Hero Notes
Chromie Chromie poses no threat to you due to your position far in the backline
Nova Although her popularity is fading day by day, Nova can easily burst you down if you are not careful enough
Murky Murky with his Octo-grab.. oh boy this is gonna hurt. You'd better stay back and bait him into using his ult on someone else
  No Threat
Tyrael Tyrael can always make you his Judgement target if he decides to and if the enemy team follows him you're gonna have a bad time
Rexxar With the recent fixes to Misha's controls Rexxar has been seeing more and more play. Once on capable hands, Misha will block you from escaping and keep you in place, making you a vulnerable target
Stitches The terror of Darkshire is making a comeback lately, watch out for those hooks since you might find yourself suddenly at the hands of the enemy team.
Diablo Along with Stiches, Diablo received a couple of buffs lately and people have started picking the Lord of Weakness again. He can be a big threat if he focuses you since he can easily re-position you and you'll be almost as good as dead
Tyrande Tyrande will always be a big threat against every support (even Uther) with her high burst potential due to Hunter's Mark and Lunar Flare combo. Eyes open for those blue beams!
Muradin Muradin is always a fearsome opponent due to his heavy CC kit and mobility. Watch out for those storm-bolts they might not kill you but they will hurt you, really really bad.
Kerrigan Kerrigan is a huge threat but, unlikely Illidan and Sonya, can be dealt with by simply dodging her combo or staying at the far back in every fight until she uses it
The Butcher Butcher might not see a lot of play, but in the case that the enemy team has him just make sure you're far enough from his Ruthless Onslaught range,since he will chop you down for dinner.
Li-Ming Li Ming is quite dangerous against medic since she can easily snipe you if you are out of position and your team doesn't react fast enough.
Dehaka I'm gonna do a long guess here and say that Dehaka so far seems like the perfect counter to solo support with his Isolation Ultimate, might wanna think twice about going solo heal against him
Zeratul Zeratul, despite "nerfing" him, is still terrifying especially against heroes that can't heal themselves. Having your eyes open and staying close to your team is what will actually help you survive his attacks
Thrall Thrall is a huge threat due to his Heroic Abilities, which provide heavy CC from afar. Would not recommend going up against him
Xul Xul can easily lock you down with his Bone Prison and you unfortunately cannot Cleanse yourself out of it. Also his level 20 upgrade with the 75% healing reduction is very annoying.
Illidan Illidan is a pain for every hero that doesn't have enough mobility. Morales isn't able to heal herself so you'll often find yourself being Illidan's pray
Sonya Sonya also thrives on the immobile heroes as much as Illidan does and especially with the new patch she's really lethal against you
Greymane Greymane is a dangerous hero due to his heroic ability (Go For The Throat)As a support player you should have your eyes open in order to save your team-mates from his claws(or yourself)
Tracer Tracer can easily dive you without sacrificing much and without putting herself in any "real" danger, I highly recommend to not pick Medic against her

Introduction Top

Hello everybody and welcome,I'm Mitchbttk the support player for Elysium Gaming's "Heroes of the Storm" team, and this is my guide to Lt. Morales, also known as the Medic, the newest support hero from the Starcraft universe. I hope that you enjoy the ride!

Pros and Cons Top


-Insane single target healing through Healing Beam

-Can reduce a lot of incoming damage due to Safeguard

- Stim Drone, it's basically steroids for your Melee/Range Assasins or even your Warriors


-No mobility

-Not being able to heal herself (unless you pick the Couples Therapy talent at lvl 13)

-Doesn't provide enough crowd control

-No wave clearing abilities

Abilities Top

Similar to Muradins Second Wind, only stronger. An outstanding trait especially for early fights/laning phase since you can always soak some damage, fall back, regenerate and then go back in. Also it's basically your only self-healing source until level 13

Basic Abilities

This is your bread and butter ability, you'll be spamming it throughout the game to heal your allies and frustrate your enemies. This is probably the best healing ability in the game since it has absolutely no cooldown and no casting time. You can easily re-target it and do it again and again and again until you go out of mana. Although it is easy to use, it's hard to master, since its' range is limited and it can drain your mana easily, especially at early levels. What you'll actually find yourself doing with this ability is toggle it on the target that you wish to heal and once you're done, toggle it off by pressing 'D'. Once you get the hang of it you'll be turning it on/off quickly enough to not waste mana. Also if multiple allies require medical attention, simply press 'Q' again on them and you will immediately start healing them. Finally casting other abilities or auto-attacking doesn't cancel your Healing Beam, but using your Hearthstone or mounting up does.

Safeguard is the type of ability that will prove who's a good Lt. Morales player and who isn't. Knowing when to use this ability is crucial,since if used correctly there's a huge chance that the player you used it onto will survive even the deadliest of burst damage combinations. You should be using this spell on an ally that is heavily being focused, like a Warrior going in and tanking tons of damage or a Ranged/Melee Assassin that's being focused down, in order to reduce the damage that they're taking by 25% (you can even think of it as the opposite to Tyrande's Hunter's Mark). Almost always you'll be using this ability before you toggle your Healing Beam on the same target. If you practice this rotation and get the timing correctly there's almost no way that your healing target will be killed.

This is your E ability and similar to Tychus' Frag Grenade but harder to hit. It's a tricky ability that will mostly be used for defensive purposes, but also has its offensive uses, since it provides you some short of AoE damage.

Heroic Abilities

This heroic ability will most of the time become your default choice when playing solo, since Medivac Dropship requires a lot of coordination. It's basically a single target Bloodlust with a 2 second casting time. This ability walks exceptionally well with 'Auto-Attacking' Heroes like Valla, Raynor, Illidan, Sonya and many more. If there aren't such heroes in your team you can always use it to boost your Warriors' speed, anyone can benefit from it.

Your second Heroic Ability and a game changer on big maps. You can easily rotate with this from an objective to a boss, you can snipe your enemies' core but you can also kill your team, it's really your choice! Now seriously, you can do almost anything you wish with this ability but you have to be careful, since whenever you drop a Medivac Dropship the enemy team is being warned (they don't know the drop location but it's not that hard to predict), so unless you're 100% sure that you won't be landing your team on a 5-man Mosh Pit or Devouring Maw you shouldn't be using this ability in an aggressive way. As pointed above, you should only be picking this skill if you and your team are capable of communicating properly.

Talent Breakdown Top

After understanding all of Lt. Morales' abilities it's time to dive into her talents.

Level 1

-At level 1 you'll find yourself mostly picking the Trauma Trigger talent, since it provides you with a form of self-sustain which you lack from early on. It doesn't proc the cooldown on your Safeguard and can give you some reaction time if you find yourself into enemy fire.

- Prolonged Safeguard is another good talent choice if you think that you don't really need the extra self-protection.

- Scouting Drone can see play against heavy ganking compositions.

- Feedback Loop isn't really needed since you shouldn't have any mana issues if you toggle your Healing Beam ON/OFF at the right moment.

Level 4

- Advanced Block is the personal choice at level 4, since it helps you become a bit more tanky and sustain some more damage. Never forget that you don't have any way to escape (unless you pick Medivac Dropship at level 10, which shouldn't be used as an escape method at the first place) and can't heal yourself prior to level 13, where Couples Therapy kicks in.

- Bioshield is a nice talent and provides a good extra shield on the target before engaging and pairs well with an Illidan or a heavy diving hero in general.

- Upgraded Ballistics strengthens your grenade but you don't really need that damage increase or extra travelling speed.

- Infused Grenade refunds you 100% of Displacement Grenades mana cost but then again, you shouldn't have mana issues.

Level 7

- Cleanse should almost always be your first choice at level 7, unless the enemy team has almost 0 crowd controlling abilities, then, depending on which map you're in, you either go for Calldown: MULE or Clear!

- Calldown: MULE is a first choice depending on the map, for example, if you're in Sky Temple or Haunted Mines it can really change the game around.

- Clear! makes your life a bit easier and improves the collision range of your Displacement Grenade and also knocks the enemies hit by it further away.

-Although I've experimented a bit with Irradiate, especially when having an Illidan by my side, I didn't find the damage output enough, so the rest talent choices on this tier are better at the moment.

Level 10

-As explained in the abilities section, Stim Drone will be picked most of the times, unless you can achieve good communication with your team and land some helpful Medivac Dropships

Level 13

- Couples Therapy will be my choice in almost every game so far, since it enables medic to actually heal herself via Healing Beam

- Intensive Care is probably one of Lt. Morales' strongest talents, it's a shame that it's on the same tier with Couples Therapy

- Preventative Care although an amazing talent, it still falls behind to the other stronger talents on this tier

- Spell Shield same as Preventative Care

Level 16

- Shield Sequencer is my default choice on this tier. I personally think that this talent is superior to Inoculation only because of the flexibility it provides. Being able to use Safeguard twice enables you to prevent a significantly big amount of damage against 2 friendly heroes or prevent 25% for 6 seconds if you cast it at the correct moment on the same target

- Inoculation exceptional talent choice, explained above why I personally prefer Shield Sequencer over it

- System Shock, 50% slow decaying over 4 seconds is a nice buff to your grenade, unfortunately the first 2 tier choices are better since there's always the "Miss your skill-shot" factor

- Second Opinion guess it's for those guys that want to try a hybrid dps medic build and bomb some people.

Level 20

- Caduceus Reactor 2.0 makes you even more durable and provides you with more mana regeneration which means more Healing Beam up-time. I prefer it over Storm Shield in most games

- Storm Shield helps prevent high AoE bursts when used correctly. I simply prefer Caduceus Reactor 2.0 since it boosts your survivability heavily.

- Medbay can set up some great and unexpected plays, if you talented Medivac Dropship at level 10, like using medivac in the middle of the fight, taking some injured members, moving them a bit forward etc. It's really situational though.

- Transfusion boosts the duration of Stim Drone for 2 extra seconds and also casts it on you. Meh it's just not enough compared to the other talent choices on this tier

Tips and Tricks Top

Now that you've got an idea on how Lt. Morales' abilities and talents work, let me give you some extra info on how I mainly play the hero through the whole game.

Early Game/Laning Phase

You'll mostly find yourself babysitting your ranged assassins during the laning phase. You should never EVER be soaking xp solo since you simply have almost no wave-clearing potential.
Follow your team around like a good support, go for objectives and start abusing your strong Healing Beam talent from early on. Try to avoid sticky situations and stand even behind your ranged assassins to make sure that nobody gets close and personal with you. Watch how you spend your mana and be sure to have at least 50% of your mana pool before going in for an early objective fight.

Mid Game/Late Game
Keep staying with your team, you can't do anything alone, if you're behind on xp, motivate your team, tell them to start soaking,take care of them, if you're ahead, tell your team to go for camps, do quick boss attempts, especially if you have picked Stim Drone at level 10 you can blow up bosses easily.

WHERE is your place during a fight

As I've mentioned already, you should be standing at the far back, even behind your ranged assassins to avoid any contact with the enemy team, you're basically the Sgt. Hammer of the supports, if they don't focus you down, there's a high chance that you'll win the fight. Make sure that you cast your Healing Beam correctly, move a bit behind to benefit from the extra range that it has once it's been casted on somebody, make good use of your Safeguard ability and defend your back-line by throwing those nasty Displacement Grenades to the approaching enemies. Oh how could I forget? Give steroids to your assassins/warriors with Stim Drone and they'll do the clearing job for you.

Final Thoughts Top

We've come to the end of this guide. I'd like to thank you all for checking out my guide on Lt. Morales. I'll constantly keep updating the guide with every new patch so stay tuned! As always up-vote and share the guide if you enjoyed it and also comment below if you have any questions. Thank you for your time, until next time, see ya!

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