Mother Morales [Updated for Ragnaros Patch] by Seleckt

Mother Morales [Updated for Ragnaros Patch]

By: Seleckt
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Lt. Morales

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Threats to Lt. Morales with this build

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Threat Hero Notes
Azmodan Azmodan is a specialist most effective in knocking down forts, not assassinating heroes. Your biggest threat is his All Shall Burn which is easily negated by simply walking away from him. If absolutely necessary, you may use your Displacement Grenade to knock him away and interrupt the channel, assuming he has not chosen March of Sin. Another possible threat is Globe of Annihilation in combination with Black Pool, however, he is again easily knocked out of his pool by Displacement Grenade and if you are excellent with your timing, you may interrupt the cast all together.
Abathur Abathur being another specialist (Or support, depending on how he's played) isn't too much of a threat to you. Stay behind your allies (which you should already be anyway), and avoid his Stab and Spike Burst. The only perceivable way he can threaten to kill you is if he goes for Ultimate Evolution. At which point, treat his clone like you would with it's equivalent matchup.
Arthas Arthas being a tank, isn't a huge direct threat to you, however, his Howling Blast and Summon Sindragosa have a tenancy to put you in a bad spot positioning wise, leaving you open for a followup from his more dangerous teammates. Don't stand too close to your team and you should be relatively safe. Howling blast being the main threat from him, stay out of places he is likely to use it (i.e a cluster of your team) and you'll be fine.
Malfurion Much like Arthas, Malfurion isn't a threat to you directly, but his Entangling Roots offer the same threat. Arguably even more so, since people tend to capitalize on his roots more often than they would Arthas'. Other than that, his Moonfire may deny you your regeneration from Caduceous Reactor, making him more of an annoyance than a threat.
Zagara Zagara can be annoying. But not really threatening. Her Hunter-Killers and Infested Drops do little more than deny your passive healing. and Devouring Maw acts much like Gazlowe's Grav-O-Bomb 3000, but it puts you in stasis for the duration, making it far less dangerous. Avoid clustering with your team and you'll be alright.
Gazlowe Gazlowe has nothing all too dangerous except for his Grav-O-Bomb 3000. In combination with his Xplodium Charge, it not only can chunk you for a significant portion of your health pool, it will put you into the killzone for the rest of the enemy team. However, the reason I put him so low on the threat list is that his ultimate is the only threatening aspect of him. If you keep your distance between yourself and your team, you should be able to avoid the ultimate with minimal effort on your part.
Kharazim Kharazim's threat level can vary depending on his build. Since I find healing builds to be more common than damage builds, I placed him here. As such, he isn't a massive threat to you as a healer, but with that said, he can dish out a surprising amount of damage. If left unattended, he can beat you into the ground and close the distance with Radiant Dash even if you knock him away. Unlike the other heroes on this list, if he decides to use Seven-Sided Strike against you, you need to get grouped with your team to minimize the damage dealt to you. You can easily heal through all of the damage if it is dispersed amongst your team, but if you eat all of it, you're in for a world of pain.
Rehgar Damage Rehgar builds are few and far between. However, he does deal a worrying amount of damage and can get within melee range with Ghost Wolf unexpectedly if he is left unchecked, and his Earthbind Totem can leave you in a bad place if unkilled. With that in mind, if Rehgar is on you, he will most likely deep inside your team's line and should be killed immediately.
Nazeebo Nazeebo's main threat to you is his Gargantuan. If you aren't paying attention, it can stun you and interrupt your Healing Beam, putting it on cooldown. That can single-handedly turn the fight in your enemy's favor. His Zombie Wall can be destroyed with your Displacement Grenade, and should be if you're caught in it. In addition, his Plague of Toads and Jar of Spiders will prevent you from regenerating from your Caduceus Reactor for some time.
Zarya Again, another hero that is only threatening due to their ult. Much like Zagara or Gazlowe, she has a propensity to lock you down into a position you don't want to be in. Avoid clustering with your team to avoid the Graviton Surge, and you should be safe.
Tyrande Tyrande, like Rehgar, is a pseudo-assassin. Her Lunar Flare can interrupt your Healing Beam and put it on cooldown. In addition, her Hunter's Mark can set you up to be obliterated. Her most threatening ability though is Shadowstalk. If you aren't paying attention, you may find yourself suddenly surrounded by 5 really pissed off enemy heroes. Avoid her stun and keep back to avoid the brunt of her damage.
Xul Your only real concern here is Bone Prison. Much like Malfurion, the roots tend to leave you in a horrible place. The difference here is Xul's root has an annoyingly flashy particle effect attached to it. Effectively painting a target on your head. His Skeletal Mages are generally something you're just going to have to suck it up and eat the damage from. They don't deal too much, but the slow can be a bit aggravating. Stay as far back as possible, and put as much distance between yourself and the enemy heroes when you get that target painted on your back. Be careful not to go too far as to be out of healing range though.
Artanis Artanis is in a strange spot with the Ragnaros patch. He is neither tank, nor assassin. He is a brawler, capable of doing a good amount of sustained damage, less than that of an assassin, but not quite the tankiness of a pure warrior. With this being said, he can stick on you pretty well, and dislocate you into a bad spot if you get careless. His natural tankiness makes him difficult to kill quickly enough to keep him off you, and his damage makes him a fairly decent threat. Your best bet would be to knock him away from you and kite him around your team. He will most likely be far less willing to chase you down if he has to do it through four angry heroes.
Leoric Leoric has a multitude of slows to keep you on your toes. While he doesn't deal enough damage to put you in danger out right, Entomb will almost always be a death sentence. Not only does it prevent you from escaping, you're often body blocked and surrounded by enemy heroes. While it's not exactly avoidable if he really wants you, you can make yourself a less attractive target by avoiding your teammates so he can only grab you. Your best bet here is hoping he finds two or three of your grouped up teammates a tastier target than you.
Anub'arak You don't have to worry so much about him dealing damage to you, but his knockup and his stun make it difficult to keep a Healing Beam active. He can chunk you for roughly 30% of your health, but after that he is dead in the water in terms of damage. There are two main threats with him. His CC makes it easy for the enemy to lock you down, but his real threat to you is Cocoon. Since you will tend to be at the far back of the line, away from everyone else, you are a prime target to be Cocooned. If your team is getting tunnel vision on killing the enemy assassins, the odds are you will be stuck in it for the full duration, leaving your team without healing. The reason he is such a threat with Cocoon is there is nothing you can do about it. You must rely on your team to free you.
Johanna Johanna has a multitude of abilities that can keep you out of your safe zone behind your team. With the popularity of Falling Sword, the odds are she will get into melee range of you. Stay close enough to your team that they can punish her for going too deep, but not close enough that everyone gets hit by it. Knock her way the moment she lands to deny the rest of her CC combo.
The Butcher Butcher is your anathema. With Furnace Blast, he has enough burst to put you to death five times over. His Lambs to the slaughter is also a death sentence. Rooting you in place and silencing you, making you useless as a healer for the duration, and you will almost never survive the full duration. His unstoppable charge means it's impossible to prevent him from reaching you unless you are behind a fort wall. There is one way to prevent this. Automated Block and Inoculation are both MANDATORY talents when up against a Butcher. If you do not have one or both of these, assume butcher is a threat level of 10. You will need to apply Safeguard to yourself JUST before he collides with you with his charge, and you will need at least two stacks of block available. If you time it correctly, you will reduce all of his burst to near 0. Seriously, if you pull this off he will do a grand total of 96 damage at level 28. Speaking of personal experience. If you fail your timing, you will die.
Kael'thas Our first assassin to appear on our threat list. He can deal an immense amount of damage, but only if you aren't paying attention. He will be at the back of his line and for the most part far out of range of you. With that said, if you ARE caught by him, you're going to eat a lot of damage. Living Bomb is easily healed through, and you should almost never be in range of Gravity Lapse. Avoid him Flame Strikes and you should be as safe as you can be from an assassin.
Dehaka Dehaka has a tenancy to appear behind your lines with Brush Stalker. His drag will bring you to your front lines, putting you in immediate danger. It's a very quick skillshot, so dodging is nigh impossible unless you manage to juke it. Other than that, In addition, his Isolation will not only silence you for an incredibly long time, it will reduce your sight radius for even longer, making it almost impossible to heal your team. You MUST dodge this.
Diablo With his buff this patch, he gains a spot all the way up here. He can chunk you for a decent amount of health if he rams you into terrain, and can keep you locked down out in the front lines. Hope your trigger finger is quick so you can knock him back during the charge, or you're going to eat quite a bit of damage.
Muradin Another sticky tank. His Dwarf Toss and Storm Bolt make healing difficult, and he deals just enough damage to be scary when he's on top of you. If he goes for Skullcracker, it's going to be extremely difficult to keep healing up due to the ministuns he is constantly dishing out. Haymaker is your biggest threat here. It's very difficult to avoid being jumped behind and sucker punched all the way into your enemies. If you know he has Haymaker, position yourself so that when he does knock you back, you're not in a straight line to the enemy. Ideally, you want to be knocked into nearby terrain to stop yourself.
Murky This annoying little bastard loves to Octograb you on top of a Pufferfish, letting you eat a ton of burst, and in most cases be jumped on by the rest of his team. Stay way behind your team to the most that you eat is the Pufferfish. It's very likely that the enemy assassins won't dive through your entire team to capitalize on Murky's stun.
Chen Chen is extremely sticky and VERY difficult to peel off of you. The fact that he is a tank means that it's very likely your team will not put enough pressure on him to force him off of you. While he doesn't deal quite enough damage to be ranked higher on the threat list, he can quickly put you on your ass. In addition, Wander Keg can bring you right to where you don't want to be, behind enemy lines. Your best chance at dealing with him would be creating distance while he is drinking, and knocking him away immediately after he closes the distance with Flying Kick.
Alarak Alarak can silence you and deal a heavy amount of burst, in addition to pushing you to the front lines. Your only saving grace is that the only way he can get into threat range is if he has chosen Deadly Charge. It's very likely you're going to eat a rotation of damage due to his stun, but after he has used up his burst you may knock him back into your team. Move perpendicular to him, as his Discord strike has a long range, but is very thin. So side stepping it is much more effective than running away from him.
E.T.C. ETC is damn near impossible to keep away from you, and while he doesn't displace you all too much with Face Melt, if you get locked down in a Mosh Pit, you can kiss your ass goodbye. Now, with this said, you do get a warning before he casts it. You will get a .75 second grace period while he casts it. Keep an eye on where he is, if he's sliding into a big group of you, assume he is going to Mosh Pit and get your Displacement Grenade ready to knock him away. If you hit him with it while he is casting, not only will you interrupt it, you will put it on cooldown for the rest of the fight.
Medivh Medivh doesn't do too much to you directly, however, his portals can put you in a horrible situation. If he pops one up next to you, the next thing you know you're surrounded by an entire team. His Poly Bomb can be a nightmare if your team isn't paying attention and keeps you locked in a poly chain. Avoid portal entrances at all costs, and distance yourself from the affected teammate if he is Poly Bombed.
Rehgar Rexxar can sick Misha on you, and she will likely not be dealt with, as it's akin to killing a Murky. She'll be back in no time with little reward for killing her. She can interrupt your Healing Beam with her stun and be a general nuisance throughout the game. Your best bet would be to bring Rexxar himself to the forefront with your Displacement Grenade and have him focused down.
Stitches If you need an explanation as to why Stitches is a threat, you're probably just coming from LoL or Dota 2. Think Blitzcrank or Pudge. Stay behind minions and your teammates.
Raynor Raynor can definitely put the hurt on you if you wander up too close, and his Banshees can deal pretty heavy single target damage if left unattended. His Battlecruiser can be easily healed through by swapping targets with your Healing beam. Your saving grace is that his Penetrating round will almost always push you back toward your team, and out of harm's way. Stay out of his range, and do your part to bring down the banshees while healing.
Sylvanas Sylvanas doesn't have the burst to bring you down before she is annihilated by your team. This is another example of a hero that is only threatening because of her ultimate. However, her Mind Control is a death sentence. It has enough range for her to be safely behind enemy lines, and bring you there with her. Being mind controlled is almost a guaranteed death. Stay WAY out behind your team, force her to put herself in harms way to get to you. Displacement grenade her back into the front lines if she tries to dive for you be mindful of when you use it, as Mind control has a one second cast, so you need to hit her as she is casting to put it on cooldown.
Thrall Thrall has a knack for getting right through your front line with Windfury and beating you into the ground before your team can react. Knock him away when he tries to get at you, kite him through your team.
Li-Ming She has heavy burst, and can easily reset her cooldowns if you fail to keep a teammate alive during them. Knowing this, you will probably be the first target. She will be at the back of the enemy line, firing off her abilities. Stay behind your teammates so they soak the damage so you may heal them back up. You heal more than she can damage, so you should be fine so long as you position correctly.
Falstad Falstad can keep up with you at the back lines with Barrel Roll, keeping a constant high damage on you with Lightning Rod. Keep him at bay with Displacement Grenade and duck into bushes to give yourself some breathing room in between being attacked. Your team will have to capitalize on him over extending into your back line.
Nova Nova can chunk you for the vast majority of your health. While she can't outright kill you from full health, if she catches you at half or even 3/4 health, she will end you in less than a second. Pay close attention for her shimmer and Displacement Grenade to reveal her. A Nova that's been ripped out of stealth is a tasty target that your team loves to jump on.
Ragnaros Raggy can get to you fairly easily with Blast Wave, and can deal out an extremely high amount of burst. Like Nova, he won't be able to outright kill you from full health, but his Empower Sulfuras is on a low enough cooldown to finish you off before your team can retaliate. In addition, if he goes with Magma wave, do everything in your power to prevent your team to engage in a lane. If you do engage in a lane, stand at the edge of the lane. IF you are hit by it, you will die. The only reason he is not a threat level 10 is because his only gap closer is Blast Wave, and he can be knocked away.
Tychus Tychus can bring you down pretty quickly, and has a knockback grenade that is a less powerful version of your own, but should be treated like it will kill you if it hits you. Drakken Laser Cannon will whittle you down pretty quickly, so try to move out of range and re-enter the fight to keep the damage off of you.
Samuro Samuro likes to enter a fight stealthed, and immediately pops his clones when engaging. This is both his greatest strength and his Achilles heel. His only escape is his Windwalk, which he uses to engage, and his only defense is the clones, which he uses to burst. The moment he uses his clones, Displacement Grenade and you must hit all three, it will grant you some breathing room. You will need an eagle eye for this to work, but if you manage to hit all three, note which of the three takes the least amount of damage. Immediately ping the shit out of that one to mark him as the real one, and have your team burst him down. If this is not done, he will eat you alive. If he opts for Three Blade Style, this will not work. And you will have to simply watch which one of them is the most cautious. If you are against a Samuro with enough control to mimic his images, and fool you enough so you can't determine which is his clone, you are dead.
Jaina Your largest threat here is Ring of Frost. If you're caught in it, she will burst you to high hell. If you can't escape it, stay in the center. Being rooted in it is a sure fire way to die. Bring her to the front lines with Displacement Grenade for your team to cave her skull in.
Illidan Stickiest hero in the game. Impossible to get off of you. thankfully, he isn't much in the way of burst, so your team should have enough time to deal with him if he decides to jump on you. With that being said, The Hunt is a very powerful burst with a stun attached to it, leaving you open to higher burst from his team. Stay close to your team if you are about to feel the hatred of ten thousand years, spread out if he opts for Metamorphosis. Displacement Grenade isn't of much use again Illidan, but it can buy you a second or two of breathing room, which may be the difference between life or death.
Valla Valla has the damage to burst you down, and keep enough sustained damage on you that you cannot be in the fight. She has enough mobility to keep out of harms way while dealing enough damage that you can't heal your team effectively. Try to knock her into a compromising position that your team can take advantage of, and use Safeguard on yourself when she is about to launch her Multishot.
Tracer Tracer is excellent at getting behind your lines, and kiting you, and the rest of your team while dealing heavy sustained damage. With her ult available, she can burst you down before you can react. Pinning her down with a grenade is almost impossible, so your best bet would be to safe Safeguard for her ultimate and Melee. Cluster up with your team so she must get within punishing distance to hit you.
Zeratul Zeratul can simultaneously burst you down, deal heavy sustained damage, and stick to you, all while keeping your team locked in a stasis so they can't help you. Your only bet is to rip him out of stealth with Displacement Grenade, or take your chances and willingly join your team in the stasis to avoid the damage.


1. Introduction to Lt. Morales
1.1 Abilities

2. Talents
2.1 Level 1
2.2 Level 4
2.3 Level 7
2.4 Level 10
2.5 Level 13
2.6 Level 16
2.7 Level 20

3. Playstyle
3.1 Positioning

4. Maps
4.1 Blackheart's Bay
4.3 Dragon Shrine

5. Final Words

Welcome to my Lt. Morales guide: Information Overload Edition. Below, you will find tips on how to effectively utilize your abilities, cooldowns, positioning, and everything you need to know to keep your allies alive, and prevent yourself from being a gory stain on the ground.

Morales is a support hero that excels at single target healing and damage reduction. She comes equipped with a dislocation on a relatively short cooldown that should be used to displace core enemies. This can be used in a multitude of ways including, but not limited to; Bringing glass cannons to the front lines, knocking fleeing enemies away from escapes, keeping enemies away from key allies, keeping yourself from being mauled by enemies, or interrupting some movement or dash abilities.

She is the undisputed king (Queen) of sustained healing, with no other support even coming close to the potential Lt. Morales has in keeping your allies topped up. However, she is lacking in burst healing, so you need to manage your cooldowns effectively, and using common sense in predicting incoming burst to use your Safeguard to it's full potential.

Both of her ultimate abilities are game changers, IF used correctly, and your choice in which should depend on your team composition, and the map you are playing on. In addition, you are basically useless alone. You can't clear lanes to save your life, and if caught alone you can pretty much assume you will die. Stay with a teammate at all times. You have what is effectively a pea-shooter for a weapon, so dealing damage should not be your priority. With that being said, you should take it upon yourself to take out supportive structures like Kharazim's spirit allies, Rehgar's Earthbind Totems, etc etc.

This makes you nigh immortal so long as you keep out of harm's way effectively. At level 20, if you choose Caduceus Reactor 2.0, it will also regenerate enough mana to keep you maxed out on both health and mana, even if you keep Healing Beam active at all times. This will allow you to return to lane, even if you leave an engagement with 1 health remaining without having to visit a healing fountain or hearthstone.

However, it is worth noting that immortality and invincibility are not the same thing. If you are even looked at in a threatening manner, you will stop regenerating health. So don't assume because you can regenerate, you're unkillable. If you decide to return to lane at a sliver of health, be extra certain there will be no enemy heroes coming to visit you in the next 30 seconds or so. DoTs and minions attacks WILL interrupt this.

Your bread and butter. This provides enough healing per second to keep someone topped off even when focused by the entire enemy team. It is the best sustained healing ability in the game bar none. However, be aware that it will NOT protect your healing target from the incredible burst of some heroes ( Jaina, Nova, The Butcher, et cetera), so you will have to use Safeguard to reduce the burst they take so your Healing Beam can keep up.

You may switch targets by reactivating the ability, and it has no cooldown if you switch targets, or cancel it using your trait and selecting a new target unless you are stunned, silenced, etc while channeling. It may be deactivated to save mana by hitting your trait (D). With that in mind, there is what I believe to be a bug in which it will not immediately switch to your new target if you switch healing targets. This Bug(?) is not present when you deactivate it with your trait and then select a new target, so it is good to get into the habit of cancelling it before selecting a new target. I've had many situations in which my teammate that could have been saved has died because it was not switching when I wanted it to.

This ability is VERY mana intensive at all levels, so keep that in mind and cancel it the moment you are no longer healing someone. You will continue to burn mana if you keep it channeling, even if the target is topped up. You will get a sound alert when your target has reached full health. I prefer to keep everyone at an equal health percentage, and keep raising that average health percentage across the entire team rather than heal one assassin to full before working on others. It keeps your entire team alive longer and tends to work out better.

MANA MANAGEMENT TIP: Don't heal heroes up to full health if you're laning, or there is otherwise no immediate threat. Let your allies take advantage of their natural regeneration as well as health globe pickups. So long as they are not in immediate threat of dying, I only heal them up to about 80% health. This is especially true for heroes like Muradin. Keep them healed enough so that they'd be safe if a Nova popped out of a bush, but otherwise let them take advantage of their own natural healing. If you have 30% mana and are about to sneak a boss, be sure that your team knows of your mana situation. Inform your team you won't have enough mana to heal through a team fight in the event you are caught. Good mana management is the difference between winning the game and being crushed. Believe it or not, this aspect of Lt. Morales is critical to her success.

Here's a YouTube video highlighting proper management of Healing Beam

This is the primary thing between you, or your teammates survival, and being bursted down into a pile of gore. It's most effective when used BEFORE the burst happens. It's not much use on a target that's already eaten the majority of the enemies' burst and is just being whittled down to death. Your Healing Beam will more than take care of latter. So, you're going to need to use some foresight and a lot of common sense on when to activate this. If someone is about to Feel the Hatred of Ten Thousand Years, or standing in what is soon to be a Ring of Frost, Pop a Safeguard on them and relish in the coming worship of your allies.

In the majority of cases, you don't want to use it on yourself, because you should be talented into Trauma Trigger. However, in those rare cases that you feel you are about to be bursted, feel free to pop one onto yourself. A dead healer is a useless healer.

This is your main utility. You'd be surprised how many kills you can lock down by knocking someone away from a choke, into a wall, into the S***storm that is your team, etc. It deals a decent amount of damage as well and has a shockingly long range, so that Zeratul that just blinked away with 7hp is not safe from you.

It's also your main source of defense. System Shock is a very viable talent to take if the enemy doesn't have too much burst. It makes it near impossible to escape when you set up a kill, or near impossible to catch you, or your teammate when you use it defensively. Never underestimate the usefulness of this knockback, especially when Clear! is taken. You're able to bring the enemy glass cannons all the way to the front lines, or send an enemy brawler all the way back to the other side of the fight.

So long as you have a single auto attack based hero on your team, this is your go-to choice. A Valla, The Butcher, or Raynor with a Stim Drone becomes an unstoppable killing machine. Choose your target, and make them work for that drone. Once they start glowing blue, they almost always start seeing red and wreak havoc. Keep a Healing Beam on them at all times unless one of your other teammates is under threat of immediate death, and watch the fireworks. Be wary of your target's abilities. If your Valla has chosen Strafe for example, wait until she has used it so that she may take full advantage of the Stim.

If you don't have any autoattack heroes on your team, you need to be taking Medivac Dropship by default, regardless of map. It is far more useful when you have no eligible allies for Stim.

The Heal Bus. This is an extremely useful mobility ultimate for your entire team. You can relocate everyone to an objective, or escape a bad engagement. In addition, if you choose Medbay, you may activate the dropship and sit out of harm's way and apply a slightly less powerful Healing Beam to everyone around you and everyone inside the Medivac. It does require a bit of common sense on your team's part to actually get inside it, so don't assume that because you put it down, people will use it. It is worth noting that it becomes more viable the larger the map is. It's extremely useful on Warhead Junction, but less so on Blackheart's bay. Keep this in mind when you choose it.

BE WARNED once you choose your destination, there is no changing it. You may land into a TERRIBLE situation, so be very cautious with where you choose to depart.

It is worth noting that every talent choice should be judged on a case by case basis. I will provide a brief explanation as to the benefits and drawbacks, if any, a talent has for each choice. However, it is NOT a one size fits all situation. Every game is different and will call for a different build depending on the situation at hand. I will give you my talents of choice for MOST games highlighted in a gold border.

Prolonged Safeguard

This talent is great in situations in which your target is under prolonged periods heavy burst. However, it would have to be a VERY specific combination of both your team composition and your enemies team composition, as well as the right situation. I don't believe this talent is worth taking in the vast majority of situations simply due to all the factors that would have to align in order to make this a better choice than the other talents.
Trauma Trigger

This is going to be your go to talent in the vast majority of games. It will save you your Safeguard cooldown in most cases, giving you a passive damage reduction when below 50% health if you are being focused. This allows you to keep the cooldown freed up for your allies. With this in mind, don't be afraid to pop it on yourself anyway if you're being hit hard. A dead healer is a useless healer. Try to keep in mind that you will get your free Safeguard at 50%, so try to pop it well before then, after it procs, or is on cooldown.

Feedback Loop

This talent is fairly good in the early-mid game. However, I've found that with proper mana management, you'll never have too much downtime. Furthermore, Safeguard is not all too mana intensive. You'll find that all of your mana is sunk into Healing Beam, and at level 20, you should (in most cases) be taking Caduceus Reactor 2.0, giving you effectively infinite mana. But, every little bit helps, especially when you are at the very early game and you burn through mana quicker than you can keep up with.
Scouting Drone

Great for maps such as Blackheart's Bay, when you need to keep an eye on the turn in point, but it falls behind every other talent here in terms of utility. Vision is great, but it can be replaced with common sense on almost every map that it would shine in. The huge drawback of this talent is that it can't be hidden and is so easily killed. Trauma Trigger or Prolonged Safeguard would be a better option in my opinion.


I can't think of many situations this talent is of any use. It would be great and would be your choice 100% of the time IF the shield persisted after you stopped healing the target. However, since the shield only applies after the target hits 100% health, and disappears as soon as you stop healing, it's useless. In a fight, you won't be healing one target past 100% for the shield to take effect, because if they were being focused, they wouldn't be at high enough health to have the shield applied, and if they are not being focused, you should be healing the target that IS being focused.
Automated Block

This is going to be your talent of choice if the enemy team has any form of auto attack based hero. Which will be 99/100 games. This talent in tandem with Safeguard will save your *** from a ton of heavy burst from heroes such as The Butcher or any hero with Focused Attack. This will pretty much be your only saving grace against heavy burst autoattack heroes. Don't underestimate the strength of a 50% damage reduction for 3 auto attacks.

Infused Grenade

Displacement Grenade is your least mana intensive ability. As such, I don't believe this talent is worth taking over Automated Block. Only consider taking this if you are having real problems keeping your mana above 0.


Not Cleanse?! Nope. This talent will allow you to set up kills that are impossible otherwise. The amount of knockback you gain with this talent is just short of overpowered. You can keep melee enemies off you can knock them away far enough that you can probably just kite them for the rest of the fight, bring an enemy assassin right up to the front lines, deny ANY escape, it's just insane. Take this in most cases.

This talent effectively gives your healing target a Burning Rage. It MAY prove useful if you need to rip a Nova or Zeratul out of stealth via healing a nearby hero or minion. However, for it to take effect, your target would need to be within melee range. By extension, this means you will also be within melee range. That is exactly where you don't want to be. The negligible amount of damage it outputs it not worth putting yourself at risk.
Calldown: MULE

This talent should only really be considered against Clear! on Towers of Doom. Health restoration on structures really shines on that map, but is otherwise not worth taking over the other talents in this tier.

This talent is amazing... In certain situations. Against a Jaina with Ring of Frost, it is a life saver. However, it's not as useful as Clear! in EVERY situation. Which is why it is not my go to talent choice. If the enemy has a ton of hard CC, this should be your default choice. Otherwise, go with Clear!

Stim Drone

This is your "Win The Teamfight" button. As long as you have one autoattack based assassin on your team ( Sgt. Hammer counts), you will choose this and use it on them as soon as a team fight is solidly engaged. Don't blow your Stim prematurely, make sure the two teams aren't just poking. Only activate it once you have a solid engagement from either allied or enemy front lines and the assassins follow suit. Then give special attention to that target. They will be glowing bright blue, and is almost always focused. Make sure they don't die with your Stim. With that said, don't get tunnel vision and let your other teammates die while keeping your stim target topped up.

Note: if you have no allies who rely on auto attacks, you will choose Medivac Dropship by default. Without an autoattack assassin on your team, this is useless. With this in mind, since Stim is so much more useful than Medivac in team fights, make sure someone on your team drafts an autoattack hero. Raynor with AA build is my personal favorite.

Medivac Dropship

This is pretty much only going to be chosen if you don't have an autoattack hero. It's a giant dropship with a "please kill me" sign duct taped to it. If it's killed, you will be dropped into a nice, easy to aoe cluster along with any teammates inside of it. In addition, if you fly somewhere you don't have vision of, you may be dropped into the middle of a 5 man team. It's too risky to be taken in most cases, even if you can instantly bring your team to an objective. On top of this risk, you can't heal unless you choose Medbay at 20. Even then, that's 10 levels of not being able to heal while waiting for your team to right click it, which is another point to bring up. Nobody seems to want to click the damn thing. Not recommended.

Intensive Care

This talent can be great, and is unparalleled in it's ability to heal through heavy burst. It's only fault is it's on the same tier as Couples Therapy. It takes a little bit of time to charge up to the increased healing, so start healing before burst comes in. I would only choose this talent in the event that throughout every fight until level 13, none of the enemies are interested in focusing you. If you are 100% sure you can survive a fight without any form of self healing, take this talent.
Couples Therapy

Congratulations, you have some self healing. This will probably be the only reason you survive any team fights if they have an assassin that wants you dead. Don't forget that you can heal a minion as well if you find yourself in panic mode running from a really angry enemy assassin. Doing this has allowed me to escape with a sliver of health more times than I can count.

Preventative Care

This talent would be a good choice against heroes like auto attack Raynor or Sgt. Hammer. This will gimp their damage by a pretty significant amount. However, it has one Achilles Heel, and that is the enemy autoattack hero will need to be attacking your healing target. Since you can't control who they attack, it loses some of it's value. You can use some common sense to know who they will probably attack, but things don't always go how you think they will. In addition, since it only reduces the rate of auto attacks your enemies dish out, it's useless against enemy mages. So Intensive Care is a better option than this overall unless the enemy team is comprised entirely of auto attack heroes.
Spell Shield

Much like Automated Block, this will probably save your *** if the enemy team has a lot of spell burst. Again, it's only draw back is that it's on the same tier as Couples Therapy. This is worth strongly considering, but since you will deny yourself any form of self healing if taken, it's not generally worth it. With that said, if you are being bursted down quicker than you can respond to with SPELLS, you should take this. Note: Many people tend to just leave it on auto cast at all times. Do not do this. Stay on top of it. If it's proc'd by Malfurion's Moonfire, then chances are it won't be available when Jaina annihilates you. Keep it inactive until you know you have a caster wanting to burst you.

Shield Sequencer

This is a great choice if the enemy team doesn't have extremely heavy burst, and is more focused on sustained damage or has more AoE than burst. It will allow you to cast two Safeguards in quick succession, protecting two allies at once, or protecting a single target for up to six seconds if you time it correctly. This is now your talent of choice. RIP Innoculation.[/columns]

System Shock

This talent should only be taken if your team is heavily in control of the fights. This will allow you to secure kills more easily, or keep enemies off of you. Since this is much more offensive than it is defensive, it's not usually worth taking over the other talents in this tier. However, it's worth considering if they have a split pusher that can be caught, or are in a position that they don't want to take a fight. This will often force a fight if you catch one of their assassins.
Second Opinion

I can't think of any situation that this would be worth taking over any other talents in this tier. Maybe some form of offensive build, but that's stupid. You should never really be taking this. Leave a comment if you can come up with a situation in which this is worth it over the other talents.


This will increase your Stim Drone duration by two seconds, and give you a Stim Drone. Since you have a pea shooter for a weapon, the only thing you gain is movement speed, which isn't exactly very useful. Not the best choice in this tier. This needs a rework in my opinion.

This will make your Medivac Dropship actually useful. Plant it down in a SAFE location in a team fight, and it will heal every nearby ally and every ally inside. Once it's placed, you're stationary. So if they teamfight moves out of your range, you're ****ed. It's a great choice if you know a fight will revolve around your location, and you won't be immediately killed... But that won't happen.

Caduceus Reactor 2.0

This is a great choice as it eliminates your mana starving issue. Even if you have a Healing Beam applied constantly (Unless you opted for Intensive Care), you will remain at full mana so long as you're not being hit, meaning you will regenerate all of your health and mana to full as long as you aren't hit for 30 seconds. In addition, it gives you a rather large shield which will be the difference between life an death in many cases since you are the prime target. I strongly suggest taking this talent.
Storm Shield

This is a pretty solid talent that is best used just before an AoE nuke, such as Kael'thas double Flamestrike, or Jaina's Ring of Frost. However, since it's situational and more reliant on AoE burst, it's not quite as useful as Caduceus Reactor 2.0.

So, let me start off by saying you should NEVER, EVER be at the front lines. That is begging to be killed. You should ALWAYS be far behind your allies in a fight. This ensures that if someone decides to jump on you, they have to surround themselves with your entire team, and your chances of survival are much higher. I've repeated it many times throughout this guide, but I'll say it again just to emphasize it.


So, with that being said, you need to prioritize keeping yourself alive. Now, I know that seems selfish for a healer and a bit upside down. However, if you die to save your teammate who decides to turn in coins while the entire enemy team was missing, your team will be down TWO people in the coming fight. In addition, don't suicide to keep heals on your assassin in the middle of a fight. Get yourself to safety so that you can continue healing the rest of the team. If that assassin is in a position that they can be annihilated by the entire enemy team, that's their mistake. Not yours. Do not put the entire team at jeopardy because you died to save your Raynor.

If two of your teammates look like they're setting up to contest the active shrine with the entire enemy team there, tell them to leave and then LEAVE. Don't stick around if they ignore you. Regroup with the other members of your team. Don't put yourself at unnecessary risk. Lt. Morales is unique in her ability to eek out a win in 2v3 or even 2v4 situations, but only if you're absolutely on top of your game. You need to minimize your risk as much as possible. If you can safely heal your ally without putting yourself at risk, the chances are you will win the fight regardless of the odds. She's that good.

Stay hidden until you're needed. The element of surprise is extremely powerful when the enemy doesn't expect healing. So hide in a nearby bush, behind a fort wall, anywhere the enemy can't see you. The added benefit to this is that people tend to unload all their burst as soon as they can. If you can get them to do so on another teammate because you're hiding, that's one less thing you need to worry about. Something to note about this, don't sit in a bush if you can avoid it. Sit around the corner near your team. Bushes are often checked, but corners aren't.

Use terrain to your advantage. If you have good enough team communication, let them know you're behind the wall, and to sit on the other side for healing. Chances are, you'll be safe form all harm and be able to dish out as much healing as you'd like.

Again, you really want to be at the back, out of harms way. Your Healing Beam will stay active for a couple of seconds even if you move out of range, so don't be afraid of dancing in and out of range to keep yourself safe.

I will only be covering the maps that Morales can utilize a few tricks in specific to your advantage. Otherwise, it's very standard play. As a healer, your job is to keep your team alive and it doesn't really change much per map. Something to keep in mind is that you're already a priority target, carrying a nuke or 20 coins will make the enemy team stumble over themselves to kill you. Be weary of your surroundings and for ****s sake don't face check Blackheart.

All Camps spawn at 2:00
All Bosses respawn every four minutes.

Stay with your roamer. Attacking a doubloon camp along the way will in most cases lead them to kill it. Rushing the eye early on is a terrible idea. You gain no useful information in the first couple of minutes for fighting for it. If you can, 5 stack bottom and take out the wall before the first chests spawn. Doing so will make the first cannon wave take out the bottom fort. For the love of god never face check blackheart's location on your own, or at the front of the pack. On a similar note, hiding in the cluster of walls just below Blackheart is a terrible idea. You will be caught with no quick escape and die. Your displacement grenade is useless here as the maze of walls will stop anyone hit from being knocked away.

First Chest spawn at 00:50
Chest respawn is randomized after the first spawn.

DO NOT TAKE THE DRAGON. If you take the dragon you deserve to have your team to be slaughtered and consequently lose the game. You should not be standing IN the alter. Ideally you are at the bottom shrine so you may take advantage of the wall separating the shrine and the alter. Have them stand against the wall so you can heal them over the terrain. If they come for you, you can kite them through the alter and around the wall. If your ally is a ranged hero, he can just shoot them over the wall while they chase you.

Have your ally stay alongside the blue line, while you follow the green line to keep him healed. Worst case scenario, you just run back to your wall which is only a few yards away.

First Shrine at 1:15
Subsequent Shrines activate two minutes after the Dragon Knight dies.

I am surprised you made it to the bottom of this monolithic wall of text that I call a guide. Comment and what not if I'm missing anything, success or failure stories, whatever. I MIGHT add more maps, but I honestly can't be bothered to write any more right now. Anyway, God speed my children. And remember, Apothecary Morales skin increases your healing output by 500%.

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