How to Play - Grandmaster - Li Li by Vokroo

How to Play - Grandmaster - Li Li

By: Vokroo
Last Updated: Aug 26, 2016
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Li Li

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How to Play Top

You want the elite mount despite being born without a brain or any motor control? Good, you came to the right place.

Take Water Dragon if there is another healer already on your team. Do not take any other substitute talents, they're all inferior.

Healing Brew gets cast on cooldown. Just toss it everywhere. Watch the indicator, make sure your healing target doesn't run out of range. You can choose targets by walking close to them.

Mending Serpent gets cast on cooldown. It has a 12 second duration, so if you're casting it on the same target, two seconds will be overwritten. Keep that in mind.

Blinding Wind doesn't get cast on cooldown. If you're running out of mana, it's because you're wasting Blinding Wind and not getting any value from it. Also remember that it hits two targets, although you can cast with only one in range. Maximize it.


Jug of 1,000 Cups is super simple: don't get interrupted. That's it. Know the enemy's stuns and don't get interrupted. If you are getting interrupted, practice.
Water Dragon Stand in range of the enemy team and hit R. Yay.

You are squishy. I don't care how fast you run, NEVER stand in the middle of the enemy team.

Seriously, that's all you have to do to play Li Li. A six year old could do it, why can't you?

Unused Talents... Top

...or how I hit the word counter to become a guide with the minimum amount of effort.

Level 1:
Pro Toss
I'm pretty sure this is just a typo and not actually a talent.
Conjurer's Pursuit
Manage your mana. Your heal costs 30 mana. Uther cries at seeing that.
Gale Force
50% of uncontrolled nothing. Good for padding damage meters, bad for winning.

Level 4:
Healing Ward
Weaker Mending Serpent.
Mass Vortex
See Gale Force above.
Lingering Blind
Blind is for stopping initial burst. Not to mention, Mending Serpent will heal more than this prevents.

Level 7:
Pitch Perfect
See Conjurer's above.
The Good Stuff
Doesn't stack, heals for a pathetic amount.
Take Rehgar if you want Cleanse. Since you're playing Li Li, I'm going to assume your number keys are broken.

Level 10:
See above, both ultimates are good, but if you're solo healing and take Water Dragon, everyone will hate you.

Level 13:
Elusive Feet
Block is a level 1 talent. This is level 13.
Hindering Winds
Just pick Jaina.
Shrink Ray
Just no.

Level 16:
I'm getting bored. Take Serpent Sidekick. It gives you twice as many Serpents. Who doesn't want that?

Level 20:
Take Kung Fu Hustle. It's really good.

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