illidan the team killer - High Survivability/ High Damage Output by Ecliptic

illidan the team killer - High Survivability/ High Damage Output

By: Ecliptic
Last Updated: Apr 3, 2015
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Thank you for coming to this guide. Anybody that has further questions please feel free to message me on here at anytime or add me on

Have fun! and Goodluck!

- "You are not Prepared"

A little bit about me Top

My name is ecliptic! i am currently an avid HOTS player who is looking to go pro, i play about 8 hours a day and illidan is my main character. Currently i have all things unlocked for illidan and i have triple the amount of games on him as any of my other characters.


While reading this you need to keep in mind that your passive Betrayer's Thirst reduces your cooldowns by 20% every hit and gives you a constant flow of healing. So make sure to pop Evasion as well as Sweeping Strike as often as possible and only use Dive for chasing, please do not use it for damage because you will lose 2-3 basic attacks in the time it takes you to finally hit the ground behind your opponent which results basically in you increasing your cooldowns by another 1-2 seconds. Its best to pop Evasion and Sweeping Strike constantly while basic attacking. Once the opponent starts running or an enemy within a team fight gets low and you want to clean them up, then you use Dive. The only other time you ever use this spell is to dodge AOE abilities like Entangling Roots and Blizzard or to dive over enemy structures to run away from a enemy chasing you. By structure im referring to the side gates that usually aren't finished off when the lanes are pushed, however they do work on all structures , its just not every smart to Dive a tower when the whole point of your running is to avoid damage.

Shadow Shield Top

Shadow Shield The reason I chose this for the first level talent is because illidan tends to be very weak early game, this adds to his survivability early game as well as scaling incredibly well into the late game. This combined with Sixth Sense in the late game, makes for a very tanky illidan at hardly no cost to his damage output.

Immolation Top

Sweeping Strike This simply is illidans top basic damage move besides his basic attacks. Sweeping strikes combined with Immolation gives a huge damage output boost, the immolation provides sustained damage at all times as well as the base damage of sweeping strikes, this combined with illidans passive makes you able to cast sweeping strikes about every 5 seconds.

First Aid Top

First Aid is one of your best talents on illidan for many reasons. It gives you more sustainability in lane as well as a huge advantage in team fights. Since First Aid heals a percent amount of your health its best to use this combine with Metamorphosis since you will get "The biggest bang for your buck" if you will. I would rather heal 11% of a 3500 health character than a 2800 health character. Its pretty self explanatory if you know math. First Aid + Metamorphosis can take you from almost no health to turning on an enemy and being back at half health in 4 seconds. This with Evasion makes you extremely hard to kill because you have Healing overtime, a damage shield, and all that only comes into play when your initial Evasion ability which is dodging all melee attacks for 2 seconds, wears off.

Metamorphosis Top

The reason i put Metamorphosis over The Hunt is simply because most of the time you will find yourself taking metamorphosis since First Aid and Betrayer's Thirst synergize so well with it. The only time i would advocate taking The Hunt over Metamorphosis is when you can tell early on that the game is going to rely on team fights or on bigger maps such as Garden of Terror or Dragon Shire.

Sixth Sense Top

Evasion before you grab Sixth Sense is only a defense towards basic attacks. This makes it totally obsolete when going up against characters like a Jaina who only rely on abilities for damage output. In order for you to make Evasion applicable for the whole entire match and in every scenario you need to grab Sixth Sense. Other wise you're a sitting duck when coming into contact with mage like characters since you have absolutely no defense for spells whatsoever. I cannot stress how crucial Sixth Sense is for illidan. For you to grab anything else would be cutting your survival in half or more since most characters rely on abilities for their damage output.

Blood For Blood Top

Blood for Blood is an excellent talent since it counter balances the overtime heal from First Aid. It's like having your own personal Tyrande heal at your disposal when a fight breaks out and you find yourself at 25% health. If you need health immediately than your screwed if you don't have this since First Aid is an over time healing spell and someone like a burst assassin could finish you off before First Aid has its time to run its full healing affect over you. Its best to use Blood for Blood on a tank to maximize your healing, because once again the healing is based on a percent of the opponents max health your stealing. 20% of Diablo will heal you much more than 20% of Zeratul

Bolt of the Storm Top

I chose Bolt of the Storm because at end game, this could save you from a 60 second respawn timer. Your team needs you alive as often as possible and when it gets to end game, its usually decided by combination of who's alive during team fights and who is there involved in the team fight ( Meaning don't be one of those guys at bot lane soaking Exp when there's a 4v5 fight that broke out at an objective) and also don't die often. Its simple. Bolt of the Storm will get you out of many sticky situations and will save you from being dead for 60 seconds, because lets face it, if the enemy teams carry's were both dead sitting at 60 second respawns, i would push and at least get 3 towers or kill the remaining team, and rinse and repeat so that your life spans no longer synergize together, making only 2-3 characters alive on the other time at one time.

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