Initiator Chen. Balance DPS/DEF by krattack

Initiator Chen. Balance DPS/DEF

By: krattack
Last Updated: Nov 16, 2014
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Build: Yin Yang Initiator

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Yin Yang Chen. Balance DPS/DEF Top

Chen is a balance hero. He can do both damage and tank for the team. Most of damage come from Q (Flying Kick) and auto attack that deal 200% bonus damage.

Positioning is crucial in every team fight. I love to play Chen as the initiator. In every fight, start with Q (Flying Kick) to initiate and follow with W & E combo. Now everyone will focus on you, thus use D to drink and tank for incoming damage. Beware D can be cancel with stun/poly. Tier 5 can be swap with Relentless, depending on enemy team crowd control ability.

Once Q is ready (low cool-down) spam again, focus on their healer/supporter/damage dealer and repeat the combo. Wandering Keg can be use to separate them & push weak heroes to your team.

I choose teleport (Bolt of the Storm) to combo with my Wandering Keg. Teleport to the back side of enemy and straight use R to push them. I can use my Flying Kick to initiate, chase and root other enemy. This talent make Chen the true initiator for the team!

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