Insane Howitzer Kael'Thas by Tunastick

Insane Howitzer Kael'Thas

By: Tunastick
Last Updated: May 13, 2015
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Intro: Tunastick the fishy canadian Top

Hi guys! I was tired of seeing Kael'Thas players perform poorly in the damage department, so I decided to make this short build to show everyone how I personally play this toon, and why. Leave a comment with your thoughts !

Part 1: Talent choices Top

Since Kael'thas has a lot of good talents (too good for some IMO), I believe it is easy to forget the real purpose that I see fit for a hero like him. For example, he has a lot of talents that can be used to boost his aoe, his survivability through shields and additional cc. The way I prefer playing Kael'Thas is pure, delicious damage.

After getting him to level 8 with a few matches since he is out, I now bring to you my thoughts and explanations on my talent choices.

Level 1: Mana Addict. I choose this talent because it simply brings you everything you need. Higher mana pool to stay longer into fights and a lot of presence since each orb you pickup currently also REGENS 15 of your mana on top of increasing your maximum. I would advise roaming a lot to pickup all orbs you can early to take advantage of this talent.

Another good choice would be Convection, but I tend to find the cc too important to use as a damage increase. Staying away from this talent prevents you from wanting to give up control over damage.

Level 4: Gathering Power. Especially with the long range, stay out of danger build I'm promoting, this talent is best in this row. MORE DAMAGE?! YES PLEASE!

Level 7: Fission Bomb In this row, again, we go for the damage increasing one. Interesting note, I would personally NEVER choose to give up my passive for a better auto attack. It is simply just too good.

Level 10: PYROBLAST This is what makes the build shine. Staying out of harms way, casting a pyro behind a wall only to see your enemy run for his life (uselessly). I think the phoenix ult is underwhelming right now. Just be careful and remember it has a 2seconds cast. Also remember that some heroes can cancel your pyro completely by iceblocking, teleporting (illidan metamorphosis), using invisibility(tassadar), and so on.

Level 13: Flamethrower This is where it starts to be interesting, since you can cast flamestrike along with your passive every single time, adding more range makes it very very hard to stay safe from Kael'Thas' damage. I see a lot of people using the living bomb spread talent, and I think its just not very good considering how little damage it does. I mean it does do some decent damage, but the next talent row will explain why you'd pick flamethrower instead of chain bomb. The other talent notable here that would actually be better than chain bomb in my opinion is pyromaniac, for the cooldown reduction.

Level 16: Ignite This talent is what makes Kael'Thas a bit broken IMO. Having the increased range from flamethrower and more living bomb explosion damage from the third row, casting 1 flamestrike from miles away will tear more or less 50% of squishy targets away. The amount of damage you deal at this point with this build will go THROUGH THE ROOF. While the mana shield could be quite tempting after taking mana addict in row 1, you shouldnt be in harms' way most of the time anyways.

Level 20: Presence of mind Because it is already a low cooldown,(50s), an additional 10 seconds is just stupidly good, and considering how much secondary damage you can deal with pyroblast, more range on the aoe is also very good. Since you've picked pyroblast, this talent is mandatory.

Part 2: Play time strategy Top

The way you should see yourself when playing this hero is, safe in the first few levels while you roam, get kills with ur stun and teamnates early and pickup orbs to build up your mana pool and limit your need for going back to base.

Once you get a few of your talents, especially pyroblast and then at the end IGNITE, You can start having fun. Remember though that with this build, you have very limited survivability, and positionning is key. Make use of that insane flamestrike range and damage along with ignite, and try to hit more than 1 target at a time if you can. This way, you'll see numbers on that stat sheet that you've never seen before.

To end, I can't stress enough how much of a tactical/opportunist kael'thas is. Let your allies have the fun of initiating the combat unless you are far enough to place another one of your artillery flamestrikes.

Thank you for reading, I will probably add a gameplay video of the build in action soon, so stay tuned and tell me what you think! Sorry for the poor editing!

PS: Play this build a few times until you start seeing how much fear you bring to the game.


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