It won't hurt if you're drunk. by Fabsch669

It won't hurt if you're drunk.

By: Fabsch669
Last Updated: Feb 12, 2015
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Build: Toughest panda alive.

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My very first guide. Top

Hello everybody. This is my very first guide in this page. I am hoping to get better with time. Please, don't be so hard on me in the comments :)


Bottomless Mug
This one will allow you to spam your Q W E combo twice before refilling. I highly recommend it.

[list=2]Swift Reflexes This is pretty much a block. And yo'll be partially tanking so... I don't see why not.

[list=3]'s Balance This is probably the main resource of your stability in and out of combat. Perfect for chasing when you spam your abilites and to last in a teamfight.

[list=4], Earth, Fire Adds a ton of survivability and chase potential to Chen's kit. Focusing him at this point is almost a waste of time.

[list=5] A Touch of Honey Useful for focusing and chasing. Do I need to say more?

[list=6] Attack A very useful talent. It adds more offense in your defensive Chen. I really do not see any other talents on this tree that are relevant.

[list=7] Shield Ok. This is a personal favorite of mine. It has a lot of potential both for dueling and teamfights. Basically if you're starting or leading the way. Activate this. But also I sometimes get Elemental Conduit if I want to get more offense in case of being another tank in your team (Stitches, Diablo...).

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