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Johanna halfing

By: Bokstav
Last Updated: Jun 9, 2015
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Build: The Halfling

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I am Bokstav or Jesper as known to rest of the world
you can watch me over att My Twitch Channel

i stream mostly in swedish or english

I am not the greatest player out there but i will make guide for the newcommers or the old ones who played long who can read some quick notes i have about the talents for certien heroes.

This talent thoughts will be about Johanna, the newest addition to the Heroes of the Storm rooster

A melee tank from the diablo univerise, she is a jack of all trades and a master of none


[*] Aoe Stun
[*] Slows
[*] Blinds
[*] 2 great ultimates
[*] Tanky come mid game
[*] Deal great dmg for a warrior


[*] Weak early
[*] Cant deal dmg enough dmg on her own
[*] Heavily Relient on team
[*] Not as CC heavy as other tanks

My toughts on the talents Top

Level 1

Its just to good to pass up, comming mid to late game where johanna starts to shine even more this will help you stay alive more so then other talents

- This talent is decent but its only good for early levels, comming mid game Regen master will outshine it

- Useless, only helps you clear waves wich you shouldnt be doing on your team unless really needed

- also useless, you have zero mana issues so dont need this

Level 4

- As you are the main tank of the group, this will help you regen even more hp during fights and its active gives a nice chunk of heal over short period, best talent of the 4 for this build

- this is a close second pick, it increases all healing you get even the one from Regen Master. So it could be good if you dont feel like using the active or forget to use it from Laws of Hope.

- No point to take, you can reduce the cd of your W so much with it but its not needed unless your the only source of CC on your team, but even then it will only reduce 0.75secx5 (If you manage to hit all 5 on the enemy team in a fight) so its not worth it.

- Pure Damage talent

Level 7

- I prefer this but im still trying out, you can use it to escape or engage since you run really fast when you start your W, it will help you catch those pesky illidans or run away from fights/ambushes

- Reduces your spells faster by auto attack, you are pretty slow AA speed so its not worth it unless you feel like you need your spells up faster.

- This is interesting Talent, it makes so the next AA your friend uses will do extra dmg on that target, it can be good for burst, have not tried it enough.

- Only pick this if you plan to take the other talents to improve your D (Trait), i will mark the other ones you need with this with Blue.

Level 10

- Use it to engage, during mid fight or to escape, this one point wonder can do so much and up to you to see what the situation requires, it will make you jump up into the air and become immune to all dmg/cc and then land after a few seconds to deal moderate dmg and knock people aside

- Just as good as Conviction, i prefer Conviction to this cause you can use it to escape aswell. The shield is a instant cast wich stun up to 3 people for one second wich is amazing for ambush runs.

Level 13

- this will help you deal more dmg during fights, wich you will start doing from now on since you are plenty tanky and the enemy team never notice your dmg since its small but constant, wich adds up over time to alot.

- This is nice, just like Reghars totem you can almost Root them when you hit them, it makes your Q slow them by 80% that becomes weaker over 3 seconds.

- This you need to pick if you got The Crusade Marches On at lvl 7, your shield becomes stronger and your CD gets even lower if it breaks.

- I never take theese, you are tanky enough without it so just ignore it.

Level 16

- After your W has ended it will spawn a hammer that spins around you and deal dmg, just as Tier 5 you take this for dmg and both of them will add up over teamfights since you are generly left alone and people are suprised by your dmg

- This need to be taken if the enemy got a illidan,raynor, valla, thycus etc. Take it for champs who benefit alot from AA alot as it reduces their AA speed by 50%

- This can make you even tankier, its good combined with Battle Momentum from lvl 7, otherwise you are tanky enough but if you feel you need to be even tankier, take it.

- Pick this if you take the other two Trait talents, makes you run faster aslong as your D (Shield) Is up.

Level 20

- A second life, when you are about to die you will gain a shield for your entire life bar for 5 seconds, so you are already unkillable and then add this into the mix IF you were about to take a fatel hit? just walk away and let the support heal you up and your back in the game again

- i would take this if you got the Blessed Shield instead of Falling Sword. it has longer range and bouncing longer AND it can it 4 people instead of 2. amazing.

- not needed, give you slightly more dmg during your air time from Falling sword. not really needed at this stage of the game.

- only if you feel like beinga team player but should not be needed since you got supports who can keep people alive and you got other talents to use

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