Kael'thas' 7th Circle of Hell by saber

Kael'thas' 7th Circle of Hell

By: saber
Last Updated: May 15, 2015
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Build: 7th Circle of Hell

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Threats to Kael'thas with this build

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Threat Hero Notes
  No Threat
E.T.C. Don't get caught in his mosh pit.
Sgt. Hammer gravity lapse now fixed on sgt, w00t!
Jaina Watch out for Blizzard.
  No Threat
  No Threat
  No Threat
  No Threat
Illidan You might even wanna spec blink if he's on the board, can shred you to pieces.
Nova interrupt her ult w gravity

Kael'thas - 7th Circle of Hell - Group & Solo Hybrid Top

7th Circle of Hell

Utilize this superior build to incinerate group or solo heroes on the fly! Other guides are slowly evolving towards this setup as mines is mathematically proven to output the highest dps; this build has earned consistent #1 hero damage. Mana utilization comes naturally as you learn rotation. Overall high dmg and high survivability.

Rotation: D, R, W, E, Q, R OR verdant spheres > Phoenix > living bomb > flamestrike > killshot. Use flamestrike before living bomb in group situations.

Energy Roll Top

    The 3 second reduction allows you to more efficiently fight or flight. The ability turns your target into a pinata where s/he will take a beating from you and your crew. I'm against the
Mana Addict here because more mana doesn't help you escape and you have to collect a copious amount of Regen Globes, you'd have to spend the entire match farming globes to make a noticeable difference.

Nether Wind Top

Stacking this with Energy Roll turns you into a hellish tornado that no one escapes.

Fission Bomb Top

After stacking with the Chain Bomb, this talent is invaluable. The collective damage can bring a group to its knees, allowing your Nova's and Zeratul's their proper kill**** for the ultimate in team wiping. Again, going for high burst while still being a team player.

Phoenix Top

For static situations, there is no better ult. Stack with Rebirth to upgrade mobility and 100% in duration. The fiery Phoenix is UNKILLABLE and will deliver a fiery projection that has an aoe effect. to anyone in its range. Especially in situations where you're fighting for possession on Sky Temple or Dragon Shrine, this phoenix will hold the fort even if you die. Adds high value to team battles too!
[*] Here's the thing about Pyroblast, in theory it's better, but the lengthy 2second cast time, long cooldown and risk of interrupt are why it loses to Phoenix.

Chain Bomb Top

In group fights this can create more damage than any other combo in game if used with Chain Bomb and Backdraft. Again, great for group fights and preventing enemies from escaping their fate.

Backdraft Top

[*] This talent completes the 7th Circle of Hell. No one escapes.

Rebirth Top

100% increase on bird and you can fly her around... even if you die she'll stick around for 7 extra seconds. Rebirth!

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