Kael'thas Day One - Ramp by dup3

Kael'thas Day One - Ramp

By: dup3
Last Updated: May 12, 2015
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Build: Ramp it up

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Helping with some of those new character blues and giving an option that is as awesome as it sounds.

Step one: Stay in a lane as much as you can and get those orbs. You won't regret it!

Later in the game people will group up for team fights, now is your time to shine like the Sun Well!

Using the Pyroblast is going to be a pain in the *** and you'll need some people to help you get this one off but if it hits even one person the results are quite pleasant. But not for them.

The Chain Bomb and Ignite are also great to bring to the team fights, toss your Living Bomb on someone AND Flamestrike a couple of them. Ouch they are going to get pushed out of the team fight and just might die while doing it.

If you get someone trying to pressure you specifically while you're trying to do this, or you might want to make sure the bugger stays there, use your Gravity Lapse and then proceed with setting everyone on fire.

The teir 7 talent is a no brainier by this time you should be pushing each other's cores and then you just keep throwing those Pyroblasts until the enemies stop trying to come out of their spawn.

If you try this or Kael'thas in general don't get discouraged, keep at it. His moves are weird and mostly slow but once you get a hang of planning out his moves the enemy will try and run away and you can confidently stand there knowing they won't get far because they will explode.

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