Kerrigan the Zerg's Queen by B20K3N

Kerrigan the Zerg's Queen

By: B20K3N
Last Updated: Feb 22, 2015
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Build: Kerrigan the Zerg's Queen

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Role and Reason Top

First thing to mention : This build only work when the team got enough tank
Role on playing : Aim for the squishy one or the Healer
Highest Potential : This build can 1v3 the damage dealer

Reason behind the build

first Seasoned Marksman : the one that need high skill of playing Kerrigan
but this can make the Agressive Defense (tier 6) to be more effective
"Fury of the swarm" also make the dirty job for her

Impaling Swarm ? : the little Zergling can overwhelm the heroes without AoE
also can be use in tactical play against the tough situation, so Kerrigan cannot going in

Summon Ultralisk : this actually for fighting against Range Heroes...but it can do
dirty jobs for you when have low health also help you fight 1v3 situation

Sprint ? : I should have "double strike" but with Impaling Swarm you don't have to
work alone...let's your minion do your dirty jobs

Aggressive Defense : it's so sure if you got enough shield you can enter the battle again
also help you survived the long lonely night too

Nexus Blades : This help really great for both dps and grap close

and the last, How to win the game

for the long game you must focus the heroes with Seasoned Marksman
because he must do the damage real hard with the ground to stand
and without them the longer game become the stronger you are

Keep doing the objective...but let's your friend do it for you

your only job is killing them all, if there's no kill opportunity
then keep farming after you got "Fury of the Swarm" it's real fast
that will make yourself a chance to roaming the lane

PLEASE REMEMBER "never waste your time in the jungle camp"

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