Kung Fu Panda Chen Guide by Tetcher

Kung Fu Panda Chen Guide

By: Tetcher
Last Updated: Sep 11, 2014
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Bio Top

Tetcher is a Heroes caster with over 1000 games played. This guide is not tested as the talent bug on Chen prevents taking the second Chen Heroic. This is just an idea and shouldn't be taken too seriously.

Intro Top

Chen as a character has a lot of potential, this jump kick is his main escape and engage so given a little treatment through talents can become even better

Talents Top

Deadly Stike
If we are focusing on the kick a nifty damage boost will be a welcome upgrade, have fun leap killing a fleeing enemy.

When you are leaping around the map all the time you are bound to get thirsty. Why not stop for a quick refuel with Brew.tm. But in all seriousness you will find yourself low on brew a lot with a 5 second cool-down on the kick. If you find yourself needing a refill in the heat of battle you want to be standing still for as little time as possible.

Pressure Point
No one escapes Kung Fu Panda. Lock down enemies to give more chance to land kicks and let your slown non Kung Fu master teammates catch up.

Wandering Keg
They see you rollin' they hattin' because this ability is insane. Although not as Kung Fu as SEF it is one of the best CC abilities in the game and adds to escape potential.

Brew Strike
Lower cooldown for more kicks and returned Brew... what more could you want? Oh I know, how about...

Combination Attack
with the amount you should be spamming kick with this build this really adds up to a lot of extra dammage.

Untapped Potential
You'll be having a barrel of laughs when you are rolling around at the speed of sound knocking everyone around like pinball.

Early Game Top

Early game Chen should be played safe with this build. Use Keg Smash/Breath of Fire combo to clear waves quickly and Keg Smash into Kick if an engage happens. Just don't over extend, because once you've kicked in, there is very little way out. When you have Pressure point you can become the engage yourself and begin kicking everything.

Late Game Top

Use your kick often, you want to be bouncing around in a team fight making it difficult of the other team to ignore you while you get CC down, save your Heroic for Objective control or to peel.

Map Specific Strategies Top

Cursed Hollow
Kick things and use your Heroic in choke points to push enemies away from your team gathering the tributes.

Haunted Mines
Kick things and use Keg Smash/Breath of Fire combo the clear the mines.

Blackheart's Bay
You will find yourself spending a lot of time at turn in kicking things, your job is to be as annoying as possible and cover your team, let teammates take coins if possible while you guard them turning in.

Dragon Shire
Kick things. Oh and your Heroic works on the dragon knight so you know.... have fun with that.

Garden of Terror
Kick things..... seriously that's pretty much it, just play like you would on any other hero with more kicking and a little rolling.

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