LEGENDARY ALCOHOLIC [Tank Depth] [Not done] by jaysys

LEGENDARY ALCOHOLIC [Tank Depth] [Not done]

By: jaysys
Last Updated: Nov 14, 2015
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To all whos using this build,please don't choose any talent that isn't described yet.
-Great Sustain
-Meatshield on turrets
-Good Survivability

-Can be non mobile
-CC cancels barrel drink (To make it easier get Storm,Earth,Fire and Bottomless Mug)
-Fall little in late

Lvl 1
Regeneration Healing
-Must be pushing often
-Early game Damage reduction

Grounding Brew
-Good against Jaina and Kael'thas (Any Skill Casters)
-Survive against high damaging spell casts

Keg toss
-Good if your fire does lots of damage
-Gives little bit more damage

Consuming Flame
-Little bit more damage on tanks
-Little bit more damage on shields

Lvl 4
-Little bit more survivabiliy
-Good against Auto Attack Heroes

Amplified Healing
-Good with brewmasters balance
-Gives little bit more Sustain and Survivability

LvL 7

Combat Stance
-Use with enough to share
-Good against tanking damage

Brewmasters Balance
-Use with Bolder Flavor
-Good to spam kill
(These are from lvl 16)

Ring of fire
-Need little bit more damage
-Deal more damage to tanks

Lvl 10
-Use with Hardened shield (Tank some more)
-Can upgrade your barrel roll if they have lots of mobility

-Help in tough spots (Getting shredded down by assassins)
-Can go back into the fight (Let at least 1 alive)
-Can be better than Barrel (They got little to no mobility)

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