Li-Ming's DPS/MPS + 5500 Words by Jayc

Li-Ming's DPS/MPS + 5500 Words

By: Jayc
Last Updated: Jun 19, 2017
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/// Table of Content ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
DPS + Damage per mana
Damage to Structure, (Magic missile vs Orb)
Tal Rasha’s Element’s DPS
Astral Presence vs Power Hungry vs None
DPS vs boss
Combo Summary
Mana Economy
Level 1 Mana Economy
Level 20 Mana Economy
Mana Dump
Li-Ming’s Specs

/// DPS + Damage per mana ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
Magic missile (untalented lvl 20)
266x3 798 damage
Damage per second = 798 ÷ 3 sec = 266 DPS
Damage per mana = 798 ÷ 20 mana = 40 DPM
Mana per second = 20 mana ÷ 3 sec = 6.66 MPS
Mana regen time = 20 mana ÷ 4.86 MPS = 4 s

Magic missile + Seeker + Mirrorball
266x3 + 274 + 266x2 1604 damage
Damage per second = 1604 ÷ 3 sec= 534 DPS
Damage per mana = 1604 ÷ 25 mana = 64 DPM
(1/2 Triumvirate CD vs heroes)
Mana per second = 25 mana ÷ 3 sec = 8.33 MPS
Mana regen time = 25 mana ÷ 4.86 MPS = 5 s

Magic missile + Charged blast + Seeker + Fireflies
266x3 + 191+ 274 1263 damage
Damage per sec = 1263 ÷ 2 sec= 632 DPS
Damage per mana = 1263 ÷ 15 mana = 84 DPM
(Has to auto attack once)
Mana per second = 15 mana ÷ 2 sec = 7.5 MPS
Mana regen time = 15 mana ÷ 4.86 MPS = 3 s

Arcane Orb 732 (Splash)
DPS = 732 ÷ 8 sec = 92 DPS
DPmana = 732 ÷ 40 = 18 DPM
Mana per second = 40 mana ÷ 8 sec = 5 MPS
Mana regen time = 40 mana ÷ 4.86 MPS = 8 s
Number splashed to match untalented Missile’s DPM = 2 splashed targets
Number splashed to match talented MM’s DPM = 4 splashed targets
Number splashed to match untalented Missile’s DPS = 3 splashed targets
Number splashed to match talented MM’s DPS = 6 splashed targets

-DPS doubles with Triumvirate vs heroes. Mana per second also doubles.

Mana per second = 30 ÷ 5 sec = 6 MPS

Disintegrate 1139 (2.5 sec, splash)
DPS = 1139 ÷ 30 sec = 38 DPS
DPS during channeling= 1139 ÷ 2.5 sec = 456 DPS (in 2.5 sec)
Mana per second = 80 mana ÷ 30 sec = 2.66 MPS
Damage per mana = 1139 damage ÷ 80 mana = 14.25 DPM
Number of splashed target to match talented Magic Missile’s DPS = 14 splashed targets
Number of splashed target to match talented Magic Missile’s DPM = 6 splashed targets
-Cool-down starts even during channeling

Auto-attack 138
DPS = 138 ÷ 1 sec = (138 DPS)

Li Ming’s total DPS
Li Ming’s Paper DPS = 534 + 92 + 38 + 138 802 DPS
Li Ming’s DPS on dummy in try mode (or against a stationary boss) ~780 DPS
(She has to teleport back to get max damage from orb. Some damage-less running back to AA range)

[Damage to Structure, (Magic missile vs Orb)] Damage
Magic missile 399
Magic missile + Seeker 673
Magic missile + Seeker + Mirrorball 939
Arcane orb 732 (x3 = 2196)

-Note: The Seeker part of the damage does full damage to structure. Cool-down not included
-Arcane orb can splash the tower, the gate, and the wall at once.
-Yes, Li Ming should Magic Missile a tower if she gets the chance.

[DPS vs Boss]
Orb, Missiles, Teleport, orb, missiles (With astral presence) = 62,000 damage until low mana

Missile + Teleport + Orb = 90 mana

Orb + Teleport + Missile + Disintegrate + Missile + Archon
= 40 + 30 + 20 + 80 + 0 = 170 mana
=732 + 0 + 1604 + 1139 + 1604 + ? = 5080^

[Tal Rasha’s Element’s DPS]
Increase amount: 0% 5% 10% 15% 20%
Available skills: Missile, Orb, Teleport, Disintegrate
String 1: Orb, Missile, Missile, Missile, (repeat)
0% 5% 0% 5% = 80 damage + 80 damage = 160 damage
160 damage ÷ 9 sec = 17 DPS
String 2: Orb, Teleport, Missile, Missile, Missile, (repeat)
0% 10% 15% 0% = 160.4 damage + 240.6 damage = 401 damage
401 damage ÷ 9 sec = 45 DPS
String 3: Missile, Teleport (back), Orb, Missile, Missile, (repeat)
0% 10% 15% 0% = 9 damage + 240 damage = 250 damage
250 damage ÷ 9 sec = 28 DPS
String 4: Teleport, Missile, (repeat)
0% 5%
Average DPS increase = ~30 DPS
Percentage increase of DPS = Tal Rasha’s Element’s DPS ÷ Li Ming’s total DPS = 30 ÷ 800
= 3.75% increase

-Adding in Disintegrate (30sec CD) in those numbers won’t help this nerfed skill much
-Sometimes doing an extra 400 damage to a target can secure a kill, but so can a second Disintegrate from Archon

[Astral Presence vs Power Hungry vs None]
Astral presence
Mana pool = 690 mana
Mana regen = 4.86 MPS
Astral presence regen = 4.86 MPS
Astral presence triggers at 172 mana
Mana regen plus Astral presence = 4.86 x 2 = 9.72 MPS
Li Ming’s MPS usage = 6.66 + 5 + 4 + 2.66 = 18 MPS

Power Hungry
Standard health globe = 690 max mana x 8% = 55 mana
Power hungry globe = 690 x 16% = 110 mana
Seconds per wave = 30 sec
Mana gain per second = 55 / 30 = 1.83 MPS
^ (assuming getting all globes in lane)

/// Builds ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
Mirrorball: Sustained bursts
Astral presence, Triumvirate, Seeker, Wave of Force,
Illusionist, Mirrorball, Repulsion

Skittish: Maximum mobility for fleeing (or diving/flanking)
Aether Walker, Triumvirate, Seeker, Disintegrate,
Illusionist, Mirrorball, Archon
-Aether Walker alone is only slightly slower than on horseback. Aether Walker + Illusionist may be slightly faster, though Li-ming becomes vulnerable each time she expends her Teleport

Firefly (defensive): Constant poke + spell armor protection
Force armor, Charged blast, Seeker, Disintegrate,
Illusionist, Fireflies, Archon
-Protection against hero abilities that can’t be dodged, like Pyro-blast and Triple Tap. Against other mages, standard

Cannoneer: max damage to single target objective
Astral presence, Charged blast, Seeker, Disintegrate,
Glass cannon, Fireflies, Tal rasha’s element
-Cannoneer = +52 dps if spamming only missiles. Can be charged up before a team fight by spamming missile and teleporting at nothing. As to get in AA range.
-Glass cannon = +95 dps if spamming only missiles. Applies to Orb and Disintegrate as well. Doesn’t need to be in AA range

Orb: Long range, passive aggressive
Aether Walker, Triumvirate, Zei’s Vengeance, Disintegrate,
Illusionist, Arcane orbit, Archon
-For quick match games where there is no way for your composition to win (or the other side’s levels are too high), but you still want to poke from a long range without dying

Wave of Force: Anti-channeling
Astral presence, Triumvirate, Seeker, Wave of Force,
Illusionist, Mirrorball, Repulsion

Glass Cannon: Max damage (vs heroes). No dive on the other team
Astral presence, Triumvirate, Seeker, Disintegrate,
Glass cannon, Mirrorball, Tal rasha’s elements

[Level 1 + 13 Talents Combinations]
Astral presence, Illusionist Balanced sustain with survivability
Astral presence, Glass cannon Sustained damage
Aether Walker, Illusionist Max mobility, fast fleeing
Aether walker, Glass cannon Some mobility, increased damage
Force Armor, Illusionist Anti-un-dodge-able (heroic) abilities
Power Hungry, Glass cannon Windowed damage

/// Combos ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
Orb + Missile 2336
-Engagement range
-both may target the same spot.
-Orb may be used to scare the target into side stepping where the Missiles are intentionally targeted at the edge of the Orb.
-One can aim the missiles at either side of the orb if you know he’s going to dodge

Orb + Missile + Teleport (back) + movement (instant) 2336
-At AA range
-Hold down right-mouse key before pressing Teleport

Orb + Missile + Teleport (back) + movement (instant) 2336
-Starts at AA range
-With Illusionist. With Illusionist, teleporting backwards puts Li-ming out of her Mirrorball Missile range, so she must teleport beyond the untalented Teleport range (or else Orb won’t deal full damage) but within Illusionist range.

Orb + Teleport (forward) + Missile + AA 2474
-Diving from engagement range

Teleport (back) + Orb + Missile 2336
-Moving from AA range to max engagement range (when enemy emerges from fog of war)

Teleport (forward) + Orb + Missile + AA 2336

Orb + Missile + (Teleport (back)) + Mount + Movement (instant) 2336

Orb + Teleport (forward) + Missile + Disintegrate + Missile + Archon 5080+
(+ (disengage) + Teleport (backward))
= 40 + 30 + 20 + 80 + 0 = 170 mana
=732 + 0 + 1604 + 1139 + 1604 + ? = 5080^
(Engagement range a lvl20)

AA + Missile + AA + Teleport (back) + Orb 2612
(From AA range. Uses AA. Charged blast)

Archon (Disengage) + Teleport (back) + movement (instant) 0

During Disintegrate + Teleport (back)
-Teleporting auto cancels Disintegrate

Archon + Teleport (disengage) 0

Missile + AA ? 1742
(Charged blast)

O + M OM combo
M + O Remove front minion first with M

O + TF + M Closer missile OM combo
M + TB + O AA-range OM combo

TF + O + M Enter-engagement OM combo
TB + O + M Rearguard chaff
TB + O + M + Mou Rearguard chaff + mount

[Side-steps in combos]
O + TS / TS + O
M + TS / TS + O
O + TS + M
M + TS + O

O + M + TB Disengagement OM combo

O + M + D + M + (O) + AA Chain combo
O + TF + M + D + M + (O) + AA Forward chain combo
O + TF + M + D + M + (O) + TB In-out chain combo
O + TF + M + D + M + (O) + Archon + TB + Mou Long chain combo + disengage

[Disintegrate/archon cancels]
D + TB Disintegrate mid-disengage (simple)
D + M/O + TB Disintegrate mid-disengage with chaff
D + O + M + TB Disengage with even more chaff
Archon + TB + (M) Archon disengage
D + moving camera (Tap keyboard scroll key)
D + qued-move/mount

M + W + TB + (O) + (M) Self defense

MF + AA + MB + M. Repeat Poke in and out of vision range
TF + M (out of Hall of Storms)
T + Hearth Min time hearth. (Hold shift)
AA + M Missile right after stutter stepping AA
Mov + M +Mov Retreat, fire chaff at enemy, continue retreat (or fire sideways)
Target 2 different enemies
In-out AA Stepping in for basic attack, then step out. Repeat but keeping AA DPS near max
Using click-to-attack instead of attack-move Sometimes a low-health enemy is in a minion formation, requiring direct clicking. Also wall.
Stutter stepping. Then SS with abilities and combos weaved in Practicing with stutter step alongside Li-Ming’s abilities

M=Magic missile. O=Arcane orb. D=Disintegrate. A=Archon. W=Wave of force
TF=Teleport forward. TB=Teleport backward. MF=Move forward. MB=Move back. Mou=Mount
AA=Basic(/auto) attack.

/// Abilities ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
[Magic Missiles]
Damage: . CD: . DPS: . Mana: . MPS: . Range: .
-Quick cast setting: don’t turn Quick Cast on before learning the skill’s range.
-You have to lead the missiles even against a slow-moving boss with a huge hitbox, or else 100% of them will miss. Your odd angle of the boss doesn’t matter, the lead distance is more-or-less the same. (Your distance-to-target (thus missile-travel time) still matters though).
Modes of fire
-Pinpoint fire: To have all 5 missiles land on a single target. Leading may be required.
-Shotgun: To have the missiles hit multiple, weakened minions.
-Rake: have the mouse a far away from Li-Ming as possible so when the missiles fire, they’ll move almost parallel to each other. The purpose is to de-cloak nearby assassin. (Though it puts Li-Ming’s highest DPS/burst skill on CD. Do so when there are allies next to you).
-The best way to evade an enemy Li-Ming’s Missiles is to sidestep. The path as the same shape as an hourglass, and where there is save space to either side of the point of most damage. Being at the edge of the Missiles’ range, one can easily step back from them.

[Arcane Orb]
Damage: . CD: . DPS: . Mana: . MPS: . Range: .
-Quick cast setting: Probably don’t turn on Quick Cast, because the path projection tells you whether Li-Ming is in the combo range or not. It’ll also tell you in on whom and in what way the Orb may explode on a minion wave formation. Setting cast to release may result in a botched combo because if the player activates Missiles before his finger is off the Orb button, then the Missiles do not fire.
-Orb’s damage radius is a bigger than the Orb’s sprite, damaging the minion who’s immediately behind the first. Usually only the 180° front arc of the Orb triggers and does damage, but sometimes a hero can teleport inside the Orb to dentate it prematurely. A good tank steps in front of his own minion wave to eat Li-Ming’s Orb by himself, greatly reducing the Orb’s DPS, and saving/maintaining his minion’s DPS.
-Good to hit the congo line of a minion wave. [Pic] Best to hit the congo line of a minion wave coming out of the gate, damaging a tower and the gate too. [Pic] You can look at where the enemy minions are at by looking at your own minion wave as they are mirror images of each other. This works at the keep gate as well. When you’re not in a flanking position against a congo line, you can step to the side as far as you can, then try to trigger the very edge of the orb on a minion. [Pic]
-If the minions are in combat formation, an orb from the side can damage 2 footmen, 1 wizard, and 1 archer, totaling to around 2928 points. The archer/wizard will be 1 AA away from death, decreasing the wave’s DPS. [Pic] Li-Ming has to be pretty far away from the minions to deal max Orb damage.
-Alternatively, Li-Ming can stand on the flank at such a distance that the orb can sneak past the footman and archer hitting the wizard, dealing partial damage to 6-7 minions, which subtracts around 3000 hit-points. Li-Ming would have to be near the wave, being vulnerable to an enemy hero’s AoE, but she is closer to the regen globe.
-A way to counter an enemy Li-Ming’s Orb is to be in melee range, walk towards the orb (~100 less damage), or move ~15 degree below the perpendicular of the projectile path because of the way the Orb grows.

Damage: . CD: . DPS: . Mana: . MPS: . Range: .
-Teleporting while holding down your right mouse button will not result in a pause in Li-Ming’s movement. (Read as: don’t use click-move because there’ll be a delay).
-Li-ming bends her knees after teleportation, but that is a cancellable animation. If you see her knees bend, it means you mis-clicked. (If your right mouse key accidentally clicked (hold-press) on the game UI instead of the ground, Li-Ming will not move). Instantly after teleportation, she should either be still moving, or firing off a spell.
-Teleport can be used offensively.

Damage: . CD: . DPS: . Mana: . MPS: . Range: .
-When firing the beam, concentrate on the circle below the enemy’s feet— that is their hitbox. In your mind, try not to move the beam, but try to move your cursor, keeping it in/around the their circular hitbox. I recommend this guide: if the enemy is moving to the right, keep the mouse pointer on the rightside of the interior of the foe’s hitbox. You may have to lead the target a little beyond their hitbox, if Li-Ming is on a laggy server. For example, if you place the cursor on the target, the beam may always be just behind them, as they move left or right.
-The best way to conserve health when getting hit by an enemy Li-Ming’s ultimate is to juke left and right once every 0.5-1 second, halving the damage from 1000 to 500 I think.
-Cool-down-wise, Disintegrate benefits most from Critical Mass resets, but due to its high mana cost it should not be spammed wastefully.
-After activating disintegrate, there is an half-second delay where you can’t do anything else, but after that, you can use teleport (or other offensive abilities for that matter) during the beam’s duration; Li-Ming does not have to wait until the laser is finished to escape from danger. The half second delay is there so that a player who spams the ultimate’s button during the heat of battle doesn’t accidentally fire it then cease it 0.2 seconds after.
-If Li-Ming kills the target in 1 second, instead of cancelling the beam she can spin around, revealing cloaked assassins and other enemies behind terrain.
-You can stop their whole team from turning in coins or spider butts by fanning the beam rapidly.

[Wave of Force]
Damage: . CD: . DPS: . Mana: . MPS: . Max range: a little beyond vision. Pull range: 6.5.
-Stop enemy channeling, (Mosh Pit namely).
-Does not stop Butcher’s Ruthless Onslaught (which really needs to be nerfed).
-At level 20, it can bump a fleeing foe back towards your chase team.
-The knockback is very weak pre-level 20.
-It can peel melees off friends or self. (Hold Alt while casting will have the epicenter always be inside Li-Ming’s hitbox.)
-It can knock enemy to safety if it immediately follows the OM combo without delay. Conversely, WoF can knock a target into your combo, though the skill needed for that on a moving target is immense.

[Critical Mass]

/// Talents ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
Level 1
[Astral Presence]
-Almost no need to hearth back for mana
-25% of 690 mana is 172 mana. (Level 1: 25% of 500 mana is 125 mana)
-It takes 17.5s for Li-Ming regen from 0 mana to 172 mana, ending Astral Presence’s benefit.
-Theoretically speaking, the longer Li-Ming spends under 172 mana, the more benefit there is from Astral Presence.
-Theoretical: in a 20 minute game, natural regen gives 5832 mana, so Astral Presence can potentially give almost as much.
-Practically, mana only dips below 172 during the first laning phrase and in team fights, meaning Li-Ming spends ~25% of the time below threshold. (Math: 30s intense team-fight once every 120s). The total mana in a 20 minute game is now 1458, which is 1.2 MPS. Realistically, it’s less than this.
-Without Astral Presence and with mana discipline (namely limited use of the Orb and causal Teleport), there is a very rough average 2 Orbs every 30 seconds instead of 4— Li-Ming can conserve 6000 mana in a 20 minute game.
-Triumvirate helps to keep mana low.

[Power Hungry]
-Gives a less mana return than Astral Presence
-Power Hungry would be active during a small fraction of the game, near lanes and usually away from team-fights.
-Practically, Li-Ming gets an un-risky globe once every 60s. In a 20 minute game, she gains 1100 mana, which is 0.9 MPS.
-Meaning she spends 33% of the time with 10% power increase although usually only once the minion wave is half dead, and she spends dead time running towards a team-fight.

[Force Armor]
-Useful against click-and-kill abilities like Triple Tap, and Pyroblast
-Dependent on good Magic Missile hits
-Stack does not re-zero after death, though likely the means that killed Li-ming would have stripped the stack.
-Force Armor is good protection against stealth assassins’ ability-chain. It’s also good versus mages, but Teleport alone would be sufficient in dodging their abilities.
-This is a must against a Chromie who can OHK a full-health Li-Ming, 3003 damage (or 3588 with Quantum Overdrive). A guarantee death with Temporal Loop; there won’t be time for teleport in most instances.
-Scenario based on numbers pulled from the air: Li-Ming gains 4 armor once every 60 sec. This would prevent 400 damage, meaning 6.66 HPS in general. Against Chromie, 3 armor prevents 1794 spike damage. Against Nova’s 2 piece combo, this prevents 635.5 damage. 4 armor against Nova’s 2 piece combo plus the first 2 hits from Triple Tap prevents 1376 damage. 2 armor against Zerutal’s 2 abilities prevents 540 damage.
-Missiles hitting Samuro/Nova clones, Rexxar’s Misha, and dragon knight give armor. Nova’s clone jukes a lot— fire at the end of her juke macro.

[Aether Walker]
-Not an inconsiderable quasi-mana conservator
-Li-ming can almost travel as fast as on horseback. Maybe even faster paired with Illusionist. Having said this, it’s like she has Lunara’s constant 20% movement speed.
-Mana-conservation math: Li-Ming dodges and leaps forward for attack 3 times once every 60s. She would conserve 1800 mana per 20 minute game, equalling to 1.5 MPS.

Level 4
[Charged Blast]
D: 191 (splash-able). CD: 3s (2s with Firefly). 64 DPS.
-Mark lasts 6 seconds.
-Can potentially deal 1146 damage to minions. Though it usually just splashes 1-3 targets (191, 382, 573).
-It has a kind of dis-synergy with Seeker. Has one wants to hit as many targets as possible, while the other wants to hit one target with 3 missiles. With Mirrorball, the first 3 missiles can trigger Seeker to kill the front soldier and mark 2 others adjacent/behind.
-Doesn’t consume mana but forces Li-ming to be in AA range of minions or heroes.
-Charged Blast comes more into place during a game because time spent laning > time in team-fights spamming Orbs every 4s.

-92 DPS increase verse heroes. It comes in the form of spike (splash) damage (732).
-Doubles MPS as well, adding 5MPS.
-It has both synergy and dis-synergy with Critical Mass. Doubling the number of Orbs can lead to a kill reset, but the cool-down quickens by only 2s, instead of 6s (2s travel time).

-20% of Li-Ming’s health is 540. Tournament-level players deem this essential to Calamity build.

Level 7
D: 274. CD: 3s (2s with Firefly). 91 DPS.
-The ZING! when all 3 missiles hit is a satisfying, rewarding sound to hear.

[Zei’ Vengeance]

D: 542. CD: 5s (3s with Aether Walker). 108 DPS.
-Has the same DPS Seeker. Hits a lot more reliably, but it puts Li-Ming in immediate peril and cripples her mobility for the next 5 seconds.

Level 10

[Wave of Force]

Level 13
-One in stack = 104 damage. If Fireflying only, DPS is 52 DPS.
-Spamming Aether Walker Teleport, DPS is 35 DPS. Together with Firefly, Cannoneer comes to 86 DPS. A little more with the occasion Orb and Disintegrate.
-Stack of 3 can be store prior to a team-fight. Stack has no time limit.
-The next attack consumes the entirely of the stack which equals 310 damage (+2.25x). 448 damage when including AA.
-Synergy: Firefly, Aether Walker, and Tal Rasha’s Element.
-Move-attack makes it hard not to auto-target minions, wasting the stack when a hero is nearby.
-Makes a whipping sound

[Glass Cannon]
-100 DPS increase when spamming Mirrorball Missiles, Orbs, and Disintegrate. It adds 762 damage to a standard chain of O/M/D/M.
-Synergy: abilities and talents

-20% of Li-Ming’s health is 540. What does this kind of damage? This ability is rarely triggered.
-This is really taken for the 50% increase to teleport distance. Illusionist saved me many, many times in quick match without a healer.
-Valla’s Vault travels the same distance: ~5.5 (AA range).
-Strong synergy with Aether Walker at level 1. Aether Walker gives 66% increase distance per causal Teleport, while Illusionist gives 50%. Pairing them together compared to stock Teleport, she enjoys a 150% increase (2.5x). Assuming Aether Walker provides the same speed as a mount (130%), the pair gives her 145% movement speed, usually at no mana cost.
-Li-Ming can now jump over thicker terrain (like ones in Cursed Hollow) instead of just fort walls.
-No synergy with Glass Cannon because they’re on the same tier.
-When using this ability offensively, one can indirectly increase Li-Ming’s DPS even without Glass Cannon, though not to the same extent.
^ Does the number of seconds Illusionist keeps out Li-Ming out of the death-penalty box make up for the damage choosing Glass Cannon would have dealt? Say Li-Ming’s average damage is 150,000, which means her DPS in a 20min game is 125 DPS. 120s (2 deaths that would have been prevented by Illusionist) equals 15,000 damage. Glass Cannon would boost 150,000 by 15% which is 22,500. 15,000 < 22,500, but not by much. Escaping death by a few meters after a chase usually leaves Li-Ming needing to hearth, which the time is not calculated here, along with other indirect benefits of staying alive. There is also the problem of a Li-Ming leaving her teammates to die, which may lead to a game lost, though reducing 15% max health may do the same.

Level 16
-The missiles travel something like twice as fast.
-Has to learn another set of target-leading knowledge.
-Good against small NPC’s.
-Has to dip in and out of danger more often because of decreased CD time. k
-Slightly longer range against target vectoring away because of the increased projectile speed.
-Synergy: Force armor, Charged blast, Seeker, Cannoneer, Tal Rasha’s Element
-Dis-synergy: Critical mass

-Mirrorball has reduced range if Li-Ming wants to hit all 5 missiles (due to the fact the extra missiles even farther to either side has to move longer diagonal lines).
-50% damage increase (532 D) to Seeker Missiles.

[Arcane Orbit]
-Use for Arcane Orb build. It can be scary seeing an extra-large orb every 2-6 seconds.
-Li-Ming has to fire from an unnaturally far distance, making her Missiles useless. Unlike Sgt. Hammer, Arcane Orbit doesn’t do well once the enemy has closed the gap. In fact, if the enemy is within Li-Ming’s natural vision range, the Orb does less damage.
-During the best scenarios, her Orb does 1180 damage once every 3.3 seconds (due to travel time? or generic delay for all skills?), the DPS coming down to 356.

[Diamond Skin]

Level 20
[Temporal Flux]
-The slow can indirectly be translated to more damage. Without this, an enemy can walk out of Disintegrate’s range. This also prevents the enemy’s juking from decreasing a lot of the beam damage.

-Makes a very mediocre Wave of Force into something tactically powerful

[Tal Rasha’s Elements]
-Gives around 8% damage increase. (The math is in another section). The DPS boost is not a lot and is erratic.
-Sometimes neither Archon nor Temporal Flux is appropriate, especially during a losing game where Archon form’s decreased mobility and delay would get Li-Ming killed, and when her teammates are in constant full retreat to take advantage of a snared enemy by Temporal Flux. The opposing healer can just patching up the 1000-2000 damage easily during a full health/mana chase.

-Archon can be a form of mana-conservation as it costs nothing.
-Pseudo-stutter-stepping helps prevent getting ganked, and also gives better angle for the number of targets that can be splashed. There is 0.5s delay before and after Disintegrate is activated (not very long at all). There is a 1s delay between entering Archon form and using Disintegrate.
-Li-Ming cannot move for 1s after entering or exiting Archon form.
-Spin beam for stealth detection, although it should not be taken solely for that reason because of its short-ish range compared to the size of the map. A stealth assassin’s burst damage is higher than Archon, they diving in regardless of cloak and reaping a successful kill.
-There is a 10s CD after disengaging Archon form.
-Archon can clear all 3 lanes of incoming catapults easily, probably plus all incoming non-boss mercenaries. Very good against zerg wave.

-With this list, you can judge whether a talent/ability is over-nerfed, or under, also gaining insight of how a talent was once used and may still can be used.
-Magic Missiles: increases 3% per level instead of 3.5%. Halves damage to structures instead of full.
-Arcane Orb: 10% damage reduction overall. 8s CD instead of 10s. 40 mana instead of 50. Triumvirate minus 4s instead of 6s.
-Disintegrate: 30s CD instead of 20s
-Astral Presence: triggers at 25% instead of 50%
-Ess of Johan: removed. It was like Johanna’s Condemn, sucking people towards the Orb’s center.
-Triumvirate: distance traveled to halve CD is 50% instead of 80% (this is a buff)
-Dominance: 20% heal instead of 25%
-Calamity: no long damages minions and structure. 10% smaller AoE range.
-Illusionist: resets requires 20% health lost instead of 15%
-Mirrorball/Fireflies: now +5/-5 mana respectively
-Diamond Skin: 20% shield instead of 25%
-Tal Rasha’s Elements: 5% build up instead of 20% when not repeating skills

/// Mana Economy ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
[Level 1 Mana Economy]
Health: 1282 HPS: 2.67 Health recovery time from zero: 480s
Mana: 500 MPS: 3 Mana recovery time from zero: 166s
Attack: 66 DPS APS: 1
Missile: 20 mana, 6.66 MPS, 4% mana (25 uses)
Orb: 40 mana, 5 MPS, 8% (12 uses)
Teleport: 30 mana, 6 MPS, 6% (16 uses)

Ex: 500 mana gives 14 missiles + 4 orbs + 2 teleports. Or 17 missiles + 3 orbs + 1 teleport. Or 8 missiles + 5 orbs + 5 teleport
Ex: 1 missile every 6 seconds would freeze mana bar.

Well: 31% mana = 155 mana. 1.29 MPS (if tapped constantly)
Globe: 8% mana = 39 mana. 1.3 MPS (if picked up all globes).
Objective: 1:40 minute. Minion wave spawns after 20s, 30s, 30s.
3x globes = 117 mana. Ex: 117 mana from glove gives 6 missiles.

Aetheral walker (free 3s CD teleport): 4 teleports = 120 mana

[Time it takes for regen to recovery mana cost]
Missile = 6.66s
Arcane Orb = 13s
Teleport = 10s

[Level 20 Mana Economy]
Health: 2701 HPS: 5.57 Health recovery time from zero: 484s
Mana: 690 MPS: 4.86 Mana recovery time from zero: 142s
Attack: 138 DPS APS: 1
Missile: 25 mana, 6.66 MPS, 3.6% mana (28 uses)
Orb: 40 mana, 5 MPS, 5.7% (17 uses)
Teleport: 30 mana, 6 MPS, 4.3% (23 uses)

EX: 1 missile every 5 seconds would freeze mana bar.

[Time it takes for regen to recovery mana cost]
Missile = 4s
Mirrorball = 5s
Firefly = 3s
Arcane Orb = 8s
Teleport = 6s
Disintegrate = 16s

[DPS Increase Per Tier]
-This does not include natural stat increase, only ones given by talents. Previous DPS increase is added to the next equation. Abilities/talents only, AA not included.
-Level 0, no talents, all DPS included: 396 DPS
-Level 4, Charged Blast: +16% DPS overall. +25% DPS to Missiles
-Level 7: Seeker: +20% DPS overall. +27.5% DPS to Missiles
-Level 10: Disintegrate: +7% DPS overall
-Level 13: Illusionist: 0% (or 15% increase with Glass Cannon)
-Level 16: Mirrorball: +30% DPS overall. +42% DPS to Missiles
-Level 20: Tal Rasha’s Element: +8% DPS overall. +8% to DPS to Missiles.

/// Mana Dump ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
Time it takes to get from 100% to 0% and total damage dealt
Ex: 2.66 missiles + 1 orb + 1 teleport every 8 seconds = 120 mana, 5000 damage
5.75 combos = 28750 damage in 46sec (mana regen not included)
+ 6348 AA damage

[Mana dump with Critical Mass]
-Combo resets cool-down, greatly increasing MPS consumption
-Standard combo: T + O + M + D = 3475 damage, 170 mana, ~3 seconds
-690 mana = 4 combos, 13900 damage, 12 seconds, 1158 DPS
-Half-full mana bar = 2 combos, 6950 damage, 6 seconds

/// Li-Ming’s Specs ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

Magic missile + Seeker + Mirrorball
266x3 + 274 + 266x2 1604 damage
Damage per second = 1604 ÷ 3 sec= 534 DPS
Damage per mana = 1604 ÷ 25 mana = 64 DPM
(1/2 Triumvirate CD vs heroes)
Mana per second = 25 mana ÷ 3 sec = 8.33 MPS
Mana regen time = 25 mana ÷ 4.86 MPS = 5 s

Magic missile + Charged blast + Seeker + Fireflies
266x3 + 191+ 274 1263 damage
Damage per sec = 1263 ÷ 2 sec= 632 DPS
Damage per mana = 1263 ÷ 15 mana = 84 DPM
(Has to auto attack once)
Mana per second = 15 mana ÷ 2 sec = 7.5 MPS
Mana regen time = 15 mana ÷ 4.86 MPS = 3 s

Arcane Orb 732 (Splash)
DPS = 732 ÷ 8 sec = 92 DPS
DPmana = 732 ÷ 40 = 18 DPM
Mana per second = 40 mana ÷ 8 sec = 5 MPS
Mana regen time = 40 mana ÷ 4.86 MPS = 8 s
Number splashed to match untalented Missile’s DPM = 2 splashed targets
Number splashed to match talented MM’s DPM = 4 splashed targets
Number splashed to match untalented Missile’s DPS = 3 splashed targets
Number splashed to match talented MM’s DPS = 6 splashed targets

Li-Ming Damage Cooldown DPS Mana MPS DPM M Regen time Range Note
Magic Missile 798 3s 266 DPS 20 M 6.66 MPS 40 DPM 4s Melee – beyond vision

Charged Blast 191x 3s 64x DPS 0 0 191 / 0 AA
Triumvirate 798x 8s? 92x DPS 40 M 5 MPS 20x DPM 8s Vision range versus hero only

Seeker 274 3s 91 DPS 0 0 274 / 0 Melee –vision
Zei’s Vengeance 200x 6s? 34x DPS 10 M 1.25 MPS ??? 2s vision
Calamity 542x 5s 108x DPS 0 0 542x / 0 Melee - AA VHO

M+S+Mirrorball 1604 3s 534 DPS 25 8.33 64 DPM 5s Shorter than MM
M+CB+S+Mirrorball 1795 3s 598 DPS 25 8.33 72 5s AA
M+CB+S+Firefly 1263 2s 632 DPS 15 7.5 84 3s AA

Arcane Orb 732x 8s 92x DPS 40 M 5 MPS 18x DPM 8s beyond vision
Teleport 0 5s 0 30 M 6 MPS 6s
Disintegrate 1139x 30s 38x DPS 80 M 2.66 MPS 16.5s
Wave of Force 425x 20s 21x DPS 80 M 4 MPS 16.5s

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