Malfurion - HPS Machine by dzyxo

Malfurion - HPS Machine

By: dzyxo
Last Updated: Feb 22, 2015
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My Malfurion build for insane late-game healing.

Talent explanations:

Conjurer's Pursuit - Eat all the globes and never run out of mana in the crucial lategame team fights.

Protective Shield - I always take it if I'm the solo support as Malfurion. Healing Ward is an amazing talent, and if I'm playing with a Tassadar or an Uther I'd take that, but as solo support I love having the single target burst shield when I absolutely need to save someone and don't have time for a Regrowth/HW tick. This talent saves lives.

Enduring Growth - Big big heals. Easy choice.

Tranquility - Amazing team healing that lets you cast all of your other abilities while it heals.

Life Seed - Too good to pass up. Watch who it procs on and then put your Regrowth on someone else. Shrink Ray has great utility if you're running double support, but for pure healing, this is the talent to take.

Hindering Moonfire - cheap, spammable slow when you're chasing after someone or need to escape. Gives Moonfire great utility since you'll already be using it on whoever your team is focusing, and now they're slowed!

Storm Shield - This is when Malfurion really gets OP. 45 second cooldown on an AOE can stack this with Tranq if you need insane healing output, or else just use it on its own so you can stagger cooldowns. It's the perfect counter for other hero ults like Shock and Awe or Starfall, it's usable every 45 seconds, and you *still* have your ult to use if you need it.

Hope you enjoyed the guide :)

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