Moon Moon Hybrid-Build Greymane by DerDaewL

Moon Moon Hybrid-Build Greymane

By: DerDaewL
Last Updated: Mar 1, 2016
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Build: Dammit Moon Moon

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"Moon Moon waits for his chances. He stays behind the line, just throwing some bottles of his furry sweat in dem enemy faces. He gets his chance; jump in; bam bam pow - first enemy down; slash slash pow - second one down..."

Always care for stuns or roots or you will die fast.

1-10: Inner Beast is your strongest ability for substained damage. So Wolfheart helps you to have it always up. Stay behind and do substained damage as possible. Jump for low enemies before they can escape. Try not to take much damage or get trapped. Don't go alone.

10+: You can get a little more aggressive but still wait for your chances to jump in. Don't jump on full-life-heroes, except they are alone and won't get help. Train your micro and you will usually kill every hero 1v1.

13: If you jump in, you want to be fast as possible and let no one escape. So Unfettered Assault helps you stay close to your enemies. On the Prowl would also be useful, but i think the 3 second delay often is too long and enemies could escape.

16: With Alpha Killer you are now able to kill tanks easily as well. Executioner would be good also. Just look how much slows, roots or stuns you have in your team. Alpha Killer works always, but if you play in combo with jaina e.g. with all the slow, Executioner should be your choice.

20: From now on you're absolutely lethal. Tooth and Claw makes you very strong in close-quarter-fights. Also you're now able to clear minion-waves in seconds.

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