Morales Aikdo- Harmony of Ki by assoance 420

Morales Aikdo- Harmony of Ki

By: assoance 420
Last Updated: Dec 14, 2019
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Lt. Morales


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Consider Morales' talent synergy with the friendly enemy and team's composition when building your macro strategy.
This build focuses on being one with damage exchange timing through the game. Morales is often found behind the front line and in front of the backline peeling when above 70% health. The healing beam used gratuitously when it's close to full power and micro heals when under 50% mana. Be ready to retreat when being directly engaged and ready to stand ground when the enemy errors in judgment to maximize on it with your team.
This healer is particularly reliant early game on her own team's survivability chops including avoiding unnecessary damage, outputting damage to the right enemies and knowing when to retreat.
Morales' healing supply prioritizes the front line tank and bruiser and keeping the main damage dealer alive occasionally having to give ordinances to troubled solo lanes away from the team being quick to return in case of a team fight.
Morales is one of the few healers that can heal minions even when they're melting or cursed, sometimes its more beneficial to heal minions taking tower damage when a friendly can't get out of its range.
The on-call nature of the healing beam means it should always be in its right place with enough energy calculated for the next exchange. Disengage the beam to not waste energy by pressing "d" the second the healing target is in full health. An adept Morales should never have a reason to hearth or go to the healing fountain beside the case of an imminent team fight while under 25% health.
late-game reserve the displacement grenade to cancel enemy ults, namely Anduin's, E.T.C's, Nazeebo's or to push away Dva's Ult.

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