My Build (guide comming soon) by savourymlkman

My Build (guide comming soon)

By: savourymlkman
Last Updated: Nov 5, 2016
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Introduction Top

Alarak is a low mobility high utility assassin. Unlike most other assassins, Alarak does not simply bring intimidating damage to the table, having in his kit some of the strongest utility. His displacement through Telekinesis is one of the strongest forms of crowd control in the game right now with Discord Strike being one of the few basic ability silences. Combining these two allows Alarak the ability to either displace heroes out of the fight (say like a healer or Alarak himself) or to force backline heroes into the frontline to be silenced and without possibility of escape.

I will keep this short. The talents I have picked as my "go-to" are a solid balance between defense and offense. Counter-strike is the most important ultimate, people who take deadly charge only get niche use where counter strike is ALWAYS good. Taking Hindered Motion adds to Alaraks CC potential and makes it easier to land discord strike. Last Laugh compensates for his lack of escape and vunerability to CC, and can be the difference between life and death should you find yourself swarmed by the enemy team

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