Passively Powerful Li-Ming by Tonleigh

Passively Powerful Li-Ming

By: Tonleigh
Last Updated: Feb 2, 2016
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Passively Powerful Li-Ming Top

Easy build. This is a passive build for Li-Ming, yet it is very powerful. It allows you to be a very well rounded hero with no issue on mana, and with constant ability damage as a possibility, she is ridiculous.

Use the first trait for no issues on mana, with a 100% mana regen rate under 50% mana.

Now, she does have a low health pool, as most ranged assassins do, so why not give her a great regen during combat that revolves around her abilities with take downs? It works great in small skirmishes and even large team fights, you'll find yourself with enough health, if not more than enough, to walk away safe and assured.

The teleport ability is great at get aways, but if you use it offensively, which it can be done, it makes it that much more liable. I use the ability to get good damage in with a burst, to make, say, a ranged assassin burst down to half health, so he'll run away, and your orb can finish the job off or you can teleport again and magic missile / disintegrate them.

Disintegrate is a great Ult, because it gives your hero the cushion of being at a distance, while dishing out GREAT arcane damage. This ability can melt down squishies, such as healers and assassins.

I use the increased basic attack damage when using abilities, because you're always using abilities if you play her correctly, so with it being stacked up to 3, you can keep dishing out great damage to help confirm those kills.

I use the magic missile trait to give me an additional missile. This is great because it allows for more targets hit, or more missiles to one target.Great damage.

ARCHON is a must. It allows you to continuously dish out the melting damage from disintegrate and only uses the mana from the 1 casting cost, per use. Great pick for a final trait.

Make sure to keep your toon as far behind your team as possible, while being able to get in the great and overpowering damage that she is meant to give, and you will love her game play.

Enjoy, and I'll hopefully see you all, in the Nexus.


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