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By: wormshoes
Last Updated: Feb 13, 2015
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Build: Bring down the RAYN

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Hello Top

Hey Stormies,

I'm sharing this Raynor build as I have had tonnes of success with it so far and hope you guys too.

This is my first EVER guide so I apologies if it looks bland or lacks details.
If it does then I'm pleased to hear your thoughts and comments and I will definitely return and make it look better.

Good Luck fellow Stormies.

Seasoned Marksman Top

I love Seasoned Marksman perk. As the game progresses you really start to notice how quick your damage increases using this as your first perk.

Even though this perk does mean you need to lane it doesn't mean you can AFK farm a lane to boost it up - but it really does help huge amounts late game.

Advanced Optics Top

Actually at this stage there are many options you can chose as your second perk.

The reason I prefer Advanced Optics is mainly because Raynor (even though he has a heal) unlike some other Carries doesn't have any form of escape, and with the extra range it keeps him that little bit further out of trouble but close enough to Storm loads of damage.

Searing Attacks Top

This perk is EXCELLENT!

Raynor rarely needs to return to a fountain or to the Hearthstone for Mana so you will always know you will have enough mana for Searing Attack.

This combined with early gane really does dish out damage early on.

I tend at this point when in combat vs other Heroes is to save my Q to get the final blow

Raynors Raiders Top

This for me is a total no-brainer. Raynors Raiders are excellent for dishing out a storm load of damage and great for chasing down faster heroes who have slipped out of distance.

What I also love about Raynor's Raiders is that they still attack even after Death. I have snagged a couple of kills this way myself and makes dying that little more tolerable.

Activated Rush Top

The main reason I take this is purely because as Raynor has no escapes he needs something to get him out of trouble.

Personally I like to be able to have full control of my heal and not have it activate when I hit the low health threshold.

Berserk Top

+ + = Melt whatever you are pointing at.

When you have all these 3 activates and with Raynors Raiders flying above you the damage output is truly awesome.

Fury of the Storm Top

Just because you want to melt everyone all at the same time.

Final Thoughts Top

For me this build is really powerful and it does have room for a little tweaking in my eyes.

But for now you really cant go wrong with it and will get much satisfaction using this build.

Please feel free to comment on anything you have seen as the more info to share the better.

Good luck and Have fun Stormies.

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