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Raynor Tank+Spank

By: Killshot
Last Updated: Jan 2, 2016
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Build: Raynor Tank+Spank

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Introduction Top

Hello I'm Killshot, and this is my guide for my favorite character Raynor.
This build is the result of extensive experimentation and it tends to be an all around good build, at late game Raynor is able to go toe to toe with almost every assasin and some warriors and emerge victorious, also with proper peeling he is able to achieve quad kill or more with ease.

The secret incredient of this build is his ability to survive longer, poke hard, and finish off or engage with the "shotgun".

I have achieved over 100k damage to heroes and max siege, and max xp-contribution with this build.

Tier #1 Top

This is the pick for this build because it adds massive survivability and makes it almost impossible to drive you from the lane, also you can tower dive pretty early to secure a kill. 1v1 is won each time with this talent
Raynor really doesn't need more damage, but take this if you feel your team can support you but lacks the extra DPS.
Support and pusher Raynor is a popular choice, but it is not in the scope of this guide, this is about killing other heroes and living to tell about it.
Again a support talent, but there are more viable choices in this tier

Tier #2 Top

This is the pick for this build because it adds lots of damage, especially combined with Raynors attack speed buff and with Giant Killer talent later on
Raynor really doesn't need more healing, this build dedicates two talents for healing, so more damage is whats needed in this Tier.
The cooldown of Penetrating Round is already low, especially if you start with it and continue to auto attack, so the damage loss is not worth this talent.

Tier #3 Top

The targer shot by Penetrating Round is already pushed back as a poke or killed, so the extra slow will do nothing in most of the cases, this is a good defensive talent but not worth it in my opinion
This is a popular choise, but it lacks the boost in survivability, maybe a good talent to chase enemies or escape but does nothing against stuns or roots.
This is the pick for this tier as it adds a great boost in survivability, makes the passive to be manually activated on demand, and adds resistant to withstand even the most aggressive assassins.
Again this is a pusher/support talent and does not fit in this build.

Tier #4 Top

This is the pick for this build in 60% of the games, this build is not fit only for killing but can add much to team fights and pushing, and this ultimate makes that possible.
Take this ultimate only if you find that you are losing from an enemy assassin or you want to put some pressure on the enemy support.

Tier #5 Top

This is the pick for this build because it is AWESOME!. I cannot stress this enough, this talent makes this build shine in the late game, as you can run down warriors with ease and leave the enemy team vulnerable.
Not worth it, maybe its good with Bullseye but I prefer auto attacks from skill-shots for various reasons, I tend to find that with proper micro-management auto-attacks offer more damage and are useful in a series of situations.
Again this is a more support/buff oriented talent and doesn't fit in this build.
This is a pick for a Raynor tank? Maybe take this is the enemy team is focusing you a lot, but that shouldn't be the case in the first place. Raynor shines when he picks enemies apart from the shadows/back-line

Tier #6 Top

Take this pick if you are playing with a fellow Jaina/ Arthas/ Malfurion/ Anub'arak or other hero that can stun/root/slow successfully.
This is a poke/push talent, not really worth because this talent is useless for the end-game.
Stun on demand. Yes please! 1.5 is a lot of time to run down enemy heroes combined with Focused Attack+ Inspire and Giant Killer.
Maybe this is a good pick to offer more DPS with auto-attacks, but Raynor already has a buff for attack speed, and the stun from Bullseye is way too good to pass.

Tier #7 Top

This is used for extreme pushing, but the damage output isn't all that great if the enemy team is not grouped up.
This offers some better DPS and poke capability but it is inferior to Nexus Frenzy pick this if you find that you are dying too much or you have an invisible/support foe to gun down.
In my opinion the worst choice for level 20 (heroes tend to die less at these tiers).
More damage more range, what more to ask, with the Inspire ability Raynor becomes a pain and death delivery machine for the enemy team. This ability shines if your team can effectively peel for you letting you poke for almost 5% of the enemy heroes life per auto-attack.
Pick this if you need to position better or want to avoid enemy stuns/roots targeted at you, at this point you should be the main target of the enemy team based on kills/assists and overall stats. So yeah try not to die.

How to play this thing... Top

Levels 1-10: In these tiers you need to poke as much as possible and be aggressive, the two heal talents Give Me More! and Fight or Flight gives you the edge in fights as only a few heroes (non supports) have such great heals so early. Try to get the enemy assassins and finish them off with Penetrating Round.

Levels 10-20: In these tiers you need to play an active role in almost all team battles, camp kills (you can take the lesser camps solo). And push when possible, Penetrating Round and Inspire can take down towers and gates easily because Inspire also boosts creeps and mercenaries.

Levels 20+ : This is where the final push happens, you need to be able to position your self properly in team fights (don't engage first for no reason) and finish off/chase fleeting heroes. You can effectively gun down enemy tanks and support heroes, with Bullseye you can take the enemy support by surprise and kill them or force them to use every ability available on themselves.

The end Top

Give this build a try a few times in order to learn when to flee and when the heals can take care of you. It takes some getting used to, because it is a mixed build but it can fit in more situations than just pure-DPS or support-push builds. It is not a jack of all trades because its main goal is to kill enemies, but fits other roles as well.

Take this build if you like to 1v1 and come victorious, hell in some situations you can even win 2v1 with a sliver of health left but its still worth it.

I will try to find a good video to post to showcase the use of this build on all tiers.

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