Raynor the giant killer by TheMadDrummer

Raynor the giant killer

By: TheMadDrummer
Last Updated: Dec 2, 2015
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Build: Giant killer

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Introduction Top

Raynor is a great hero, and although it says 'easy' on playability, he can be quite hard to master. On higher tier play it's mostly about placement - always try and stay behind the tank/tanks (and still around the healer) and do not get singled out by going in an other direction than your team. Raynor dies quite easily if singled out, so getting in a do damage and then out again is really an important way to play Raynor.

This build is mostly for when facing high hit points enemies, such as double tanks, cho'gall etc. The build is a bit of a glass cannon build, as Raynor doesn't have a lot of survivability, and can be quite fragile against stealth assassins or when singled out by a tank etc. So you need a good tank to take care of you, and most importantly placement - placement - placement!

Skill explantion Top

Going [Seasoned Marksman] means crazy late game damage - if you farm well, you will easily get 40+ base damage which will melt casters and other low hitpoint enemies. In some cases where healing is not present, or if you just want that extra survivability, you can choose to pick [Give me more] for extra health gain.

Focused attack will let you get a very nice first hit every 10 seconds (lowered by one second per auto hit), so try at make it count - fx. by not hitting a tank with block or someone with a shield on.

Revolution overdrive lets your team either catch up with escaping enemies, or give you a hasty retreat when in trouble. Try and stay in the vicinity of your teammates for further boost.

Hyperion is picked simple because it's scary! ...and it can't be removed. It's solid damage on heroes and on buildings, and can easily scare off charging enemies, making a retreat easier. It also does a decent amount of damage to buildings when pushing. A solid pick for teamfights and pushes!

Giant killer - it does what is says, it kills giants! 1.5% of max health to extra damage can late game give you more than 75 extra damage melting tanks quite easily! If not a lot of high health enemies are drafted, double barreled could be picked for that extra burst damage and later on double stun potential!

Bullseye is simple good because it... stuns! Interrupts and shutting down heroes is a great way to help out the team when fighting. This is a potential 3 seconds stun and a bunch of damage! In some cases Executioner can be picked instead. If you have a Jaina/Malfurion or lots of other stun/slow heroes on your team, 40% extra damage on auto hits can be insane. Late game auto hits can easily hit the 600+ marker per hit.

Nexus Frenzy just gives you even more damage and range - that's a better way to survive.. shooting the enemy before it can reach you! Bolt of the storm can in some cases be picked. If you don't have a lot of protection (like a tank/off tank that helps you out when focused by the enemy) you can choose this for an easier escape. Though as stated earlier - placement, placement, placement!

Practice and have fun! Raynor is all about that... and that bass!

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