Raynor - The Hyper Carry by Zealous

Raynor - The Hyper Carry

By: Zealous
Last Updated: Nov 24, 2014
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Threats to Raynor with this build

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Threat Hero Notes
Zagara Really easy. Master Attack Moving and dodge banes and it's a free kill. You can kill her entire baneling train with your Q.
  No Threat
  No Threat
Valla You outrange her hard, so you should always be able to out trade her. Your bullseye can end her Strafe early so keep that in mind.
Nova Loses her efficiency if your passive is up. Your Penetrating Round can be used to break her stealth.
Illidan Evasion can be counted once you talent Bullseye. Until then, try to avoid him.
  No Threat
  No Threat
  No Threat
Tychus Tychus is very hard to 1 on 1. His ultimate gives him a second health bar, negating your heal, his grenade forces you to reposition/resets your auto attack and his Overdrive allows him to chase you down. Very tanky and difficult to deal with.
Anub'arak Knock up, enormous gap closer. Tough to deal with if he dives you at the back line. Try to save your Penetrating Round for AFTER his burrowed charge. If you use it when he is burrowed then the round passes over him and misses.
  No Threat

Introduction (revision 1) Top

Hello & welcome to my technical alpha Raynor guide.
I am a 3k~MMR player with 70% win rate with this hero.

Obviously this guide is completely open to interpretation/deviation (especially considering it is currently in Alpha), and should be used as a guide only.

Why Raynor/Kit Synergy Top

Raynor is a solid character from early to late game, who scales exponentially with levels. He excels late game due to the nature of his kit - in particular his passive ability “Lead from the Front”, in conjunction with Penetrating Round.

Lead From the Front reduces Raynor's cooldowns by ten seconds whenever you kill an enemy hero, and this in conjunction with Penetrating Round buffed with the 6th tier talent Bullseye can dismantle enemy teams.
Getting a feel for your Q's cooldown is essential to playing Raynor in the late game because constantly stunning their carries/using your bullseye to peel is what will make you win fights.

Talent Choices - Pros & Cons Top

Tier 1

Give Me More

Give Me More! is too good in far too many situations. It really shines vs dive comps (Illidan, Zeratul) and even counters Nova's burst damage. It allows you to bait your enemies in the early game because they chase/overextend and forget about the passive proc allowing you to take kills. Not only that, I highly recommend it if you are new to the game, it acts as a great safety net if you position yourself poorly/get caught. Additionally, this spell allows Raynor to solo camps earlier than most carries.

Tier 2

Advanced Optics

Advanced Optics gives extra range. And if you were to consider range as a stat then it would be VERY high up there on priority. It gives you the ability to avoid any AoE CC's/damage in fights, you outrange almost all ranged heroes in the game (in particular Valla) and gives great chasing potential. Once you master moving and auto attacking you can become a poke machine, softening up teams before an engage/objective timer.

Tier 3

Revolution Overdrive

Combo'd with Advanced Optics this talent is insane for teamfights. Raynor outclasses many characters because of his "W" steroid, and increasing the bonus it grants makes him a scary hyper carry. If you are winning fights, your Lead from the Front trait allows you to have this buff up permanently.
Another good thing to note is its great for solo queue. Pressing W and buffing your team fills them with confidence/encourages engages, allowing you to control the flow of the game. (Similiar to Sivir's ult, for the LoL players out there).

Tier 4

Raynor's Raiders

This is the only choice at the moment. I am hoping the BattleCruiser gets some love in closed beta because right now its extremely underpowered. The banshees are cloaked, follow enemies over terrain and can be controlled (they attack on whatever you right click on). It allows you to hunt for kills/clean up without even fighting face to face. Also great for killing towers/gates.

Tier 5

Giant Killer

This tier is situational between Giant Killer and "The Art Of War". In short, Giant Killer if they have a high HP bruiser team, and the Art of War if you are partnered with auto attackers (Valla, Tychus).

Tier 6


Probably Raynor's most deadly talent. Raynor hits his peak at this stage of the game. The stun allows you to 1v1 most heroes, offers amazing peeling for the team, and allows you to escape. Absolutely essential VS and (time it after they have used their gap closers, and whilst Illidan has Evasion up in particular - it still stuns him making his Evasion useless). In fights, really work on watching the cooldown. Once it resets you get another stun... and another... and another.

Tier 7

Bolt of the Storm

Heroes version of Flash. Perfect for reposition, chasing, escaping. Far too valuable in many situations. Bolt into a Penetrating stun can force fights and end them before they've even begun.

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