Raynor, the Specialist Assassin by Sniper Joe

Raynor, the Specialist Assassin

By: Sniper Joe
Last Updated: Apr 12, 2015
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Pros/Cons Top

+Long range sustain dps
+Unique or unusually enhanced talents
+Always 'kind of good', regardless of team comp.

-Lack of burst
-Lack of chase
-Lack of escape
-Low CC

Build Overview Top

One question that comes up in the forums a lot is, 'so what is Raynor, anyway?'

To me, he's long range sustain due to his trait and kind of specialist-y, due to his talent picks.

This build is a hybrid that is just straight-up picking his best stuff on a level by level basis, in order to let Raynor's talents themselves answer the question of 'what is he?'. Therefore it's in the middle of being dps and support. In other words, a Jack Of All Trades.

Of course, if your team is hurting for dps, you must go the full AA build. If your team needs CC and you are confident with your skillshots, then you must go full Q support.

Talent overview: Top

L1, we have Raider's Recruitment. This talent is strictly better than the standard 'bribe'. It charges with 15 kills, as opposed to 20. Early game, you can use this to cap seige giants in an instant once you have 2 charges. Late game, you can cap a whole bruiser camp extremely quickly by using it on the three warriors and shooting down the mage. This skill also works on the treasure chest in Blackheart Bay. You'll instantly defeat the chest. Try it for lols!

L4, we have Activated Rush. When not concerned for your survivability, Focused Attack would be better. Forcing (e) onto more frequent cooldown synergises with Puttin' on a Clinic at L13. Usually we would combine this with Give me More! but Raider's Recruitment is simply too much fun. If you hate mercs, combine it with Give me More! Go ahead.

L7, we have Revolution Overdrive. A lot of the time, this will be the only way to get in or out. Hamstring shot should serve the same purpose in theory, except not. Hamstring does not chase well, the escape is questionable, and is difficult to set up gimps.

L10, we have Hyperion. Why Hyperion? As the game goes on, more people are learning to simply shoot down Raiders. Additionally, Raynor's Raiders does not begin it's Cooldown until both units are destroyed. Hyperion cannot be stopped and begins the CD right away. It has good push power against minions and fortifications. It also represents a respectable 'nope' sign for the enemy that can often sow confusions. On some maps, the circle is bigger than the entire lane, and so it is strictly inescapable, though minor, damage.

L13, we have Puttin' on a Clinic. What is this skill? This skill is a CD reduction for everything, including Hyperion and the W which has become our escape/chase skill. This skill works on all kills, including individual minions. You must tag at least a little, each minion for it to count towards this skill's CD reduction effect. Lining up penetrating round with an oncoming wave of minions that are still walking single file is a little tricky, but super worth it.

L16, we have bullseye. Finally, you have proper CC. This CD is being reduced along with everything else by puttin' on a clinic, you know. Feel free to take Berserk if you wish. After all, it works better with optics and Frenzy, as Ranor's AA range is larger than his Q range. Therefore, it's extremely up to chance and otherwise riskty, as to whether you can actually land the correctly timed Q on the target that requires it the most, but that one isn't affected by Clinic. I honestly suggest just hitting targets that are easy to hit with Q.

L20, we have Nexus Frenzy. Nexus Frenzy is simply too good. We aren't synergizing with it much, but Raynor's innate tallent and properties already work together with this thing. You should, hopefully, not

The Build in Practice Top

You are actually laning and throwing out miscelaneous damage. The majority of the time you are not meant to finish off or focus kill a target. Such things are only a matter of oportunity for you.

Raynor always has worked best with a teammate, and I suggest sticking to AA and (w) with (q) merely as a last-hit tool or if the opportunity is there where one wouldn't mind pushing the enemy away. For instance, when approaching the fight from the side, when your side doesn't really want to finish off but is just poking or fighting over lane. Lastly, when the enemy is so agressive that they'll immediately run back into you afterwards.

After L16, bullseye, you can be more liberal with (q).

Clinic at L13 will open up a different playstyle. Suddenly minion waves are food for (q/w/e/r) reduction. Do your best in order to tag them as they are in single file. Otherwise, cycle through them in order to land 1 AA on each enemy before a teammate/your minions finish them off. You must hit thim in some way for Clinic to trigger. It's not based on area, but damage.

Your enhanced bribe can be used at moments of opportunity. Very late game you can do seige camps off of 1 bribe stack with a decent speed. Otherwise, I suggest holding until you have 2 stacks for seige or 3 for bruisers.

It would be nice to time mer caps perfectly so that they compete with objectives. After all, you cap so blindingly fast with stacks. In practice, the late game is so consumed by team movement that I would suggest just capping at the first opportunity. Get the xp, cause a little confusion, and hopefully you can make something of it. At least, you aren't leaving the camp for the enemy.

To me, Puttin' on a Clinic and Raynor's Raiders are super unique skills that I love. If he doesn't utalize these, then it's just a waste. At the same time, making a whole build around a laning Raynor would be too dangerous for your team. Those were my thoughts on this build. I am seriously reconsidering whether Activated Rush or Focused Attack is a better pick for general play.

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