Stoned Kael'thas (With Video Combo) by HotsMasterJ

Stoned Kael'thas (With Video Combo)

By: HotsMasterJ
Last Updated: May 18, 2015
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Build: Stoned Kael'thas

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Who is HotsMasterJ? Top

I am just an average gamer that enjoys playing hots, and getting Stoned out of my mind. Been playing since Alpha. These guided are for the player that gets HIGHLY INEBRIATED and wants a build that is forgiving to such a condition! Fun builds that allow you to enjoy the character and thus the game more! Got a Youtube channel as well as streaming on twitch at Let's take a fat DAB and get started shall we.

Pros and Cons Top

    Good laner (Burns minions down with AoE)
    Good team pressure (via aoe and dots)
    Good CC (up to 3 people at a time)
    Variety in game play every 6 secs (via Verdant Sphere)

    Squishy (beware of positioning and you are ranged, so stay ranged.)
    Mana (He burns through it... get it... sippy cup will be used.)
    Two skill shots (little more difficult to play then some.)

Verdant Sphere Top

Verdant Sphere boosts your basic abilities (Flamestrike, Living Bomb, and Gravity Lapse). It has a 6 second CD so it gets SPAMMED. You should always have this ability on CD. Cost no mana and it boosts are soo worth while. This is the mechanic that puts the variety into the game play. I can spread fire more with Living Bomb, I can stun more targets with Gravity Lapse, and I can AoE not only harder but in a bigger area just by using Verdant Sphere before my ability choice.

"The" Combo Top

Verdant Sphere to double Living Bombs to Gravity Lapse to Flamestrike followed by phoenix and then move the phoenix one more time.

He is a video to demonstrate the combo:

Early Game Top

Use Verdant Sphere with Flamestrike to clear waves faster, thus putting pressure on the lane and enemy. Careful overextending, but if got you can use Gravity Lapse to stun and run away. I save Gravity Lapse to run or pounce for the takedown. I use Living bomb with Verdant Sphere to save on mana and get another target with Living Bomb. Show up to team objectives. I use the **** out of Verdant Sphere Living Bomb combo in team fights or pvp in general. Flamestrike where you think they going, and use Gravity Lapse to stun often.

Mid Game Top

Level 10 Grats! Team fights is what it is all about. Lane when waiting for the team, and be careful not to overextend... you are SQUISHY! Use the Phoenix every time it is off CD in pvp encounters, with a 40 sec CD there is no reason not to. Spread that Living Bomb around and stun like mad. Remember your ranged and it will be alright.

Late Game Top

At this point you should be roaming and taking objectives as a single fighting unit. Lane or take a camp if you waiting for teammates to rez, but outside that you should be with your team. At level 20 the Phoenix can be moved one time and gets it's duration increased by 100%: That means 14 seconds of Phoenix and you can move it once when the team fight shifts (and they always do) with a 40 second CD... It makes the Phoenix not out doing damage only 26 seconds of game play. That is crazy! Dot everything up, AoE on CD, and stun often. Before you know it you have Burnt the whole game down and it is GG!

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