Sustain competitive Build by Lephisto

Sustain competitive Build

By: Lephisto
Last Updated: May 18, 2015
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Build: Sustain Build

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Greetings Top

hey guys,

I want to share with you this build. ^_^

It has everything you need for good play in QM or in League.

I suggest you play around with it and see how it feels like to you.

With other Living Bombs builds I made really good hero damage (100k+) at the end of the game, but it felt like useless damage, "just to look better in recount" if you know what i mean ;), and only if players are silly enough to fight next to each other. In proper games you don't have people close to each other or they spread a lot.

You have extra range for Nether Wind and Flamestrike, D + Flamestrike does around 25%+ hero max health damage on lvl 17+.

Also Mana Addict + Arcane Barrier gives you about 2k shield for 3 sec, enough to totally mitigate Nova for example,

Have fun,

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