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Threats to Sylvanas with this build

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Threat Hero Notes
Gazlowe gazlowe is not going to be much of conern to you
Raynor Same reason as tychus
Malfurion Malf is very squishy and envenom will be very effective
Li Li very low threat and is very squishy, envenom will be very effective
Tychus tychus is really not that much of a threat to sylvanas especially after you get envenom
Valla Valla is a moderate threat in the early game but once you get envenom you can be more aggressive just be-careful for strafe at level 10.
Nazeebo Just make sure you dont get trapped in nazeebo's zomebie and use your ult to cancel nezeebos ravenous spirit if that is what he chooses
Zagara Zagara is not too much of a threat to you just make sure you dont soak the banelings she gives but again envenom is going to be what gives you the edge
Thrall thrall is not that much of a concern in the early game but towards the mid game he can be a bit concerning. Just be careful envenom and you can burst him down.
Kerrigan if caught off guard kerrigan can win but if not caught off guard envenom will give you a favorable 1v1
Stitches stitches is not as tanking as most other tanks especially after the recent nerf. Just stay out of range of hook and you will be fine.
  No Threat
Illidan Versus a good illidan you are going to have some problems and make sure you are with other team members. You could win 1v1 but just be careful.
Zeratul Watch for cloaked heroes like zeratul and nova and make sure you catch them before they catch you. You are very squishy and zeratul will be hunting for you. If you do catch them you will most likely win and use envenom.
Nova Same reason as zera
Tassadar It's going to be very hard to take done tassadar so watch out for the shields he casts to other players and becareful in 1v1 situations.
E.T.C. Honestly any tank is going to be a early, mid, and late game threat. Sylvanas is very squishy and will have a harder time 1v1ing a tank without blood for blood.
Diablo Same reason as ETC
  No Threat

Overview of Abilities Top

Black Arrows Trait
Basic Attacks and Abilities stun Minions, Mercenaries, and Towers for 1 second.
Q Withering Fire
Shoot the closest enemy for 25 (+3 per level) damage, preferring Heroes. Stores 5 charges. Has a 2 second cooldown. Gain 1 charge on nearby enemy Minion or Mercenary deaths, and 3 charges on nearby enemy Hero deaths.
W Shadow Dagger
Deals 10 (+3.5 per level) damage and an additional 40 (+14 per level) damage over 2 seconds to target unit. The effect spreads to nearby targets. Has a 10 second cooldown.
E Haunting Wave
Send forth a wave of banshees dealing 30 (+11 per level) damage to all targets. Reactivate to teleport to the banshees' location. Has a 11 second cooldown.
R Wailing Arrow
Shoot an arrow that explodes for 200 (+20 per level) damage and silences enemies for 2.5 seconds. Can be reactivated to detonate the arrow early.

What Talents to Actually Get Top


With the WindThis is going to keep you safe in the back of the fight and help you kite more with 25% increased range.
Lost Soul is a pretty good option also to add to your dps by decreasing your cooldown by 2 seconds. I still feel that having With the Wind, 25% extra range, is going to keep you safe and having 2 seconds less of a cool down might not be as worth it.
Barbed Shot can have its needs, for example, on Tomb of the Spider Queen clearing waves is pretty important pushing with or against the creep.


Envenom is a staple to any kind of Sylvanas build and there really isn't much else to say besides that. This is going to do a ton of damage to squishy players like Raynor, Tychus, Nova, Li Li, etc...


Follow Through I actually like this talent a lot because you will be using your Q, Withering Fire, a lot in a fight and this could maximize your damage with your basic shots in fights.


Wailing Arrow is the best ult and I actually don't see why you would ever go for Possession unless you just wanted to try it. This is great for team fights to interrupt Hero ults like Nazeebo's Ravenous Spirit


Overwhelming Affliction is a upgrade to your hero trait making your basic attacks perfect in 1v1 or 2v1 or even 3v1 scenarios when you are chasing someone down and you need to slow them.


Cold Embrace is sort of like novas Crippling Shot where it gives you extra damage to deal to the enemy hero. This can give you an edge especially in 1v1 fights when they become close. Blood for Blood could also be selected to help vs tanks like Diablo and make you more potent but I think Cold Embrace has more damage potential.


Bolt of the Storm seems like the logical choice for Sylvanas since one of her weakest areas as a character is how in immobile she is. Sure you have the E, Haunting Wave, to help you "blink" away but its not going to be instant like Bolt of the Storm

Also, here is a good video explaining my thoughts on this build Top

This needs to be updated

Rotation to Use Top

I will update this more so dont mind it too much

More in depth explanation of rotation
Opening up W, Shadow Dagger Will be good to open with because the damage will spread to other characters and when you get Life Drain this will increase your health while you are attacking, and also when you get Cold Embrace you will be doing 25% more damage.
Using E, Haunting Wave, second will be ideal because if they start to run away after you open up Shadow Dagger you will be able to cast E again and catch up to them and attack them with your basic attacks to activate the ability Overwhelming Affliction to make sure you slow them and they can't get away.
Once you have used W Shadow Dagger, E Haunting Wave, Use envenom vs squishy players mention before and they will almost be dead at this point.
Spam Q Withering Fire To finish them off and if they are out of reach at this point then using R, Wailing Arrow, right when the arrow radius is near them hit R again and they will be dead.

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