Terran Takedown by Axis1337

Terran Takedown

By: Axis1337
Last Updated: Jun 9, 2015
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Build: Shotgun Massacre

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Intro Top


So this is my first ever guide so excuse me if it sucks or is lacking anything.

This is a great build for both starters and veterans.

It capitalizes on Raynor's Penetrating round.

Skills Top

So the skills in some spots can be swapped for something else of your choosing.

The only ones that are necessary for this build are Confident Aim, Double Barreled, and Bullseye.

Pretty much any of the other skills are up to your preference.

With these skills chosen, you'll have TWO rounds of Penetrating Shot and if you hit a hero with both, it drops the Cooldown by EIGHT seconds making you able to pretty much constantly lay out the damage. Not to mention with Bullseye, it does 50% more dmg AND stuns. This makes it very easy to dish out a lot of damage fast and prevent heroes from running from you.

Raynor's automatic healing ability makes him THAT much more powerful for the fact that if you get jumped by multiple heroes at once you can usually still manage to get out alive.

Playstyle Top

This build isn't a tank by any means, Raynor can still die pretty quickly even with his healing ability.

You don't need to play like a glass cannon but it is definitely better to keep enemies at the edge of your range so you can turn tail and run if need be.

I personally take the Hyperion ultimate for the fact that I mainly use this build to push lanes and destroy towers. Hyperion is decent for heroes but it really shines versus towers.

That being said, the Raynor's Raiders ultimate would best be taken if you plan more on pursuing enemy heroes as it will dispatch a hero faster than Hyperion would.

Conclusion Top

There you have it. My little "shotgun" build.

Go forth and kick some Zerg ***... Err I mean Nexus ***.

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