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By: Doncroft
Last Updated: Apr 29, 2015
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Build: The Brew Build

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Threats to Chen with this build

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Threat Hero Notes
Illidan Illidan Stormrage is almost no threat to you, and you help your team survive his wrath. Your brew shields make you IMPERVIOUS to him 1v1 later in the game, and you can distract and bully him with your many abilities.
Nova Nova players will hate you, as they cannot penetrate your shields hardly at all, and you have two abilities that can easily reveal, damage, and slow her.
  No Threat
  No Threat
  No Threat
Zagara Early game, Zagara is a large threat to Chen. Once you're past level 7, her threat drops substantially, as she has no hard CC.
Anub'arak A dangerous foe because of his two long range interrupts. However, his damage and HP mean you can make his life difficult as well.
Diablo Beware the Lord of Terror's Overpower. If he flips you into the enemy team and Shadow Charges at the same time you flip kick, you're a dead panda for sure.
Brightwing Beware the polymorph. If polymorphed at the start of a drink, you are in danger. HOWEVER, if polymorphed after or late in a drink, your shields are retained, allowing you to pull back with relative ease.
E.T.C. ETC is a very dangerous foe for Chen. If you must face him, do so 1v1 or with the support of your team. ETC's CC combined with an Assassin can wreck you if he interrupts the brew at the right time.
Kerrigan Kerrigan is one of your worst enemies because of her two ranged interrupts and ability to pull you away from your team. Counter this putting damage onto her whenever you can with your combo, as she is quite squishy. Also, time out her combos in your head and catch her when vulnerable. When your shields are up, there's little she can do.

Introduction Top

Hello, fellow Heroes of the Storm! I have been maining Chen over the past few months, and after playing him all the way to level 12, I can say that I have perfected a build that will wet your pallet for some brew, as well as give you a cool, alternative way to play Chen: one that emphasises one thing. DRINKING! You're going to buff your D trait into the sky and use Chen as a super support warrior. So with much adieu, I give you...

THE BREW BUILD (tested and mixed to perfection)

Objective Top

The idea of this build is that you are making the strongest, longest lasting shields possible for you and your teammates. You're a mobile fortress, sustaining yourself and your team with your constant consumption of your delicious brew! Other Chen builds emphasize chase and regen, but the Brew Build is ALL about that support sustain. So get ready to drink. A LOT.

Talents Top

1. Consuming Flame - That's some strong brew! It is so strong and thick that when placed on an enemy and set ablaze with your heated Breath of Fire, the target burns 66% longer! That's right. It increases the damage of your DoT every 5 seconds combo by 66%. That's some serious brewery, and it gets your enemies super drunk. (As in dead drunk.)

4. Swift Reflexes - Your enemies will try to spill your brew by knocking you around with basic attacks all game. By learning to use your natural swift reflexes to keep your brew steady, you will evade a FULL auto attack every 4 seconds. Yes, you heard right. This makes Block look like a pillow. Enemies will be fools to try to take your brew from you!

7. Aftertaste - Commonly known as "Combat Stance", this rare incredient DOUBLES how long your brew shields last after you pull the keg from your lips. By FAR, the more popular talent here is Brewmaster's Balance, and if you want to use that, that's fine! However, if you want to brew the most incredible shields of any brewmaster and share them with your teammates, Aftertaste is what you need! Note, this talent works best if you've got a healer on your team (as you pretty much always should) and your teammates know to drink with you as much as possible after level 13.

10. Wandering Keg - Force that brew down your enemies' throats by summoning a giant barrel of delicious brew that is unstoppable (though not unslowable) to push them wherever you wish, damaging and mini-stunning them repeatedly. You must practice to control your Keg, so that it does not control you! Balance and brew in all things, young brewmasters. Use Wandering Keg to save allies from pursuers, to escape a gank, or to push enemy heroes right into your DPS counterparts, securing kill after kill! If you're especially skillful, you might grab two heroes at once!

13. Enough to Share - We brewmasters are compelled to share our brew with others. Even our friends! ESPECIALLY our friends! Share your brew shields with your teammates as much as you want. It is true, some Chens are selfish bears and go for Relentless, but a true brewmaster remembers that when going the brew build every buff to your brew buffs your allies' brew too! This is why we get Aftertaste at 7. It doubles how long the brew shields last after drinking. Share you brew, and the party never ends, especially when coupled with a good healer! And this goes perfectly well with our next crucial ingredient...

16. Bolder Flavor - This is when your brew reaches the peak of perfection. Bolder Flavor makes brew shields 40% stronger and form 40% faster. That includes the brew you share with your allies! Soon, you shall be wrapped in safe, swift, long-lasting brew rapidly all the time, mitigating ungodly amounts of damage, throwing this excellent drink all over the battlefield to keep your allies happy and your enemies dead drunk.

20. Bolt of the Storm - The final piece for a Brew Build brewmaster. Bolt of the Storm gives you magical powers to teleport a short distance every 40 seconds. Combined with Flying Kick, Wandering Keg, and Keg Smash you now have 4 separate chase abilities. Your enemies WILL drink your brew, and they won't take it from you!

Final Words Top

Remember, young brewmasters, the gods of the Storm have not yet seen fit to truly buff our brewing powers in earnest, and our great enemy, CROWD CONTROL that spills the brew is ever present! Watch your positioning, time your drinks well, and don't miss your basic attack chances or combos. It is time to bring the best brew in the world to the Nexus! And with that, our warcry:


There are other ways to build Chen, it's true
But this makes the best brew for me and you.
You can go kung fu style and kill without care
But there's nothing quite like
Enough to Share.

About the Author Top

Doncroft is one of several Starcraft II official forum MVPs who was invited into the Heroes of the Storm Technical Alpha in April 2014.

Blizzard's MVP Program:

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