The Lost Vikings ||| The Underdog's of HOTS by DigitalAxis

The Lost Vikings ||| The Underdog's of HOTS

By: DigitalAxis
Last Updated: Jul 10, 2016
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The Lost Vikings

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Introduction Top

My name is DigitalAxis. I own a small gaming community called Illumination Gaming and have played Blizzard games since the 1990's. Since the day Heroes Of The Storm was announced, I was PSYCHED! My main heroes are Specialist's and Support's, particularly, The Lost Vikings. This is my first guide, so I apologize if it is not the neatest and most beautiful guide, but I will be putting as much valuable information ifor you as I can!!

Who are The Lost Vikings? Top

The Lost Vikings is a high difficulty hero that in the hands, can change the tide of ANY game! When playing the viking's, there are some important things to keep in mind, as they are vital to a good vikings game!

1. Team Composition: When playing The Lost Viking's, one of the most important thing's to keep in mind is your Team Composition. The Lost Viking's make great teammates for most tanks, or low-overall healer's such as Brightwing (One of Brightwing's AOE heals will almost full heal your viking!). When deciding to make a viking's selection, it is important to ask yourself whether it will benefit the team.

2. The Map : Another crucial decision when selecting The Lost Viking's is map the map. While obviously in Quick Match this is not something you know before selection, in ranked play and draft play it can make all the difference. While most heroes can get by well on any map, The Lost Vikings suffer a great deal on maps such as Blackheart's Bay, Battlefield Of Eternity, and Tomb of the Spider Queen. If at all possible, avoid using them on these maps. Your best maps with The Lost Viking's are Cursed Hollow, Garden Of Terror, Sky Temple, and Dragon Shire. This is because of your innate ability to split up and cover large amounts of ground. When on maps such as Dragon Shire, remember to utilize ERIK to take the Dragon Knight, while keeping the others in lane.

3. Communication : Last but far from least, is Communication. Your team should always know where you are planning on going, or when you are getting camps. Viking's maintain a vital presence on the map, so if they disappear without your team knowing, it can be a costly mistake. As always, I highly recommend Teamspeak (

What can the vikings do? Top


Baelog is your main viking for lane clear. He deal's AOE Splash Damage, and if using the proper talents, can clear lanes VERY quick.


Olaf is your tank and your main team fighter. While none of the vikings can beat other heroes 1 vs 1, his large health pool and melee attack's make him a valuable asset in team fights. He is the viking you should leave in team fight's while your other 2 viking's are soaking lane experience.


Fast as a speeding bullet with the range of a sniper rifle! Ok, that may be an exaggeration! But Erik is by far your fastest hero, with the most range. He is great for pursuing low health etctives such the Dragon Knight!

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