The way of the dragon. by Zhin

The way of the dragon.

By: Zhin
Last Updated: Apr 9, 2018
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Threats to Genji with this build

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Threat Hero Notes
Cho Big target, easy to Q and slow unlike you.
Genji You read this guide, he has not.
The Lost Vikings X-Strike is great at killing multiple enemies. Swift strike, kill, and repeat.
Li-Ming All of her abilities are easy to dodge and deflect.
Gall Big target, easy to Q and slow unlike you.
Sgt. Hammer She is slow, no CC, deflectable attacks. No problem.
Gul'dan You can either dash or double jump out of his [Drain life]. He can still slow you. He however has no escape.
Malfurion His healing is not enough for your damage, but he has some CC to watch out for.
Ragnaros Killing him in his siege mode is easy as you can dodge all his attacks, killing him mobile is also easy as he cannot escape. Only problem is his un-deflectable W.
Chen Nearly killed, just ults into three, but if you have X already you won't have much trouble, your W & E is however good against numbered.
Samuro Same reasoning as Chen. Your X-Strike will help you kill his clones and probably him too.
Lt. Morales She is easy to kill as you can just dash to her, smash, then get out. Killing the one she is healing however's another story.
Lúcio He is a support and as squishy as you are, but if he run back to his teammate and you don't have your E, then it'll be hard to kill him + speed boost.
Zarya Killing her can be challenging with his barrier and the enemy she shields. She has auto aim, you do not, but if she gives you too much problem, just dash out as she has no mobility to catch you.
Abathur If you can find him, you can kill him. But he'll most likely be in their base.
Diablo He is tanky, has hard CCs and could get you off track. His ground based ult is un-blockable. He is however a big and easy target.
Murky I just hate this thing.
E.T.C. E.T.C. Has the best CC in the game and you are one of the weakest heroes against CCs.
The Butcher You cannot deflect his ground based ultimate [Furnace Blast], you can deflect his [Ruthless Onslaught], but now it's stun. If you survive however, you can of course out run him.

Words Top

I have tried every build, deflect, dragonblade, etc. With every talents, but this seem to work the best for me against high level players and be of some use in teamfights and objectives.
This build focuses on being able to kill multiple enemies and limiting deaths.

Pros and Cons Top

Pros :
+ Extremely Mobile
+ Eh Mana
+ Nearly all your abilities can keep you from harm
+ outplayability
+ consistent

Both : Ability reliant

Cons :
- median health
- Not so good at objectives
- Weak against CCs
- No auto target
- Cannot deflect everything

What to keep in mind as Genji Top

You are not made to do objectives. You are made to kill and this guide focuses on that purpose.
It's better for you to dodge/deflect incoming damage rather than take them.
Genji's basic attacks tickles and reliant in his abilities, which is both a good and bad thing.

Q : Shuriken. Throws 3 shurikens in a spread, stores up to 3 charges.
This is your main way dealing damage to turrets, minions and merchs.
Choosing Shuriken mastery and Shingan increases the viability.

W : Deflect. Channels and lasts for 1.25secs, becomes protected and blocking damage, even melee. To any blocked damage, he throws shurikens, prioritizing a hero.
Deflect is your defensive ability, use it to give time for (E)[Swift Strike] to escape.

E : Swift Strike. Dash forward dealing damage to all enemies in a line. Heroes that dies in 2 seconds refreshes Swift Strike.
Swift Strike is both your escape tool and your wiping ability. If you see a weak enemy, dash to them, kill, get out or dash, kill, and kill another. Genji is the best diving hero and still make it out alive if you play him correctly.
Somewhat a wave cleaner.

D : Cyber Agility. Double jump, great for escaping and reaching for a kill when [Swift Strike] is on cooldown. Goes through terrains to keep most enemies off your tail.

R : X-strike. performs two slashes. The slashes detonates after 1.25secs causing additional damage, turning you un-targetable meanwhile the ability.
If for example a predictable ability is about to hit you, use this to render yourself safe. A last resort escape ability.
With the [Living Weapon], hitting enemies reduces it's cooldown, making it extremely useful fighting multiple enemies, just like how this build is made for.

Talents Top

Tier 1 : Swift as the Wind
Hitting an enemy Hero with Swift Strike increases Genji's Movement speed by 30% for 3 seconds
Duh, because everything other talent sucks.

Tier 2 : Shuriken Mastery
Quest : After 35 hits on enemy heroes, damage increased by 25. After hitting 75, Cyber agility refunds 2 shurikens.
Works well with Tier 5 and gives cyber agility more reason to use, oh and more damage. Every other talent is too inconsistent.

Tier 3 : Augmented Guard
Gain a shield after Deflect ends.
With Dodge talent nerfed, Augmented guard is the way to go as it gives you 50% of deflected damage, meaning if you deflect so many damage, you're both dealing damage and giving yourself more survivability to escape, save yourself from DOTS (Damage over times) or kill more enemies. Perfect Defense could also be good, but you either die or kill and get out and there'll be no point to wait another 14-6seconds.

Tier 4 : X Strike
performs two slashes. The slashes detonates after 1.25secs causing additional damage, turning you un-targetable meanwhile the ability.
Bread and butter of this build.

Tier 5 : Shingan

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