Thrall's 10-Ton Hammer by TheBeard

Thrall's 10-Ton Hammer

By: TheBeard
Last Updated: Sep 13, 2015
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Threats to Thrall with this build

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Threat Hero Notes
Diablo Doesn't deal enough damage, he has no escape. Watch for him to flip you into his allies
Malfurion No threat, just annoying.
Tassadar Tassadar just seems to be harassment. No threat here.
E.T.C. Similar to diable, there is no threat to damage, but watch out for his stuns and teammates to follow up.
Valla Root her and smash her head in, especially late game
Muradin Muradin hurts in Avatar form, but other than that watch for his stuns and his friends to follow up.
Sgt. Hammer She is only a threat when she is in seige mode, but if you can root her and combo with a KT or Jaina, she is donezo
Zagara I don't find Zag to be much of an issue, especially late game. Early game she is always strong!
Raynor Raynor's threat is that he doesn't like to die. Once he uses self heal, go for the neck.
Kharazim Dude can heal and dish our some hurt. This is the only threat from support class.
Leoric Leoric is broken and by end-game can deal some stupid damage is he is being played properly. Just beware
Nazeebo Nazeebo's DoT's can be unrelenting. Be cautious in team fights.
Kael'thas Squishy hero but can stun from range and deal some damage at the same time
Gazlowe Gazlowe turrets hurt!! Gazlowe himself is not a threat. Eliminate the turrets and kill.
Jaina Like Kael'thas, she has the ability to slow and burst damage, fight selectively, but unrelenting.
Nova Watch for the wiggles on the map, but if you get a hold of her she is gonna be hurt, problem is by the time you find her you are very hurt.
Zeratul Another high threat due to stealth, but he is melee. Root him to keep him from escaping or to catch him before he attacks.
  No Threat

Intro Top

My name is The Beard, I stream on twitch, but I play Heroes of the Storm semi-competitively with my friends. I've never been a fan of MOBA's until HoTS. This is my first guide, so go easy on me!

Typically I play Assassins. I like to get in, cause some major damage and get out! I have played Heroes of the Storm for most of Beta and all through release. I like to think I have a pretty good grip on the game, but I encourage feedback always on my builds. So comment below, check out my Youtube vids.

Abilities Top

Thrall, as soon as I learned him, instantly became my favorite. Especially, when I learned how well combos with high burst damage heroes. Well what I mean is, and you'll see in any of my game play is I love playing along side Jaina or Kael'thas. Both have very high burst damage and they can either slow or stun their opponents from range, which makes me the clean-up crew.

Lvl 1: Rolling Thunder - Increases Range of Chain Lightning
Lvl 4: Envenom - DoT (Yes it was nerfed, but this combos well with "W" and "E") I know I will catch **** for this ability, but the fact is, I like it. Against any other assassin or support, Envenom is gonna rip right through them once they are stunned (W) and then beaten down with (E)
*Lvl 4: Situational - All the others are really good, but I'd probably go for extra mana or more chain lighting. All dependent on the map and who I was playing with.
Lvl 7: Wind Sear - Reduces the Cooldown of Windfury (E)
Lvl 10: Sundering - Most of the time you'll use this
Lvl 10: Earthquake - Choose this with heavily objective maps (Sky Temple, Tributes) High burst damage is a must.
Lvl 13: Grace of Air - Double Direwolf resilience. Thrall has the ability to heal himself after 5 stacks of Direwolf Resilience. This gives 2 stacks per hit on Windfury (E). NO BRAINER
Lvl 16: Tempest Fury - Final Strike of Windfury hits 3 times. At this point in the game, you get 5 hits for the price of one.
Lvl 20: Nexus Blades - Grab the extra damage to your basic attacks and allow them to slow heroes. DUH

Threats Top

The important part you remember about Thrall is that he is a melee fighter and a lot of the people you are bound to go up against in Quick Match will be Kael'thas, Jaina, The Butcher and they will rip you apart quickly. Being selective at when you go at these guys is paramount. Currently, Leoric is broken and he will hit like a truck by endgame. A warrior who can delete other heroes is very broken IMO so watch out for him late game. Raynor becomes a mid tier threat because of his self heal, but as soon as you see that pop, go for the throat.

The only support that will give you trouble is Kharazim he moves around so much and can jump in and out of battle. Lili and Malfurion are only annoying because they will keep healing themselves and the passive heal late game from Malfurion is another bother.

Your high threats, stealth's, are always an issue. Nova is problematic because usually by the time you identify which one is real, you've lost too much health and need to retreat. Zeratul can be dealt with easily if you can get Feral Spirit on him before he strikes and then bash his face in.

Over all, this build shouldn't see you dying very much you just need to be selective in your fights and combo with someone else to really bring the hurt.

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