Tychus the TiTaN Slayer! (18.6.444) by gingolo

Tychus the TiTaN Slayer! (18.6.444)

By: gingolo
Last Updated: Jul 10, 2016
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Build: Heavy damage / Anti Bruiser-Tanks

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Tychus the TiTaN SlaYeR Top

Introduction of Tychus Top


Tychus is an assassin hero from the Starcraft 2 world, his HP pool pool is very large compared to other assassin heroes and he also has a good escape skill with a pretty low cooldown. But his best part is his arsenal made of a deadly minigun gun, grenades and a powerfull laser turret!


Why should I pick Tychus? Top


Tychus has been totally reworked some time ago as some of you might know, I preferred him before, but also now he is very strong with a good build. Let's see how Tychus works overall and why we will focus mainly on his Minigun trait. This will allow him to deal damage based on enemy max % health, so also the toughest tank won't be a problem for him.


Let's start from the beginning, first of all Tychus basic attack mechanism is different from other heroes, instead of doing a single attack he performs 4 quick attacks in 1 second. At level 1 his damage per attack is 46, so basically his DPS (damage per second) is 46 x 4 = 184. Other heroes & assassins average Attack Speed is 1 each second.
Attacking the enemy four times in one second has several advantages; first of all, many heroes may have talents like Block which you totally bypass; this could not seem much but let's analyze in a period of 2 seconds how much difference it makes; let's say both at level one have 184 DPS.
Tychus = 8 attacks in 2 seconds = 2 reduced out of 8 (46-75% + 46-75% + 46 + 46 + 46 + 46 + 46 + 46 = 299 damage).
Other hero = 2 attacks in 2 seconds = 2 reduced out of 2(184-75% + 184-75% = 92 damage).
Faster attacks can burn out charges of buffs like Pixie Dust or shields pretty fast, destroy Anub'arak 's Cocoon faster, open Blackheart Bay chests faster or just benefit from ally buffs on more attacks.

As we saw before Tychus attacks 4 times in 1 second, this means that during the time Minigun is active potentially we could deal 12 attacks. (4 attacks each second for 3 seconds)
Think about it, 12 attacks at level 1 would be 552 damage + 2% enemy max health per hit (12 hits = 24%) for a total of 552+24% enemy max health. Tychus only with his base attack and D active can deal an insane amount of damage. Also we will spend 1 talent on Run and Gun 1 talent on Frag Grenade and one on crowd control reduction.

How to play Tychus Top


Basically this build and Tychus overall is pretty easy to play, let's give a fast look at our skills.

This is our D passive skill, differently from other heroes, Tychus' passive can be activated and imho it's one of the strongest in the game, you will deal 2% max health of enemy on each hit, and you do 4 attacks each second which is 8% every second for 3 seconds extra damage, with That's the Stuff! you also heal for the extra damage you deal! (later on with In the Rhythm it can last up to 10 seconds)
This is our Q, we will use it mainly to clear creep, mercenaries and when we can hit multiple enemy heroes; also this can be used while moving and while using Run and Gun. When we are facing a single target, like in lane phase or later on wondering on the map, you should NOT use this but go for basic attack after activating Minigun.
This is our W a very cool skill, it deals high damage (much more damage later with Titan Grenade) and can be used to slow enemies chasing you or slow fleeing enemies but it can also be usefull to move people from objectives or interrupt channeling skills.
This is our E thanks to this move, we will be able to escape from risky situations or move deeper in the battlefield to finish a wounded hero! A well thrown Frag Grenade followed by a fast Run and Gun can do miracles sometimes! From level 1 we will benefit of Combat Tactician which will reduce the CD of this skill by a lot, remember you have to abuse of your autoattack + Minigun.
Our mighty ultimate R! We will summon a static turret with a decent range that focuses a beam on an enemy target. This can be great when placed at the beginning of a teamfight, because if enemies ignore it or don't run away, the turret is able to wipe enemies one by one, later on with Focusing Diodes it becomes even more deadly with improved range and damage over time.

With this build the best way to play Tychus both early-mid and late game is just to stick at max range of autoattack and harass your enemies with your Minigun on, when it hands throw a Frag Grenade and jump back with Run and Gun if needed; this will give you for sure a higher damage than your rival on the long run! Arrived at level 7 you will have farmed some stacks of your passive which should last even longer, you will be a tough, not like tanks but way more than other assassins like Jaina, Kerrigan, Nova,cromie, Zeratul, Raynor, Thrall, Kael'thas exc. At level 13 you will self-heal for the damage dealt by your Minigun thanks to That's the Stuff! so now, you can just stand still, activate D, R and destroy everything around you WITHOUT moving otherwise you interrupt auto attack! At 20 you are a lethal machine that can burst down even tanks in a bunch of seconds!

Talents explained Top


Combat Tactician We will live of autoattacks and 0.75 seconds CD reduction for each attack means 3 seconds CD reduction on Run and Gun for 1 second of autoattack!

In the Rhythm This is our bread & butter talent! It will increase the duration of our Minigun by .03 seconds for each attack, it has no cap and lategame our passive can be active for 6-10 seconds with 1 activation!!!

Relentless Soldier Simply this talent gives us a bit of CC reduction that added to our Run and Gun can often let us escape for dangerous situations without dying.

Drakken Laser Drill This ultimate is one of the strongest in the game, if you place it well it can literally kill enemies 1 by 1, specially later when it receives 100% damage boost.

That's the Stuff! With this jewel, we will heal for 8% enemy max health each second! At this point of the match with In the Rhythm talent our Minigun should last 6-7 seconds at least, so you can heal for 8% max health each sec for 6-7 seconds... insane!!!

Titan Grenade This talent is simply too strong not to be picked! 5% max health damage for each enemy hit is a lot, specially if used on tough guys where 5% could be also 3-400 extra damage.

Focusing Diodes +50% range and +100% damage is really too much not to be taken, with the extra range you can place it in better positions and the double damage bonus is overpowered!

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