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Ultimate Guide

By: Goks
Last Updated: Jan 12, 2016
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(will be updated throughout the day)

Level 1 – Viciousness
This will allow you to keep your Inner Beast up for a lot longer, you can take Scented Tinture if you’re facing double stealth team. According to our Heroes of the Storm boost team, keeping Inner Beast up is the way to go with Greymane.
Level 4 – Eyes In The Dark
After you rollback from Worgen form, you get 4 seconds stealth which is a long time to escape or just reposition yourself in the fight if you’re not really escaping.
Level 7 – Incendiary Elixir
This talent allows you more single target damage by your Gilnean Cocktail, useful for 1v1 and it will make it explode even if it doesn’t hit anyone first which is useful for instance when revealing someone you suspect is stealthed.
Level 10: Marked for the Kill
Stronger version of Tyrande’s Mark, it applies 25% vulnerability and allows you to leap to the target. Great ultimate.
Level 13: On The Prowl
Since we went for Inner Beast uptime, we’re going for this 30% movement speed increase after your Inner Beast has been active for 3 seconds atleast.
Level 16: Concentrated Blast
Another talent that syncs with our Inner Beast long uptime, 80% more damage on Gilnean Cocktail when your Inner Beast is up.
Level 20: Gilnean Roulette
Allows your ultimate to pass through heroes marking them all with Vulnerability and allowing you to leap to each of them once, great sync with KT or Jaina for high AoE damage on their team.


Very flexible and fun playstyle.
Able to burst down single target.
Has some AoE damage too.
Both ranged and melee auto attacks.

No sustain.
No crowd control.
Difficulty competing with KT/Raynor/Jaina for a team spot in this meta. This is what worries our HotS boosting team the most.
Mana hungry in early game.

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