UPDATED: Return of the Tracer Only Main by itsvaporic

UPDATED: Return of the Tracer Only Main

By: itsvaporic
Last Updated: Feb 23, 2017
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Threats to Tracer with this build

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Threat Hero Notes
Li-Ming Can delete you easily, however you can also do the same if you make it past her combo. You may win you may lose, a little luck and skill go a long way.
  No Threat
  No Threat
  No Threat
  No Threat
  No Threat
E.T.C. Avoid stun win, it's kinda hard to dodge though so if you do get stunned its gg. best bet is to catch him out and 2v1 him
  No Threat
Nova Pretty lethal, fucks your day up from experience so don't try to solo her unless you're a mechanical god
Cho f' chogall. very very hard to solo him on almost anyone, considering he's two people, try to coop with your team to take him down

Intro Top

UPDATE 2/23/17, i am returning to hots when i have time, more guides and updates coming soon! im so impressed i ever even made 5000 views you guys are great, lets see if we can hit 10k with the retuuuurn of the kinnng!

Hello readers and welcome to the introduction of my guide, this is my first guide on tracer and I will do my best to keep it up to date!
After a short vacation in florida i'm back at my desk and ready to publish original content just for you guys! please note i will be updating this guide as I learn too so feel free to comment your opinions and results, these are mine and yours may vary, so let us begin.

for in dept gameplay and the ability to contact me please check out my livestream at
and of course HOTS

How to play Top

So far in my few dozen games on tracer already, a good play style i've found, its building for high damage high mobility, which might sound kind of obvious because that's really all she is, but i've topped the damage charts in every game once i found this build and style. so let me give you a run down of how i play, and remember every situation is unique so you need to be aware of that and ready to improvise or change strat/build at any time!

Early game, I tend to que with friend, but it works just as well solo, try to get early kills without putting yourself at risk, her mobility allows for a good chase early and the ability to secure those silly level 1 trades. and if **** hits the fan, you can generally recall out, or blink away.

now when were securing objectives and teamfighting i cannot emphasize enough that results may vary, Team comp, level difference, skill difference, the situations are ALWAYS going to have impact on what you should do, but i've had good success curbstomping people by, (if possible get your bomb ready before the fight this is a major part). I fake an engage whether i blink in and out or run up blink out, just to draw attention and my teammate generally engage by this point, im now on the outskirts, and since shes mobile you can usually make your way to the squishies! so heres whats next, throw in a clip or two (when i say clip i mean all of your autos considering her unique traits). your target depending on who it is should be halfed, blink it, land the bomb, and blink or recall away and continue to do constant dps for your team, unless they're healed or shielded a bomb will kill most squishies from half and most beefy players from 1/4 hp.

late game, level 20, is extremely easy if you're ahead and extremely hard if you're not.
if you're ahead, you're doing it right, keep it up, roll face.
if not, keep practicing, and try changing it up, have your team engage first and try not doing fakes, remeber a team with high cc could interfere with your ability to get in an out and that needs to be taken into consideration.

So abilities? Top

Yeah easy,
level 1
take slipstream no doubt. simple. the other two do not compete with slipstream.
level 2
untouchable, i always choose this ability, since you have so much mobility you can avoid dying alot, so you can keep your stacks and deal constant 30% increased damage, i really like this snowballing ability. i pick this because i play a sideline assasin / marksman style tracer.
parting gift, also viable, i don't tend to pick it but it has its use, this is more of an all in ability if you want to play a yolo go in and blow **** up kind of style.
level 3
really they all work, but spatial echo is definately my choice of ability every single game. love it. increased mobility in general, and if you ever expend all your blinks and then the tides turn and you need to get out, you can.
level 4
quantum spike increases the ability to secure kills with grenade. its easy, similar to what i said in my playstyle notes above, you gain that little bit of extra umph to take down targets.
sticky bomb is also viable, but i never use it based off of personal pref.
level 5
ricochet, i feel the extra teamfight and wave clear is worth it over the sustain of the leeching rounds, and i never bother with bullet spray, i feel its really useless.
level 6
focus fire, its personal preference, i like this ability and all 3 in this teir are viable, however i pick focus fire because i think it gives me more of an assasin feel over sleight of hand, and im too lazy to bother with locked and loaded most of the time. however if you're intent on being the best you can be i would choose locked and loaded and practice nailing those reloads.
level 7 final teir
total recall or composition b, but i never choose get stuffed. why?
because this teir is really important and i'll spend more time into it. this is late game, you're trying to close it out and secure the win, you cant slip up now.
why never get stuffed? because i don't buff melee, it puts you too close to the action to be safe, and i feel melee is really just to generate for your bomb. plain and simple.
now why do i prefer total recall over comp b?
recall gives you improved sustain, which can make or break a fight/objective late game that could be essential to winning, but also, you don't want to die and lose your stacks from earlier, if you lose that 30% this late its a major setback!
now i do choose comp b occasionally, normally when messing around, it does give more burst, so if you're straight mopping the floor with the other team, maybe this isn't a bad choice. I just prefer to keep my stacks this late into the game

Extro Top

This wasn't the best written guide i know, but its currently 3:30am est and i'm quite tired and leaving for florida at 6am. just wanted to publish this for people looking for tracer help. it took me a few games to discover which talents mesh well, but now that i found this out i have been topping the charts and winning most of my tracer games, again please check out my stream if you enjoyed the guide @twitch.tv/kawaiibattlebunny and hit that follow to know when i go live. i will play with fans and awnser any questions. also give great gameplay to the best of my ability.

Please rate the guide feel free to comment. Will update as I discover more!

sincerely- Vaporic
Aka Kawaiibattlebunny
-Tracer Main
(i know tracer main sounds silly but i've been in this since alpha and i absolutely adore tracer and plan to play her nonstop)

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